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Short Story
Jing and Yami
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Co-Writer Barbara*
Idea Contributor DarkenStripe
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Jing and Yami
Part Three First encounter
Mar 8, 2016
29 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!vibgjD0AlbP1LZAADwrxposted on PENANA

This story was done some time ago in memory of one of my favourite Japanese bass player who parted this world. It has since been completed 19/01/2018 and edited by Murakami Kiyoshi.copyright protection158PENANALF52St4H8F

I thought, by chance he could have meet Jing just walking down the road which starts lovely friendship.copyright protection158PENANAbDXnUh1USm

Again for legal reasons I have changed the names, but I know my die hard fans will know who I am talking about.copyright protection158PENANA6HoRHZskwT

One summer morning Yūka is walking down to a local cafe when he sees a man with hair like the rase of a setting sun which shimmers gold in the light, is making his way up the path, when he passes the young man he quickly turns around to see a set of gorgeous wings, the sales shimmer from blush green to gold and metallic red. copyright protection158PENANARhzXjrrn9z

   “No it can’t be?” Yūka whispers as he watches the graceful man comes to a stop and starts to look up and down the road.copyright protection158PENANA2kc0I7hJ19

This makes the young man run over to him and quickly asks, “Are you Sung Jing?”copyright protection158PENANA67QvZyurS0

The Dragon looks down at him and replies in a soft emotionless voice, “Hai, that’s me.”copyright protection158PENANAlKhVIBn9Yw

The young man performs a deep bow and replies, “Hamasak Yūka.”copyright protection158PENANAI1RV2z2jj4

   “Nice to meet you dear boy. Do you need me for something?”copyright protection158PENANAtqbkVaSqCK

This question makes the young man’s handsome smiling face go blank and he replies, “Iie... I just had to see if it was really you. One of the most famous musicians in Japan.”copyright protection158PENANAqYvITdkgmj

Jing smiles and replies, “I see, bless you and here.”copyright protection158PENANAN5kE1md4Gx

Yūka notices the Dragon is holding out a business card between the first two fingers of his slender left hand and he continues, “Should you need me? Just give me a call.”copyright protection158PENANA8aYkuUvnk7

Yūka performs a deep bow as he takes the card and replies, “Arigatō and hope to see you again soon.”copyright protection158PENANA8L6Du0QOhd

Jing nods and replies, “Hai.”copyright protection158PENANA74jsIkPWpw

The young man feels the god give him a pat on the arm and by the time he looks up he is gone. He looks over the road to see him continuing down a narrow side street and starts to wonder, Could he live round here?copyright protection158PENANAuyGsSbnnzH

Yūka turns his attention again to the business card and notice it is written on one side in Japanese and the other in Chinese. He places it in his wallet then continues down to the cafe for his morning coffee before heading to the studio where he goes on to tell his fellow band members who he pupped into. They are all shocked and they all too hope to see him one day.copyright protection158PENANAvHtClXCcMU

Few days later Yūka is again walking down to the cafe which lies at the end of his street, he is ordering a cup of tea when he hears that beautiful soft voice, “Why hello.”copyright protection158PENANAqUYJnH4dEt

This makes the young man quickly turn around and say with a bit of a squeak, “Jing!”copyright protection158PENANAJ81qBUCYhc

The Dragon waves his heavily ringed left hand and asks, “Care to join me?”copyright protection158PENANAGNUapf82sU

Yūka is unable to say a word, he just performs a low bow before collecting his cup tea and follows the god over to a table for two that lies near a window.copyright protection158PENANAWSPVBcDGph

Jing empties two packets of sager into his mug of black coffee and asks, “Do you live round here?”copyright protection158PENANAa9qcA16d0o

It takes a moment for the young man to reply, “Hai, in an apartment just up the road.”copyright protection158PENANApHbjRAzZC1

   “Ah then you’re not far from me, I live, for the time being, in that apartment block over there,” says the god, pointing his hand towards the window.copyright protection158PENANATzUIuvV8cl

Yūka looks to see pocking above the shops is a block of quite expense apartments with balconies and large glass windows. “Nice,” he says looking back to the god.copyright protection158PENANApmuPy5RFiR

Jing nods and replies, “Hai, they are. However, they are not that big when you have a set of wings to stretch.”copyright protection158PENANA3Iye2pPBor

Yūka places a hand over his mouth and says, “Oh dear.”copyright protection158PENANADi1x1w3WEg

   “Meh... I can stand on the balcony to stretch them wearing nothing but my underwear,” replies the Dragon, winking his left eye.copyright protection158PENANAh3CMTbRKQa

The young man giggles and says, “You’re lucky, I don’t even have a balcony.”copyright protection158PENANACTSa7VAWxZ

   “Ah that’s a shame.”copyright protection158PENANAoaiqIjWMgB

   “Maybe one day I will be able to afford to live where you are,” says Yūka with a smile.copyright protection158PENANA2xFFkyQcjG

   “Anything is possible, my boy,” says Jing, raising his scaled eyebrows. “So what do you do?”copyright protection158PENANAmVAf6IbHEI

   “I’m a musician, I play bass in a band called Climbing rose. We’re going to be launching our first single soon,” replies the young man all proud.copyright protection158PENANAG3SYuBiqny

