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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The Mystery of the Brass Vault: Entry 12
Dec 11, 2015
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8OVgPdHPwzDgJkSufLSRposted on PENANA

Having returned at last to the company of friends aboard the VS Rosanne 7 Jack Heartwing took a moment to freshen up, and was very soon back to his normal self again. Now Jack was a tall sleek fellow of twenty-five years, and was considered by many to be most handsome. He donned a wine-coloured jacket to match his very tall top hat, and the light slipped across the smooth fabric with every swift movement he made. Jack had trimmed his beard so that it fitted neatly around his jawline, and his hair curled out from under his hat. “It is so nice to look upon familiar faces!” he exclaimed as he entered the map room. “Robert! How are you? We have much to discuss when circumstances allow it. And Fiona, why am I not surprised he brought you along. We absolutely must have dinner together sometime.” He played with his cufflinks as he talked. “I have uncovered a great deal of knowledge during my investigation across all of Pearl Isle, and I will share it with you shortly…”copyright protection98PENANA4XkrGh4UQc

But Professor Goodwin raised his hand and interrupted him. “Jack, I believe there is first the matter of your dear little sister to attend to. She is remarkably intelligent and knows all about our secrets, although little of what they contain. This is no place for her.”copyright protection98PENANArZ0nfPAWF6

“Excuse me?” Elsie blurted. “I am standing right here! You can’t just toss me from the ship like some parasite. I deserve to be a part of the investigation!”copyright protection98PENANAwinfDfJT1C

“It’s too dangerous,” the professor declared. “We have a responsibility to your parents, one that I intend to uphold. Besides, I believe your only motivation was to locate your brother, well you’ve found him now. It’s time to stop playing games, Elsie. I had intended to send you off on the train from Edith Post, however in our eminent haste it seems that option has been removed. No matter, I am sure we’ll figure something out.”copyright protection98PENANAK5z5xgmCbc

Elsie turned to her brother, and her face had begun to turn red. “Jack, surely you can’t agree with this.”copyright protection98PENANAODbO0rEAnj

Jack inclined his head. “I’m afraid I have to agree with Robert, Elsie. I mean, there’s a bounty hunter after us, and we’ve already been locked up in jail by one of the most dangerous men in Pearl Isle. It’s too risky. What would mum and dad say…” He paused for a moment. “But, we also have dire need to get to Epsilon Base on the Eastern Cape, and I won’t dare let you out of my sight while that man Rex Bowler is out there. As much as mother and father would hate it, I think you’re safest right here on the Rosanne, if the professor will have you.”copyright protection98PENANAHTC48gkS9l

They all glared at Goodwin, and the slight – though inert – movement of his head was all Elsie needed to know that she was indeed staying aboard the Rosanne, for now at least.copyright protection98PENANAuTr4YZlkBw

Jack continued his report. “Good. Now, as I said, we must make all haste towards Epsilon Base. It’s the only research facility that I haven’t checked yet so whatever we find could very well put a stop to these attacks once and for all – and I should remind you that the disappearances are becoming more frequent. It’s only a matter of time before we lose another ship.” Doctor O’Donnell then inquired as to what their next move would be should they find nothing of value at Epsilon Base, and Jack answered. “We return to Edith Post and we kidnap John Backhaus, of course.”copyright protection98PENANAxq9JfaaTKx

“Jack,” Elsie pointed out, “didn’t you just say that Mr. Backhaus is probably one of the most powerful men in Pearl Isle? How could kidnapping him possibly be a good idea?”copyright protection98PENANAdsrQwA6Rsf

“If nothing comes up at Epsilon Base, well, desperate times call for desperate measures, dear sister. Also, I have an inking as to how Backhaus might be related to the attacks. Robert, do you have a record somewhere of the Victoria Times?”copyright protection98PENANAcW9E17Emsf

Professor sent someone to collect every newspaper they had with stories regarding the attacks, and Jack spread them all out over the table, and then he smiled. “So I was right! Look at who all of these ships belong to.”copyright protection98PENANASZF2JUcTOX

Goodwin leaned over the papers. “My word! Just about every company in Pearl Isle except Backhaus Industries! Jack my boy, you’re a genius. But are you supposing that Backhaus is controlling it somehow?”copyright protection98PENANAr1qTRWtYOW

“It makes sense. I mean, I have no idea how on earth someone would be able to control it, but I believe they found a way. Whatever the case, we should hope to find answers at Epsilon Base.”copyright protection98PENANAd1TmFUujgW

Goodwin clapped his hands together. “Then we have our objective! Mr. Dunstan, set a course for the Eastern Cape, we’re going to visit my old work station.”copyright protection98PENANAz9WfcF9pzX

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