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When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring REWRITE
Writer M. Williams
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When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring REWRITE
When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring REWRITE

A/N: So, ten years ago I started writing When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring. Although this wasn’t posted on here until a few years ago. I have read through it so many times and found so many details and flaws which have irritated me to no end over the last ten years.

So, now, for the ten-year mark, I have decided to completely rewrite it and give it the care, detail, and love I believe it deserves. The story will follow the same lines, but it will basically be a different story while still following the canon of Lord of the Rings, except I am going with the extended editions for this one.

I understand some people may not be happy with a rewrite, which is why the original will remain online. Think of this as a new Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings Crossover.

I hope you will enjoy this new version none-the-less. So, without further ado, welcome to When Worlds Collide: The Plight of the One Ring Rewrite. This version will have brand new content and even more Legolas/Hermione romance! Think of it as the Director’s Cut and Extended Edition!

Please note: This was going to be a prologue, but it is just too long to be considered one. So, the prologue is gone, and this is now just a typical first chapter. It starts directly after Dumbledore has been killed and ends just before the Battle of Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows, but I WILL be diverging from HP canon for those scenes in a lot of respects so be gentle with me. If you notice something that's not the same as the HP books/film, then I never intended it to be the same J

Please read & review to let me know what you think :) and much love to all <3

M. A. Williams

Total Reading Time: 2 hours 5 minutes


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