He watches the god’s head tilt slightly to one side, he half smiles as he says, “Please let me know when it’s out and I will get a copy.”copyright protection158PENANA1q6G5rfWDy

   “Really!” Yūka gasps, looking him all shocked.copyright protection158PENANAC0udgBVriA

Jing nods and replies, “Hai, really.”copyright protection158PENANA9ZD2X7Dgy1

This makes the young man perform a shallow bow and say, “I feel so honoured.”copyright protection158PENANAPAsVhxmxt0

   “Bless. However, you must know, dear boy I’m one for listing out and supporting new bands.”copyright protection158PENANA560AjgbeHt

Yūka nods and says, “One day you might be supporting my band... Oooh that would be so cool.”copyright protection158PENANAORssTqAxG9

Jing laughs and nods in agreement, then goes on to drink his tea.copyright protection158PENANAzwJ1r1zOy3

The young man takes a few sips of his coffee before he asks, “Is that why you’re here? Forgive me I-”copyright protection158PENANAOE9Pet6pIN

The god places his left index finger to Yūka’s lips and says, “It’s all right, you can ask. Hai, I am. That’s why I said, for the time being, as I never know where I will end up next.”copyright protection158PENANATwFmZyMA5t

   “Ah I see and are you enjoying the band you’re with?”copyright protection158PENANAJEZtGrufg3

Yūka could have sworn he saw the god frown a little, he seems to sigh and replies, “I can’t see them lasting long as their biggest problem is they don’t listen to their producer and in some cases me.”copyright protection158PENANAi5HsUWV0mD

   “Oh my goodness that’s not good.”copyright protection158PENANAOfatC92oJ7

Jing shakes his head and replies, “Iie, and they only have themselves to blame.”copyright protection158PENANAStMRWsjrIz

Yūka nods in agreement and notices the god is now looking at his watch and he says, “Gomen, I’ve got to go.”copyright protection158PENANAu0Ecsz8oAv

   “That’s all right and see you soon,” replies Yūka, rising to perform a slight bow.copyright protection158PENANA1pKcTmlVL5

Jing finishes his tea, then rises and as he passes the young man he gives him a pat on the shoulder.copyright protection158PENANA3DzQvviPW1

Yūka is so happy to see him again and this time had a conversation with him, he leaves the cafe feeling very excited.copyright protection158PENANApr13DuDMSd

A month later Yūka sees Jing on the cover of a music magazine with the band he is helping, he buys it and shows it to his band members. In the article they read the band will be going their separate ways and Yūka says, “He did tell me they wouldn’t last long.”copyright protection158PENANAhTC25vprrb

The vocalist folds his arms and says, “I wonder what he could do for us?” copyright protection158PENANAxuP6klCDaz

   “How’s about I ask him when I see him again?”copyright protection158PENANAEz0GDEagr2

   “Great idea Yūka,” says the vocalist, patting him on the arm.copyright protection158PENANAuIW7L2Dbu4

Another month goes by, the band are launching their first single and Yūka remembers to send Jing in an email. The next day he receives one back informing him the god has been given one and the next time he sees Yūka he wants him to sign it with a winking face.copyright protection158PENANAm2zb8TwLxH

The young man smiles and sends one back saying, sure I’ll sign it.copyright protection158PENANAkbglRUZ2bq

A few days later Yūka and Jing meet on the same train heading home, the Dragon gets out the CD from the inside pocket of his coat and when they get to their stop the young man signs it with a heart at the end.copyright protection158PENANA4F91NV3q6y

   “Cute,” says Jing with a smile.copyright protection158PENANAvsA4EJYbuv

   “Do you like it?” Yūka asks full of intrigue.copyright protection158PENANASOH99z39Be

   “I do and I hope you do more.”copyright protection158PENANAAGUKHHFL8M

The young man nods and replies full of excitement, “We’re planning to.”copyright protection158PENANAjEeTJTCH47

Jing pats him on the arm and says, “Glad to hear it my boy.”copyright protection158PENANAdXVV65u9f6

   “Emm... I was wondering... That’s if you’re free to go-”copyright protection158PENANAoPMizt0ff9

The Dragon is unable to hear anything else the young man is saying with a train passing through the station. “Pardon my boy?”copyright protection158PENANA1yNgsx94fe

Yūka takes a deep breath and asks, “Would you like to help my band? You see we have a small tour coming up and we would like you to play the keyboard.”copyright protection158PENANAcsb7ohdSrs

Jing nods but before he can answer another train comes through the station. They both laugh and head outside.copyright protection158PENANAZPhL8Rf96u

   “I will be happy to help you out dear boy. Just let me know when and where?”copyright protection158PENANAi836ovDyAS

Yūka performs a deep bow and replies, “Arigatō gozaimashita.”copyright protection158PENANAMMlYUJf7CH

   “Hey it’s what I do,” says Jing, patting him on the shoulder.copyright protection158PENANAABxSmGJCPQ

The young man looks up at him and asks, “Why were you riding the train?”copyright protection158PENANA78YaenGSVg

The Dragon laughs and replies, “Simple, the wind is getting to strong to fly as it’s going to rain soon and I didn’t want to get caught in it.”copyright protection158PENANAKI35GYPW5r

