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Shipping Blog
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Writer Master Of Fandoms
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Shipping Blog

Shipping Blog


I ship everyone, and I mean everyone. By the time I get to know you even a bit I may just ship you with other writers on here. 

I ship the weird. I ship the most common shipping. I ship twilight pairings into a volcano.

I ship my character, I ship your characters. I ship almost all characters. Here you can see my shippings from various genres, fandoms, and stories. 

If I decide to ship a writer here or one of their works, I will ask for their permission. Except for a few completely original works of my own, the characters I ship don't belong to me. If I did Wincest and Destiel and Puppyshipping and....

*three hours later*

...would all be shipped together for all the world to see.

I do tend to cuss a lot. If it annoys anyone just tell me to watch the language

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BML1997 - This sounds very fun haha, I haven't done much people shipping, but I've done character shipping for as long as I remember. Can't wait to see if you any shipping entries on fandoms I'm in ^_^
5 years ago
ElizabethBecker - i bet you can figure out who I am if i mention you'd ship me with XXjoeyXX 
@Master Of Fandoms
5 years ago
Master Of Fandoms - I must figure out your shipping name
5 years ago
ElizabethBecker - @Master Of Fandoms, as long as its not based on my penana name
5 years ago
Master Of Fandoms - Of course not
5 years ago
ElizabethBecker - @Master Of Fandoms, good. text me? oh and welcome to penana
5 years ago
Master Of Fandoms - @ElizabethBecker, that would require going back home to find my phone. and thank you
5 years ago
ElizabethBecker - @Master Of Fandoms, then check your inbox on here
5 years ago
Nicole Armas - XD This description is hilarious! I too have a love for shipping, though I usually steer clear of shipping real people.
5 years ago
Master Of Fandoms - thank you. I ship real people in my head for pure amusement. And I had to give an entertaining description. XD
5 years ago