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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The Mystery of the Brass Vault: Entry 8
Dec 11, 2015
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!smvzNmgClyIvY1aG9AgJposted on PENANA

Mr. John Backhaus had a marvellous beard. In fact, it was really quite bazar. Dark and flush and trimmed to perfection, it was like a piece of art that was attached to his face. His moustache sat evenly upon his upper lip, and was curled neatly into two fine points. His skin appeared to be smooth as silk, and the colour flowed into his purple eyes that were shadowing and somewhat fierce. The man wore an evening-black vest over a fiery-red shirt, as well as an orange cravat and a beige coat. Backhaus was a business man, in short, and one of the richer members of Edith Post’s little industrial empire.copyright protection61PENANAbNTbdr61Ds

He smiled, ear to ear, with his fingers laced together upon his large mahogany desk; Edith Post was in the window behind him. “Now, Miss Heartwing, is it? What can I do for you today?”copyright protection61PENANAn5OTFCgVfB

Elsie was seated in a black leather chair on the other side of the desk; she was alone, and she took as much time as she could observing his office for anything suspicious. As she expected, it was spacious; sort of a typical office, save for a few odd things. For one, Backhaus’ chair was more of the likes of a throne. And, on the right side of the office, above the bookshelves, was an interesting display of swords and shields – medieval in nature, Elsie thought. But most importantly, to the left, a giant and mysterious brass vault loomed over her, and she could hardly keep her eyes off it. She had a thousand guesses as to what Backhaus could have been hiding in there, and one of those guesses was Jack! “I’m looking for someone,” Elsie explained, “and I think you can help me.”copyright protection61PENANAtX7sZh89Sp

“Edith Post is a big city,” he replied, his eyes remained still, “and there are a lot of ‘someones’ running about. Why come to me?”copyright protection61PENANAS3cMfqemrS

Elsie noticed something sinister in his voice, a shroud of confidence that clung to a snake-like tone. “Were you familiar with the nature of the research carried out by AsGen before they were dismantled? I only ask because certain sources of mine linked Backhaus Industries to the corporation back when it was still active. This person I’m looking for may have contacted you, or perhaps one of your associates, in regards to this matter.”copyright protection61PENANAOPXDJCfZyu

“I am afraid no such person has come my way.”copyright protection61PENANAB1sItr0CBS

“And you are certain?”copyright protection61PENANA2tWegbFuy7

“Most certain.” Backhaus rose from his throne, and standing over Elsie, he strode with his hands behind his back, staring over the city through the great window. He seemed to marvel at its magnificence. “Do you know how this city works, Miss Heartwing? You are young, and I can sense that you are unfamiliar with this place. Perhaps I shall enlighten you? Everyone here wants something from everyone else. That’s business. It is the way the machine runs and it is the force that allows it to do so without any disruptions. When I came to Edith Post I was but one shallow fool amongst thousands, but through hard work, blood and sweat, I clawed my way above them all, and now they all work for me. I have grand designs for this city, grand designs indeed! My only predicament is the vermin who get caught in the cogs of this grand machine, who block the flow of its splendour. I love my city, Miss Heartwing, and I know that you and your little company upon the VS Rosanne 7 will remain most courteous during your stay here.” He had one of his assistants show her out, leaving her with the words: “I do hope you find whoever it is you’re looking for, and oh, send my regards to Mr. Goodwin, will you?”copyright protection61PENANAmmXkZGXfGv

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