Yūka giggles and says, “Oh I see and you’re right the sky has grown very dark, but we could do with a storm.”copyright protection158PENANAEF2bypRi2H

   “Exactly my boy. So care for a lift? As the wind is not so bad here.”copyright protection158PENANA89P7k4v0Wr

This makes the young man look up at him all wide eyed and mutters, “Fly me home?”copyright protection158PENANAhH9lNPjCMo

Jing nods and replies, “Yep as you won’t make it in time.”copyright protection158PENANA3q46CDwuVy

   “Oh ok,” replies Yūka with a smile.copyright protection158PENANAb3I1b26H33

The god gently picks him up, then unfolds his wings and the moment they begin to rise off the ground the young man buries his face into the Dragon’s shoulder.copyright protection158PENANA8kKhFx7ZaU

Half way in to their journey it starts to spot with rain and Jing heads to his place to come into land on a balcony.copyright protection158PENANAoekskX6Rr1

   “You might as well stay until it passes over,” says Jing, dropping the young man’s legs.copyright protection158PENANAqD58FhbLYe

It takes Yūka a moment to turn around to see a set of doors. The god slides one open and says, “Come on in and I’ll make a pot of tea.”copyright protection158PENANAP6zAne8vei

The young man looks down to see there is a small entrance hall to remove his boots before he steps up on to the wooden floor and watches the Dragon disappear out of the room.copyright protection158PENANApCwJ5RGbI8

Yūka starts to take a look around, to see a TV is mounted on the wall which corresponds nicely with a three seater settee. In the top right hand corner there are two lovely guitars.copyright protection158PENANAc8Lhhqyscw

Jing returns to the room carrying a small tray, he sets it down on the table and says, “Come sit.”copyright protection158PENANAH2DgC0vKwJ

The young man takes a seat on the settee and smiles at him.copyright protection158PENANA2VlzFqqmB9

The Dragon pours him a cup of tea and says, “I hope you like jasmine tea?”copyright protection158PENANAuNhg5zHE2T

   “Hai, I do.”copyright protection158PENANAbJWOZyPujl

They both sit in silence for a moment until the room is lit up by a few flashes of lightning closely followed by a loud rumble of thunder which makes the god finch.copyright protection158PENANAdlhyVWYljA

   “Are you all right?” Yūka asks, growing concerned.copyright protection158PENANAuNoM3tmL8o

   “Hai, I’m fine. Just going to have to stuff my ears for a bit,” replies Jing as he places some purple earplugs into his ears. “Ah that’s better and don’t worry I can still hear you.”copyright protection158PENANAEj7A869YBs

The young man giggles and says, “I was going to ask you that. So they just block out loud noises?”copyright protection158PENANAjOOBnJxm5Q

Jing nods and replies, “I wear them when I’m doing shows and recording as the music is way too loud.”copyright protection158PENANAWAEkmIOJtW

   “I can understand as your ears are very sensitive,” replies Yūka, looking at the god’s heavily pierced left pointed ear.copyright protection158PENANA78geJolTnW

   “Hai, they are. I can hear things miles away before you mortals can,” replies Jing, winking his left eye.copyright protection158PENANAlHL9i8TQuY

The young man starts to relax and asks, “So what do you like to do in the evenings?”copyright protection158PENANAHqylKV4zEy

Jing tilts his head slightly to the right and replies, “Sometimes I watch TV, or play a video game... Or just play my Koto.”copyright protection158PENANAvMGL1qamjx

Yūka gets all excited and says, “I love it when you play that, as you play it with such passion.”copyright protection158PENANAjFe4PxcInG

The god laughs and replies, “I’ve heard you mortals say that so many times. Nonetheless, I don’t have the emotions to understand passion.”copyright protection158PENANAH47gqRcvqR

The young man places his hands over his mouth and mumbles, “Gomen.”copyright protection158PENANA3WDKIEaT1u

Jing pats him on the shoulder and says, “I am not offended, dear boy. It’s just one of the problems all us Snow Dragons have.”copyright protection158PENANAqk9FoYdAHA

Yūka removes his hand from his mouth and gives him a smile.copyright protection158PENANAhoFoF6gRBG

   “Would you like me to play for you?” The Dragon asks, placing his right index finger to the young man’s nose.copyright protection158PENANAIEDmpl0Ae1

   “Iie,” says Yūka, waving his hands back and forth.copyright protection158PENANA4FlelKcykT

Jing laughs and replies, “Really, you’re going to pass this opportunity to have a personal show?”copyright protection158PENANA9BiOZXVfOw

The young man’s cheeks flush and he replies in a soft voice, “You’re right I can’t miss this.”copyright protection158PENANAWxbATAWUaa

In a blink of an eye the god is gone to return holding his Koto; Yūka helps him to clear the table so he can place the stringed instrument on there and watches a cushion from the settee shoot to the Dragon’s right hand which he placed on the floor before he sits down and starts to pluck the strings.copyright protection158PENANAVfQhtc1FLm

The young man listens to him play a very moving tune and when he finished he gives him a clap.copyright protection158PENANAzUYSJYQEeF

