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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The City of Thieves: Entry 9
Dec 12, 2015
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cvo2dktlMblPRJdO7IVoposted on PENANA

The sudden occasion had Jack and Elsie dress shopping in the upper ring of Warren City. They visited a store at Doctor O’Donnell’s suggestion and found themselves walking into a rainbow of fabrics; subtle blues, deep purples and vibrant pinks, fiery reds and bright oranges. Elsie was mesmerised by it all. “Where do I start?” she breathed.copyright protection57PENANApKGREvoX5m

Jack shrugged. “How should I know? I just need to by a suit.” He sought out the owner of the shop, who turned out to be a kind old lady of small stature but with a large smile, and fading blue eyes.copyright protection57PENANAMhRbk4wNqj

When she saw the two of them enter the shop she brushed her grey hair out of her eyes. “Aren’t you a handsome young man! And you young lady, oh my, you are beautiful! How can I help you today?”copyright protection57PENANAZL8QvlFD3B

“My sister and I are attending a wedding this Saturday at the Parlow Villa. I’d need a suit, and Elsie will need a dress – something fancy.”copyright protection57PENANA1tmIk0eJXj

“Oh right away,” said the woman. “If you would, Miss Elsie? Is it? Just come with me.”copyright protection57PENANA5KAXVU2sIt

The woman showed Elsie to a selection of dresses, and after a great deal of decision making, Elsie picked one out and tried it on. Jack waited outside the changing room while Elsie slipped on her fancy new dress. He had been troubled ever since he met Oliver Tanner, and was most afraid that his sister had gotten herself into a dangerous situation. He couldn’t deny, however, that she was right about needing the master thief’s help, and they were too close to stop now. He called out to Elsie. “So, tell me about this Tanner fellow. Is he a man of his word?”copyright protection57PENANALHeUyKgdnk

There came a subtle giggle from the changing room. “Of definitely. One thing I can say about Tanner is that he’s a romantic. He’s infatuated with the woman I told you about, Sylvia Parlow. Jack, I’ve never seen anyone like him.”copyright protection57PENANAOpOb89bmS9

“So, we’re stealing Sylvia’s fiancés ring so they can, what, run away together?”copyright protection57PENANAFYTgWPbYhT

“That’s about right.”copyright protection57PENANAr3AGX8remO

Jack crossed his arms. “Huh, that seems like a rather odd gesture.”copyright protection57PENANAybenmmwyIp

“I like to think of it as a parting gift for Warren City. And who knows, maybe after selling the gems from the ring Oliver might lend us some of his very illegal money.”copyright protection57PENANAHooAEkpPjH

Jack laughed at the notion. “You know, sometimes I still think of you as my sweet little sister. I close my eyes and see little Elsie running about with mummy and daddy.”copyright protection57PENANAJKKkrItSWQ

Elsie paused, and then more solemnly said, “Well, I grew up an awful lot quicker when mum and dad stopped coming back. Look at us, brother, in the past few weeks we’ve already been to jail and nearly died in a laboratory explosion. How’s your leg, by the way? I noticed you’ve been limping less.”copyright protection57PENANAHv1VSohpW0

Jack leaned back, stretched out his leg – which was actually still very sore – and then placed his hands behind his head. “The leg’s doing fine. Doctor O’Donnell has been providing me with special treatment. Sometimes it hurts when I walk, but it more or less functions properly. Hey, uh, what does she think of me?”copyright protection57PENANAODoce2wDSP

“Fiona? She wishes you’d stop jokingly inviting her to dinner and just genuinely take her out on a date; and quite frankly I agree with her. My words of advice, brother, either make up your mind or leave her alone.”copyright protection57PENANAlBA5W2OpUL

The sudden change in her tone made Jack sit up straight, and he winced when he moved his leg too quickly. “I have been genuine. She just never takes me seriously…”copyright protection57PENANAfBhhw9FOzC

He was interrupted when Elsie stepped out of the change rooms. Her dress was a river of lovely pink silk that flowed down from her waist and swayed gently around her feet. Upon the centre of the breast was a bedazzling array of diamonds that glittered blue in the light of the city, and they continued and ran up to her collarbone and over her shoulders; showing off the beautiful smooth skin upon her arms. Trailing from the back of the dress were two silk ribbons that she wrapped around her forearms, so that she moved with the grace of a ballerina, although she wasn’t entirely used to wearing heels. Elsie looked down awkwardly at her feet, and feeling a little timid, she smiled at Jack, and said, “Well, how do I look.”copyright protection57PENANAOnfcAtf777

Jack had always known that his dear little sister was beautiful, so he answered her by pointing at the dress. “Brilliant. Tanner does know that he’s paying for that, right?”copyright protection57PENANAXtJxzGzn5u

In that moment, the bell above the door rang, and Oliver Tanner entered the shop. He had a smug air about him, and he did not wear his top hat low, as he often did. “Paying for what?” he asked, and then he saw Elsie standing beautiful in her dress. “Oh my, you look splendid, Miss Elsie. The two of you seem well prepared.” He presented them with two slips of paper. “As arranged, these are our invitations. Now, if you would kindly accompany me back to my home – when you are finished here, of course – there is still much to be done.”copyright protection57PENANA8l5pDCzir8

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