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Other Worlds Than These/ Book One: Planets Collide
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Other Worlds Than These/ Book One: Planets Collide
Other Worlds Than These/ Book One: Planets Collide

There is a fairy tale known across many panes of the universe. A legend of power, evil, justice, and good. It has been translated into many different languages and its origin is unknown, though many cultures and races claim it as their own. But for now, here it lays before you, for your eyes to read and your mind to ponder...

Once upon a time there was peace. Not just here, but everywhere. Every galaxy, every planet. War did not exist. There was no senseless violence. All races lived together in harmony. Life, in general, was good.

Then, on a dark stormy night, on a desolate dying planet, a boy was born into hatred and anger. He grew with these vile poisons that laid heavy in his heart and soul. They infested his mind like rodents and burrowed so deep inside they could not escape. 

He did not like the peace. He wanted the cosmos to reflect the spinning tornado inside of him. And so he traveled into the deepest depths of the furthest planet in search of a way to change what he thought needed to be changed. 

What he found was an old book. Not just any old book, but a powerful old book with black pages and blood red lettering. A cloud of nauseating smells wafted from in-between the pages-it reeked of decay and mold. The words inside dripped with evil and despair.

The boy, who was now a man, used this for his impure plan. Little by little, he transformed a peaceful world into one of pure chaos and destruction. He became might and strong, too formidable to be taken down by the average person.

Perhaps it was not too incredulous that so many took to it with ease. Some even embraced it with open arms, welcoming the mayhem into their lives. They may have been at fault as much as the man was, for they did not fight. They did not even try.

However, there were still beings who remembered what once was and longed for it. It was too late for them, they thought, nobody could help them now.

When it seemed all hope was lost, out of the mass of violence, rose eight beings, all from different regions of the universe. All with different amazing abilities. 

One of a dead race who can move the wind.

One of orphaned streets who can mind the world

One of machines who caused shock and awe

One of killing who had a burning touch

One of nature who controlled the same

One of thievery who fled the light

One of war who could dance with the shadows

And one of eternal slumber who could end it all.

Together as one, they fought the man and his followers, and after a lengthy battle that almost ended what they were trying to save, they came out victorious.

The world was never completely restored. War still happened and random acts of violence were more common then not, but there was peace. If one so desired to find it. 

In the end, good did win over evil, as it was in the past and always will in times to come...

Or will it?

Total Reading Time: 3 hours 16 minutes


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