   “Arigatō,” replies Jing performing a slight bow.copyright protection158PENANAbbcmL6XH08

The god continues to play tunes long into the night whilst the storm rages outside. By the time it passes over Yūka is falling asleep.copyright protection158PENANASWnJdQVfwH

Jing gently picks him up and carries him through to a spare room, to lie him down in a comfy bed before he too turns in for the night.copyright protection158PENANAC6BAZlyP0N

The next morning Yūka awakes to the smell of rice cooking, he gets out of bed and heads through the apartment to find Jing in the kitchen.copyright protection158PENANAucYGyJMwrN

   “Ah ohayō, dear boy,” he says, without turning around.copyright protection158PENANAEkJ23XTZdp

Yūka takes a seat at the breakfast bar and replies as yawns, "Ohayō."copyright protection158PENANAHPwjqvEYkF

The Dragon glances over his shoulder and asks, “Would you like coffee or tea with breakfast?”copyright protection158PENANALORKvqtiWV

   “I’ll have what you’re having,” replies the young man, pointing his hand towards a teapot.copyright protection158PENANA5BfPDjMwjZ

   “Ah that’s Chinese breakfast tea. Help yourself, dear boy.”copyright protection158PENANAW0OsjeYYdi

Yūka nods and pours some of the clear, slightly sweet smelling tea into a cup which has been decorated with Koi.copyright protection158PENANAEZ7vJCVdVS

Jing places a bowl of rice down in front of him which has been topped with spring onions, mushrooms and Fuki.copyright protection158PENANA90upP7ICE2

   “Ooh this looks nice,” says Yūka,picking up a set of chopsticks.copyright protection158PENANABA3q3nF1mS

The god smiles and says, “Don’t wait for me.”copyright protection158PENANAk0SrwB4rPZ

   “OK,” replies the young man as he picks up the bowl and uses the chopsticks to shuffle some of the sticky rice into his mouth.copyright protection158PENANAkY0OnQW6sA

Jing takes a seat next to him and starts to eat.copyright protection158PENANA94bcueA9gW

Yūka finishes his mouthful and says, “Wow you’re an amazing cook.”copyright protection158PENANA2AWU1sw5Ul

The god giggles and replies, “Arigatō dear boy. My parents where good teaches.”copyright protection158PENANA5fj53HW0No

“I have to agree,” says Yūka and carries on eating.copyright protection158PENANAAWtL9Y0J7g

When they have both finished the god allows the young man to have the bathroom first to freshen up and even lends him some clean clothes.copyright protection158PENANAFaQC4S5BXZ

Yūka is waiting for Jing to get washed and dressed when his mobile begins to vibrate in his pocket he answers it, “Takashi, gomen I stayed the night at Jing’s.”copyright protection158PENANAW3fg8jY5jL

   “Nani!” squeaks the vocalist.copyright protection158PENANAuTIXFRVFB3

Yūka laughs and says, “I’m telling you the truth.”copyright protection158PENANAVhdMTiEYTC

   “Hai, I believe you... Why are you there?”copyright protection158PENANAYQFe7Ox5TQ

The young ma goes on to tell his friend everything which makes Takashi sigh and say, “I wish I was there to hear him play.”copyright protection158PENANARnJzlprg42

   “You could ask him to play for you as he quite enjoys it.”copyright protection158PENANAk0jxMdQrcJ

   “Really, how could you tell?”copyright protection158PENANA3bAIpHwWMq

   “Trust me. The way he moves with the music, he seems happy to play tune after tune with a smile,” replies Yūka, placing a hand to his chest.copyright protection158PENANAMDNvd9VFpZ

   “Wow amazing. Oh did you asked him?”copyright protection158PENANAHJ01hNf7er

   “Hai and he’s happy to play keyboards for us.”copyright protection158PENANARhCr019xXW

   “Awesome!” Takashi says all excited.copyright protection158PENANAXKzLgNVbsk

Yūka laughs and says, “I will be down in a bit.”copyright protection158PENANAaa4bclYrtc

   “Hai, see you in a bit,” replies the vocalist and ends the call.copyright protection158PENANATkuvMvxV3v

   “Is everything all right dear boy,” comes that handsome soft voice from behind.copyright protection158PENANAR1frMweHHH

Yūka turns around to see the god is now dressed in tight black trousers, a white shirt with a ruff and long lacy cuffs; still drying his hair with a towel.copyright protection158PENANA2SR734t1vW

   “Hai, my vocalist Takashi was just wondering where I was.”copyright protection158PENANAeohJU3esZh

   “Ah I see, you need to get going?”copyright protection158PENANAXQidi5JxNq

The young man nods and Jing goes on to says, “Allow me to take you.”copyright protection158PENANAeQi6XmaqnG

   “Arigatō,” replies Yūka, performing a deep bow.copyright protection158PENANAnC4ElZIArH

   “I’ll just give my hair a bush and grab a jacket,” says the Dragon as he disappears out of the room.copyright protection158PENANARoyaCQglo3

The young man hears the sound of velcro being ripped open a few times and begins to wonder what the god is up to? Then it dawns on him he must be placing the back of the jacket around his beautiful wings and decides to call, “Do you need any help?”copyright protection158PENANAMDU5JRsUiQ

