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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The Mystery of the Brass Vault: Entry 5
Dec 11, 2015
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZOJJauXVgeMJJFONyDhqposted on PENANA

When the Rosanne docked at the port of Edith Post, most of the crew departed and went about their business in the city while they could. For some, the day was quite an adventure.copyright protection107PENANAdbVNaUmerj

Some people visited family, and those who didn’t ventured to the taverns, while others, such as Elsie, were still quite occupied with their work. Elsie spent her first moments carrying our Tilly’s errand while Professor Goodwin and the rest of his company sought out Mr. Backhaus. In Elsie’s backpack at the time was Floof, who was by now very agile with his new front leg. He had spent most of this voyage so far in Elsie’s cabin, seeing as he wasn’t allowed to go anywhere else. So he sat and ate carrots and ran like crazy on this oversized hamster wheel that Goodwin had provided. But today Floof began a new adventure.copyright protection107PENANA9r8Tajn8fD

Elsie had set her backpack down for just a moment and in the spirit of curiosity Floof decided to take a stroll. He didn’t know where he was going but he knew that there were people everywhere! Or, in his eyes, they were more like giant colossal things, stampeding around, this way and that. In just one minute he was almost crushed thrice by huge boots, and it was here that he decided to retreat back to his master. He heard her calling. “Floof! Floof! Where are you?” But alas, his path was crossed with a foe. It was an unnaturally feral creature, and it hissed and scowled bearing sharp yellow fangs. Flexing its claws and arching its scrawny, partially hairless back, the street-cat marked Floof for its prey, and within seconds it came bounding over, thinking to sink its fangs into the soft, helpless little bunny.copyright protection107PENANAm1n5GbSfOa

Startled, and in this particular situation, very alone, Floof fled for his life, hoping to escape the predator in the jungle of humans. He darted side to side as feet crashed down around him. His new leg aided him greatly in this endeavour, but the cat was still right on his tail – so to speak. Floof turned his head to the right and hastily made his way off the street, and into the nearest alley. It would have been a tight fit for a human, but the cat certainly managed it all right. Floof hopped with all his might until her landed himself in the refuge of a small pipe. It was dark and smelly inside, and the cat jammed its paw in and swung it about, but it was too large to pursue Floof any further. A wave of great relief washed over the little bunny.copyright protection107PENANAF1mAPwvbLW

Having no intention of stumbling upon another cat, Floof wondered the streets anxiously, trying to find his way back to Elsie. But the journey was long, and soon Floof grew hungry. He followed his nose, and the scent of cooked vegetables led him to a smelly dumpster behind a restaurant. There, Floof began to eat, until he heard a metallic creaking sound, and was smothered in a bright light. A human approached. “Bloody street rats!” he cried, but then he caught a glance at Floof’s special leg, and he said, “Well hello, now you ain’t no street rat. My friend Pete will pay a pretty price for a pet like you.” The next thing Floof knew, he was upside down in a bag that smelt an awful lot like potatoes.copyright protection107PENANAvUoDNzXbHc

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