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    Hello and thank you for reading this!

    I am Tinalynge, an hopeful and naive upcoming web writer, who aspire to start my career with Blue Phoenix, a novel that I have poured my heart and soul into.
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Blue Phoenix


Blue Phoenix is a story inspired by a popular genre from China called Xianxia. Xianxia directly translates into 'Immortal Hero' and the stories usually takes place in a world unlike our own. A world filled with demonic beasts and magical powers. This is a world where a person's level of strength is what determines their future accomplishments.

My story, Blue Phoenix, follows Hui Yue, a young man who tragically dies while sacrificing his life to protect the woman he loves. However, what he did not expect was that death was not his final destination much like he had thought, instead it caused him to be reborn in a world filled with magic and martial art cultivation.

Blue Phoenix is a story that I have been spending a very long time on planning. It is a story that has caused me to spend countless of hours researching the Chinese culture and Taoism with the hope of getting a perfect understanding about the basics. There is so much to know, and even now when I have spend hour after hour on researching the fundamentals while writing a chapter I am still far away from knowing it all.

Each of my chapters is between 3500-4500 words long, and I spend approximately 5-10 hours of intensive writing for each chapter.

I release two guaranteed chapters a week, and they are released on Tuesday and Friday evening. In addition to the guaranteed chapters are the sponsored chapters, which are released when I gain donations from readers through PayPal. These releases does not follow any specific schedule as they completely depend on my reader's donations.

My hope is to become a full time writer and be able to dedicate more time to this xianxia novel so that I can increase the amount of guaranteed chapters I release each week.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will enjoy my story :)