   “Iie, I’ve got it,” replies Jing as he comes back into the room.copyright protection158PENANABFsFkNF2o6

They both walk over to the window that leads out on to the balcony to put on their shoes before stepping outside.copyright protection158PENANAKfviq79Gty

Jing slides the door closed, then picks the young man up and unfolds his wings.copyright protection158PENANAKgbEmVwOQO

This time Yūka watches him rise up into the clear blue sky to come to land near his apartment .copyright protection158PENANAEru77PVMRj

   “Arigatō and I had a great time.”copyright protection158PENANASBzoUZw4F0

   “I’m glad to hear that dear boy and see you soon.”copyright protection158PENANACqgN4DJAsz

The young man performs a shallow bow and replies, “Hai, I will send you everything.”copyright protection158PENANAp60Ud7J8TA

The god smiles and replies, “Bless you. Later.”copyright protection158PENANAsMc1a70HbG

   “Later,” replies Yūka, giving him a wave.copyright protection158PENANAHO6XCaBlL3

The rest of the band members come out of the apartment block to see the god take off and they all release at the same time, “Wow!"copyright protection158PENANAUbaU5n2OwV

Yūka giggles and says, “Come on in.”copyright protection158PENANApZIC0TJ0AV

All four lads follow him inside and later on they all take Yūka out to lunch. They all agree they too need to get to know Jing before the gig and show him what they would like him to play. Yūka emails him to see if he free next weekend, but it is not until the flowing day when he gets a reply which says, Hai, I’m free for now. I am happy to keep the whole weekend open for you and your band. How’s about we all meet at the cafe, at around 10:00?”copyright protection158PENANAGhJNfmYQHJ

Yūka quickly writes back informing him that’s fine and we will all see you there.copyright protection158PENANAUBV4w0syPY

This makes the other members very excited to be meeting Jing, but they are also quite nervous as it will be the first time any of them have met him, let alone chat with him and they all cannot wait for the weekend to come.copyright protection158PENANAueXdQY6AYG

The week seems to go on forever, but finally Saturday arrives and Climbing rose head down to meet Jing at the cafe. Dead on time the stunning Dragon enters and Yūka trots over to greet him.copyright protection158PENANAwFYgteCr4j

   “It is so good to see you. Come.”copyright protection158PENANAbYV62r6u0V

Jing follows him over to table were four nervous looking men are seated, they all rise and perform deep bows.copyright protection158PENANAtuarH1pOCo

   “Please, all of you sit, sit,” he says.copyright protection158PENANAv84tpxH1YM

All the young men sit back down and vocalist goes on to introduce everyone, “I’m Takashi, and they are, Eito, Hibiki, Kaminari.”copyright protection158PENANAl9LggOInjI

The Dragon smiles and says, “It is nice to finally meet you all. So how’s about we go over things with some tea?”copyright protection158PENANAiNdtfVuFJ7

This makes Yūka reply with a sharp, “Right,” then heads off over to the counter to order drinks.copyright protection158PENANA3ff8JFFrGE

The vocalist places a hand to his chest and says in a soft voice, “I’m afraid you will be only appearing around five times to do the keyboard.”copyright protection158PENANAd2OZj4O1r7

   “That’s fine as it is better than just once,” replies Jing, extending his left index finger.”copyright protection158PENANAKKVYeaTJPD

   “Once?” Eito gasps. “There was no point in asking you.”copyright protection158PENANAQTS61CLH3r

They are all shocked to hear the god laugh as they thought Dragons showed no emotions at all, but then it dawns on them he is the son of the highly regarded Ga-eul a Healer and they know they seem to have the same emotions as mortals.copyright protection158PENANAmhubgNf5PH

   “That is exactly what I thought and the crowed agreed, they kept call my name until the band played another song where I played the piano. The band soon realised minority of the fans had come to see me and afterwards apologised. I told them you know what to do for next time.”copyright protection158PENANAczs8xGirp8

   “And did they ask you back?” Hibiki asks, leaning forward in his seat.copyright protection158PENANA5g2Xm4A7LD

Jing shakes his head and replies, “Iie, they never did whilst they were with their old vocalist as according to the drummer he did not like me stealing his limelight.”copyright protection158PENANAz8U3jbQzgF

All the young lads eyes open wide with shock and Kaminari says, “How could he be like that with someone as famous as you? I can assure none of us are like that, we welcome your help as it is a true honour.”copyright protection158PENANAhtfJBNqUeQ

The others nod in agreement and give the god happy smiles.copyright protection158PENANA3j65hs9RAV

Yūka returns with a tray of drinks and says, “Jing, I’ve got you a green and jasmine tea.”copyright protection158PENANAv93pcnA3WR

   “Lovely, arigato dear boy. So when are you playing?”copyright protection158PENANAIdkYXWLnRZ

   “In three days time at Seventh Heaven,” replies the vocalist, looking all nervous.copyright protection158PENANAeUjkZBN9tn

    “Plenty of time for me to gets to grips with what you’re wanting me to play.”copyright protection158PENANA5Yx8nJwYMs

The vocalist gives Eito a nudge and whispers, “Show him the music.”copyright protection158PENANAQvGbtD7e0Z

