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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The Mystery of the Brass Vault: Entry 10
Dec 11, 2015
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EtMDQyusFuLBmwt5PaXFposted on PENANA

The next day a local paper announced that a cruise ship, travelling from Victoria City to Kings Island, mysteriously disappeared in the same manner as all those ships that came before it. In the wake of this incident, five hundred people were reported missing – those who were aboard the ship; and as usual no one could propose a solution as to how it all occurred.copyright protection117PENANA2I3Wo799r6

Meanwhile, on that same day, Elsie – alone – fancied herself another visit to Backhaus industries. She didn’t quite have a plan, nor any particular purpose, however she figured that a little extra reconnaissance could never possibly hurt. Unfortunately she was very wrong in that regard.copyright protection117PENANA46ARJrqdT5

Now, Rex Bowler was a mysterious and frightening man, whom Elsie had witnessed that day walking towards the office of John Backhaus. Rex was a brute who moved with the impact of a freight train. He had a head like a boulder, jagged and unruly, and riddled with scars upon the jaw, mostly; shaven, with only shades of grey and brown stubble for hair. His eyes rested under a heavy brow, and were copper, and most unsettling. Around his thick shoulders was draped a dusty shredded-up cloak that hung down and covered his entire right arm. He wore leather beneath it – some kind of modified engineer’s suit. All Elsie knew was that she could feel the weight of his footsteps. Although she did not know this man, she deemed to avoid him, for her own sake.copyright protection117PENANAIEG5baa0k8

Having scurried upstairs and having avoided the security for know, she soon found herself with her ear against the door of John Backhaus’ office, straining to hear what they were saying inside. The conversation was worse than she thought.copyright protection117PENANAGnRKjfSspk

“I paid you to put an end to this infernal investigation!” cried Backhaus. “And yet somehow I still have an entire team now breathing down my neck!”copyright protection117PENANAzuq9laALot

Rex Bowler retorted. “Hey, I did my part. I brought you the boy, just as you asked, and I disposed of that evidence he had against you.”copyright protection117PENANAR68xckHnl2

“Yes you did, and I commend you in that, but I’m afraid it wasn’t enough. I am prepared to raise your initial pay if you continue the job and scare of these rascals, kill one or two for all I care! Just don’t get caught and don’t leave any evidence that can be traced back to me. I can’t afford another scandal on my hands. Oh, but of course your initial task still stands. I don’t want any of these damned scientists uncovering the truth about Mr. Vandenberg’s experiments, is that clear?”copyright protection117PENANAv1pmMJBFb0

“That’s a big ask, sir. Perhaps you could show a little more gratitude. I owe you nothing, you know, I could have kept the evidence for myself.”copyright protection117PENANAZKvqTQAuCY

“Don’t pose to threaten me, Mr. Bowler! If you are unwilling to do the job then I can just as easily hire a new man, whose very first assignment under me will be to deal with hindrances such as you!”copyright protection117PENANAYt561hqJEL

The next voice that Elsie heard didn’t come from within the room, but it sounded remarkably angry. She didn’t know who the man down the hall was, or what he was doing there, but he pointed at her with his finger and shouted, “Hey!” And Elsie, realising that she had been discovered, made to escape when another man confronted her, and she was trapped within the hallway. The next thing she knew she was face to face with John Backhaus, with Rex Bowler by his side. “Didn’t your parents ever teach you that it was rude to eavesdrop?”copyright protection117PENANAMaNcxAV9f7

Elsie submitted herself as a captive, and cursed, knowing that her actions had just made the mission a great deal more difficult for everyone involved.copyright protection117PENANAaeRFELweg8

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