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    Master Of Fandoms
    Master Of Fandoms
    A couple of close friends use this sight, so I decided to join the party. You can call me Cooper, Master of Fandoms. I'll answer to pretty much anything except for my first name. Just your friendly genderfluid, pansexual. Anime addict. Computer Nerd, and stealer of peoples wifi when I can't afford to pay the internet bill. I'm weird, I'm opinionated. I write mostly fanfiction with a few original stories. I ship everything and everyone. I'm probably shipping you with someone right now and you don't even know it.
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Shipping Blog

I ship everyone, and I mean everyone. By the time I get to know you even a bit I may just ship you with other writers on here. 

I ship the weird. I ship the most common shipping. I ship twilight pairings into a volcano.

I ship my character, I ship your characters. I ship almost all characters. Here you can see my shippings from various genres, fandoms, and stories. 

If I decide to ship a writer here or one of their works, I will ask for their permission. Except for a few completely original works of my own, the characters I ship don't belong to me. If I did Wincest and Destiel and Puppyshipping and....

*three hours later*

...would all be shipped together for all the world to see.

I do tend to cuss a lot. If it annoys anyone just tell me to watch the language