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Short Story
Visions of Nol
Writer nolgalaxy
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Visions of Nol
Visions of Nol

Many years ago, two ancient galaxies: the kingdom of Kugora and the Wrag of the dark ones, were entangled in a fierce war. The dark ones forcefully fed from the life energy of Kugora, and in a momentous battle, the kingdom of Kugora was destroyed. Their end was so catastrophic that the energy released from its destruction, bled into this dimension, in the location where a new galaxy was forming. As the energy interacted with young planets, it accelerated their development, allowing life to form on seemingly impossible biomes.

More than 10 billion years later, that life evolved into the beings that inhabit the Nol Galaxy. For over 600 million years intelligent life has existed in Nol, and civilizations have formed and collapsed. Currently, nineteen planets of the Nol galaxy have beings of supreme abilities, and sixteen of them have formed the Galactic Union, the rest are scores of planets with weaker life that are deemed the colonies.
This is a collection of stories from Nol. Explore the galaxy through the eyes of nobles from Laurim, runners from Deresh, and dive into the complex minds of the intellects from Iclax. See stories of daily life, war, politics, love, and tragedy as they unfold on alien worlds. Looking into the hearts of Nol’s people, how they change and influence each other.

Total Reading Time: 1 hour 22 minutes

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