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I'm New


I am, as you can probably already tell from my oh-so-exciting title, new.

New to Penana, but certainly not new to writing.

I have been writing since the time I could touch pen to paper and express my thoughts, throw them down in black and blue bruised ink across scandalously white pages.

And, so, from this, a blog.

But, what to Blog about? 

I suppose this is all meant to be about my writing, but can anyone lay blame if I were to use it to just, simply as said, Blog

I wouldn't if situations were reversed. 


I don't know.

I know no one will probably ever read this. Maybe in this way I can express my inner thoughts to the outer without having to face the reality that maybe my most personal thoughts aren't enough for some. Don't make the cut.

Because that's what happens isn't it?

You throw your soul into writing you write about the pain and anguish and fear, and then some snub-nosed prick with a wad Daddy's cash sitting in his back pocket comes along and says; "This isn't realistic. This isn't you​."

Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - isn't that what those of old used to say? Well, opposed to just ignore them, honey, it's much more on the money, i'll bet. 

And so, Penana followers - I issue you this.


Blogging is like real time writing - the quickest, most simple way to get your point across. And if you're too "real" for some just laugh it off and say 'it's an idea for a story'.

Blogging is a way to get into your mind and to also give others the key.

And so I issue you a challenge - Blog for thirty days, completely, widely, expressively honestly. Happy. Sad. Angry. Disappointed. Write it all.

And then at the end of it, say to yourself, 'is it enough?' 

And then shove that shit into a story and make millions!