   “Hai,” he replies, pulling a slim laptop from a cloth bag, setting it down on the table and opens it. “Here you go,” he says, turning it around face the Dragon.copyright protection158PENANAeeTyzT9n2D

They all watch the stunning god’s long heavily ringed left fingers tap the table as though he is playing a piano, which is closely followed by his right hand. Then he stops and pulls something from the left inside pocket of his coat.copyright protection158PENANAL8BigZ2NYP

Jing moves his cup of tea to one side before he unfastens the item and rolls it out across the table.copyright protection158PENANAfOkVZOy73z

“No way a flex electric keyboard!” Yūka gasps.copyright protection158PENANA6iOZQoT0LW

The god nods and says, “It may not sound right, as this is a little limited on keys, nonetheless hopefully it won’t matter too much.”copyright protection158PENANADx4eQldS8c

   “Please play,” encourages Hibiki, looking to the others who all chime in with, play, play.copyright protection158PENANAIo03j0RS7V

Jing emits a soft giggle and starts to play the tune.copyright protection158PENANAsedhe3F73r

The cafe falls silent as the people all start to listen to one of the most famous people in action, when he finishes everyone claps, making him perform a shallow bow.copyright protection158PENANA3GZ8VPt9IB

Eito looks up at the god with an expression of wonder upon his young face and says, “You’re amazing.”copyright protection158PENANAlq0ltkmldt

Jing smiles and replies, “Arigato. Can I ask who plays guitar?”copyright protection158PENANAgFHuWVxC3B

Hibiki and Kaminari slightly raises their left hands and the god continues, “This bit after the intro, who I’m following?”copyright protection158PENANA47i3fdSInB

“You’re following me,” replies Hibiki, pointing a hand towards his chest.copyright protection158PENANAkI1l4vFqRS

   “Ah now I see,” replies Jing, and starts press some of the keys on the keyboard.copyright protection158PENANAU8yCCuya7B

This when the band realise he is also playing Hibiki pieces which sounds wonderful, again when he finishes there is a round of applause.copyright protection158PENANAMbI4eXi7GF

The Dragon performs a shallow bow and says, “Arigato, everyone.”copyright protection158PENANAI1nKmsg1T8

The guitar player goes onto show the god the next song which again Jing plays with grace and passion.copyright protection158PENANAUNhsqUXY54

A group girls start to whisper from how does he do that? To, you can tell he is a professional and one wishes she could play like that.copyright protection158PENANAzRgiVvgdCW

Jing looks to them and says, “Practice my dear and one day you will be as good as me.”copyright protection158PENANATlYh6lJnmD

The group of girls all blush and just giggle.copyright protection158PENANAwgqNIQIGPN

The Dragon turns his attention back to the computer screen and asks, “Who plays drums?”copyright protection158PENANAKoE0HAwXN9

Eiro slightly raises his hand and replies, “Me.”copyright protection158PENANAUHvSYCdIZA

   “Ah I see you come in when I have played the opening peace, then stay with me along with Yūka, until the guitars comes in.”copyright protection158PENANAlwRLkAC2gr

The band members nod and Jing sees he does not come in again until near the end.copyright protection158PENANAP1Qu2x4yvS

They carry one going though the rest of the five songs the god is going to play, then he suggests something most unexpected, “Would you all like to come back to my studio?”copyright protection158PENANAHpzcixOvfO

It takes a moment for the young lads to compose themselves and they all nod.copyright protection158PENANA6BkYnEyZHP

Jing switches off the keyboard, rolls it up to place it back in the pocket of his coat, then goes on the drink the last of his tea whilst he waits for the young men get themselves ready to leave.copyright protection158PENANArxQi1SQ5ql

They all head outside, down the street to a crossing, this is when Yūka realises they are heading for the train station.copyright protection158PENANAY7Kxk258yl

   “Huh... Jing, where is your studio?”copyright protection158PENANAWEWhCjWbjD

   “Gomen, I should of told you all, it is one stop away.”copyright protection158PENANA0KbQ3cITi9

   “But... But I don’t have the money for a train journey.”copyright protection158PENANAeghYOB0TJz

   “Not to worry as none of you will need to pay.”copyright protection158PENANAeGdbXQuU1N

   “What? How?” Takashi gasps, looking up at him.copyright protection158PENANAx1yISBVBud

Jing holds up a green and red card between the first two fingers of his left hand and replies, “You all forget who you’re travelling with? I’m a god and this little baby is a pass that allows me and anyone I am with to go anywhere for free.”copyright protection158PENANAKJu1HiDIcn

   “No way! That’s awesome,” says Kaminari, his face full of delight.copyright protection158PENANAhq3vB1l6Vn

The others agree and they all carry on to the train station.copyright protection158PENANAUtosch47Sz

Jing uses the card to get everyone passed the barrier and down onto the platform where they wait for the train to arrives and people ask the god if they can take a pictures with him.copyright protection158PENANAlCiPEZ8iIk

Soon the train arrives and all get on. A man kindly offers the god his seat, Jing thanks him as he tries to get him to sit back down and informs him he is only going one stop.copyright protection158PENANAF0LJvnKRtG

