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Tipping Point - Fights and Debates
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Tipping Point - Fights and Debates
Tipping Point - Fights and Debates
Submission Closed

100 - 1500 words

Create a short story or poem about a conflict between characters that has finally hit the boiling point! Consider when and where the fight/argument will take place. Is this a fight between strangers or brothers? Have two rivals finally run into each on the battlefield, or has the old lady next door finally discovered who's been stealing her newspapers? Maybe this is a domestic between lovers. Or maybe Mom is done asking you to clean your room!

Brevity is ideal, but if you need more than one issue to convey the depth of your tale, you are welcome to enter up to two additional times--That gives you up to 4500 words to craft with! However, any more than that and I may not have time to read it...

Cheers, and Happy Writing! I can't wait to read what you guys come up with!

Total Reading Time: 34 minutes


Jhanvayyy - I had been waiting for something like this for so long. And Ta-Da! Thank you for bringing some life into the contests. 
3 months agoreply

Blondemaverick - When I re-read it, it's not exactly clear is it? I'll fix that.
3 months agoreply

Tenshi no Yami - Thank you 😊
3 months agoreply

Tenshi no Yami - So... Is it a 4500 total or no more than 4500 per entry?
3 months agoreply

Blondemaverick - 4500 is the max. Three entries of 1500 apiece. Ideally we'd like to keep each issues at a few minutes each... but I'm not your mama. Do what ye will.
3 months agoreply

Tenshi no Yami - @Blondemaverick, whoops I kinda just posted the whole thing as it came to 4022. I can easily break it into 2 parts if that makes it easier for you
3 months agoreply

Blondemaverick - @Tenshi no Yami, Nah it's all good. Just might take me a minute :)
3 months agoreply

Tenshi no Yami - @Blondemaverick, awesome! Thank you
3 months agoreply