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    Amber, The Author behind this account: -proudly vegetarian -heart the planet we occupy (You should too) -eats pickles as a snack -hates mustard in general -believes cannabis a herb not a drug -South African -solely speak Afrikaans and as you know English. -love books (reading & writing them) -reviewer Favourite authors: MARY HIGGINS CLARK KEN FOLLET JOHN GRISHAM JANE AUSTEN Well, that's me!?
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If They Knew Me...

This book is currently being rewritten as I was very young when I first wrote it. The plot lacks so much and I have been spending all my time on creating a better storyline.

This book supports the The 🗣NO MEANS NO Campaign on Wattpad, raising awareness to rape and sexual abuse.

Seventeen year old Kaye Burchart, known as Bloomfield Gymnasium's Stone Diva, grew up with a loving, happy family but it didn't stop the terrors the world had in store for her. When finally deciding to leave the military, her parents settle in Bloomfield, where she meet Graeme Yorkley, who introduces her to the gift of falling in love but on one condition -no one can ever know. 
What will happen when bestfriends, a love triangle, reputations, lies and secrets clash?

(Some errors may apply here and there. If it does, it's a honest mistake, my humblest apologies.)

This book addresses common factors such as typical highschool culture, sexual abuse and rape regarding gymnastics athletes, abuse in general, anxiety/depression, struggles of friendships.


This book contains the use of cannabis. Cannabis is a herb and not a drug and from my personal experience has helped me quite with staying healthy/ nausea since being diagnosed with gallstones. Apparently no surgeon is willing to  work on me since I already went through a huge appendix operation. 
If you are sensitive to any of the above mentioned, this book is NOT FOR YOU.

THIS BOOK MAY BE TRIGGERING! You have been warned!
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