The man performs a shallow, then sits down and carries on reading his newspaper.copyright protection158PENANAen9CQlTUsM

It takes less than five minutes to reach the next station where Climbing rose get off and follow the god outside.copyright protection158PENANAtOpMD4MMmu

Jing leads them down a side street to a large building, he unlocks the door and says, “We’re here.”copyright protection158PENANA61uRK0evRI

All of them remove their shoes and the god provides them with lovely soft slippers. He goes on to show them through to a large studio which is equipped with everything a band would need and they all spend the rest of the day practicing. In the evening Jing treats everyone to a nice take a way and with it being very late he even escorts them all home.copyright protection158PENANAb56lIWGCR9

For next few days they all keep rehearsing for the big day which soon comes around and the god finds it hard to keep them all calm.copyright protection158PENANAolXN7BRTne

However, he notices once they are up on stage all their fears and worry go away and they put on a great show. Word of the band soon spreads and Jing has to make it clear to the music magazines that he just helping them out.copyright protection158PENANAoufTl0TAwL

Takashi even asks him to teach him to play the piano and the Dragon is more than happy to give him lessons.copyright protection158PENANAjIRp3zlKcc

Jing stays with them until they are fully established, then goes on to help another new band.copyright protection158PENANAUAxSoFugzR

Two years later the guitarist Hibiki contacts the god telling him he is concerned about Yūka as he has not been well for some time. The Dragon tells him he will fetch his brother Weisheng and pay them a visit.copyright protection158PENANAuXlKQHLKih

The band is shocked to meet for the first time the founder of the clothing company Mystery Rose. Straight away he can tell Yūka is very ill, but it is treatable, he takes him in to another room to have a privet chat with him and the young man just looks at the Healer in shock.copyright protection158PENANAwB0n03WmO9

   “I know that look, you were told it was not treatable right?”copyright protection158PENANAzJJ7B8M5pl

All Yūka can manage is a nod and Weisheng continues, “I have heard this so many times, and I always say come to us as we can heal and rid you of a lot of diseases. The only thing we cannot do is heal the brain. Correction, some of us cannot heal the brain, however my great grandfather Xuě yuèliàng can, he can heal things from concussion to bleeding on the brain.”copyright protection158PENANAXTjjEa1pUj

Yūka gasps, “Oh my goodness, that’s amazing.”copyright protection158PENANAHqVHOWLLiA

The Healer nods and replies, “This is why he is one of the top Healers. And if I were unable to help you, I would have brought him in.”copyright protection158PENANAUSjEZUMM0b

The young man’s eyes open wind in shock and he gasps, “Really?!”copyright protection158PENANA8X5rhJBi9w

Weisheng laughs and replies, “Really, really.”copyright protection158PENANABRXxyLtkwM

Yūka places a hand to his chest and says, “To be honest I’m glad you can help me as I think I would faint, if you brought him in.”copyright protection158PENANAUqEd4E8Rq9

The Healer laughs as he claps his hands and says, “He would catch you and say, ha another fainter as it does happen to him a lot.”copyright protection158PENANA3y790oTBG2

   “Oh my goodness,” replies the young man, placing a hand in front of his mouth.copyright protection158PENANA7iT5PsQjNm

Weisheng nods and says, “Anyway, you need to take it easy as you’re only going to accelerate your condition. I will treat you today and then in a months time I will perform another one. However be warned, I do not treat people who do not listen to me.”copyright protection158PENANA5HNKVSo4JP

Yūka performs a deep bow and replies, “Don’t worry I will listen you. I promise to slow down.”copyright protection158PENANAdNnlWoJPZp

The Healer pats him on the arm, then gets him to lie down on a settee and starts to treat him.copyright protection158PENANAS7IMcyf3R2

The young man becomes aware of a warming sensation within his chest, he looks up at Weisheng wanting to ask him if this is normal? But he decides not to when he sees the god is concentrating on what he is doing.copyright protection158PENANApXKdIF57KP

A few minutes later the Healer’s eyes open and Yūka sees a metallic red like glitter drift across them.copyright protection158PENANAWYDkjzI2pH

   “How do you feel my boy? Any dizziness? Feeling sick?”copyright protection158PENANAsiPa41Jk5B

   “Iie, I feel fine. Arigato gozaimashita,” replies Yūka, with a bow of his head.copyright protection158PENANAmuy6IhMOow

Weisheng helps him to sit up and says, “I am going to give you a tea, which will also help. But I will say it again, if you don’t slow down the treatment won’t last.”copyright protection158PENANAEluhFNQnQg

   “I hear your warning and I will do as you say.”copyright protection158PENANA5iyVtDXcX2

   “There’s a good lad,” says the Healer, giving him a pat on the arm before he heads out of the room.copyright protection158PENANANkxmqfEc32

When Hibiki sees him enter the kitchen, he quickly goes to him and asks, “Were you able to help him?”copyright protection158PENANAJHneZ32QqS

Weisheng nods and goes on to tell him exactly what he told Yūka.copyright protection158PENANA6wbFrEjoRg

The guitarist performs a deep bow and says, “Arigato gozaimashita. I will also make sure he takes it easy.”copyright protection158PENANAqFAX21dGeh

