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Royale Love
Co-Writer rosemill2017*
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Royale Love
Royale Love

They met.

They fell, gave their souls to each other and then fell apart. Maybe, they weren't meant to be?

But if that's true then why their fates are not ready to be untangled.

Ash Royale has been bearing the responsibilities of being a Prince from the moment he was born. Now at the age of seventeen, he has the title of the Crown Prince but has to survive the Public Veto to become legit. 

Apart from this, Ash was attacked around his sixteenth birthday and following neurosurgery, memories of the previous year are a great mess. Another attack in North Salovia and he is sent to the South Salovian branch of San High, but maybe this attack wasn't even that bad, after all, he wouldn't have been able to meet her otherwise.

Belle Verona and her younger brother were orphaned last year and since then they have been residing with their Aunt. 

People around Belle haven't been able to observe the thorns of the dead Roses that are prickling her but that's also because she has never been interested in sharing her sorrows. Though these circumstances change dramatically when she once again crosses paths with the charming Prince ...And it is then that a Rose from the dead bouquet revives.

A Royal Love Story

~by Rosemill Lily


Photo by Biel Morro

Total Reading Time: 52 minutes

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