   “Bless you,” say the Healer, placing his left hand on the top of the young man’s head for a moment, then carries on making the tea.copyright protection158PENANAJYZ7cYaeOB

A sweet smelling aroma soon fills the apartment, Weisheng places the pot of tea along with a cup on to a tray and returns to Yūka.copyright protection158PENANA6U7iAzWTYO

   “Now you need to drink this slowly whilst it is hot, careful not to burn your tongue.”copyright protection158PENANAaotLmvMzc1

The young man gives him a nod and does exactly what he tells him.copyright protection158PENANARVZQ2bOdqC

Jing returns to the apartment with lunch and Hibiki goes on to tell him the good news, in which he replies, “Told you not to worry my brother will be able to help him.”copyright protection158PENANAOxxWP7wM0u

They hug and the guitarist goes on to say, “I’m so glad he was... But there is no way we can afford him.”copyright protection158PENANAAaT4VfAIPM

   “Huh? Who said anything about money?”copyright protection158PENANAJGIJwKVkYl

Hibiki looks up at him all confused and says with hesitation, “He can’t treat for free?”copyright protection158PENANAXMTuJIBfuC

Jing smiles and says, “Dear boy, Healers are not doctors they never ask for money, or expect you to pay. They are happy to treat you mortals, pervading you do as they tell you. Don’t and they will refuse to treat you again.”copyright protection158PENANAJ5MC9ISKrH

   “Oh I see... Interesting. But I know Yūka won’t allow him to do this for free... He will want to give him something in return... I guess the question is, what can we give him?”copyright protection158PENANAwboeUVZPfX

The Dragon starts to laugh and mutters, “Mortals.”copyright protection158PENANAbdK4HtNiIh

Hibiki grabs hold of his arm and asks, “Nani? Why can’t we treat you gods?”copyright protection158PENANAUrnH4xqWhR

   “Dear boy, you mortals don’t have to give anything in return as us gods are always happy to help. Nonetheless, if you really insist on treating my brother, then I suggest a meal. You do one yourselves or take him out.”copyright protection158PENANADN222XX1Nd

This brings a large smile to the guitarist face, he gives a sharp nod, then trots out of the kitchen only to come back in a moment later to give the Dragon a kiss on the cheek, which makes him giggle.copyright protection158PENANAZYqJ37dQqV

Hibiki then waves to him and trots again out of the room. copyright protection158PENANA8knv2r3snk

Jing carries on placing the bento boxes out on the table along with drinks and calls, “Foods ready!”copyright protection158PENANAj18m3aj1c7

The others come through and they all sit down at the table to eat.copyright protection158PENANAec5EW8M9Zc

Weisheng carries on treating Yūka for the rest of the year, and they even make a start on a dress at his home in Ōyokochō, Hachiōji which is never finished as young lads heath suddenly deteriorates and he is rushed to hospital, where the Healer goes on to place him in a coma whilst Jing is fetching their great grandfather.copyright protection158PENANA47xrDzTG2h

Xuě yuèliàng only just manages to save Yūka’s life, he informs the band that the bassist must stop all activities otherwise he will not live to see another year.copyright protection158PENANA0mi9Imk2nw

The members posted it on their website Masaki must spend all activities due to his falling heath. Do not worry his being treated by one of the top Healers Sung Xuě yuèliàng.copyright protection158PENANA9CJfhFo3On

A week later Yūka is brought out of the coma, he opens his eyes to see a stunning Necrosis Deity leaning over him, as he checks his heart and mutters, “Who are you?”copyright protection158PENANAgTvNl8neOp

   “Ah you’re awake. It’s god to see. I am Xuě yuèliàng, I have been treating you.”copyright protection158PENANAvPLOYubiwy

The young man’s eyes nearly pop out of his head and he gasps, “M-my lord!”copyright protection158PENANAPGazVsejv3

The Healer quickly gets him to calm down and says, “Easy dear boy. You need to take it easy for your heart sake,” patting him on the chest.copyright protection158PENANAHLXczikWx9

Yūka takes a few deep breaths to calm himself and asks, “How long?”copyright protection158PENANAl3Y7SXB3g7

   “Just a week. You’re recovering well. But not well enough to be sent home yet. I will go and inform your family.”copyright protection158PENANAC5NNEJfT2K

The young man watches the Healer gracefully walk out of the room to return a moment later with his parents and says, “Five minutes as he needs to rest as much as posable.”copyright protection158PENANAXJwUW5dg1K

Yūka’s mother and father both bow, then they go on to give their son a hug.copyright protection158PENANAqnOpuGm6JC

In the end Yūka has to remain in hospital for two weeks before Xuě yuèliàng allows him to go home, where his parents continue to watch over him.copyright protection158PENANAdlI18nLnhN

Jing takes his place as bassist in Climbing rose and helps them to find a good replacement, a young man by the name of Kage not to be confused with the Grey Dragon Misuto Kage. To this day Yūka remains good friends with Jing, Weisheng and Xuě yuèliàng, he cannot thank them enough for saving his life and the dress still remains unfinished to remind him to take life easy and not work so hard.copyright protection158PENANA8exE9uKmLM

The end.copyright protection158PENANA7baVAFBXLl

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