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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The City of Thieves: Entry 16
Dec 12, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!G9CtAWc5VjVf0vGmG7n2posted on PENANA

The next morning the crew sat once again around the breakfast table and they discussed what their plan would be now that Tanner was among them. They knew that they had to return to Edith Post in order to get into Backhaus’ brass vault, however to Professor Goodwin’s disliking, that would require a long voyage across open sea. Mr. Riley Dunstan pointed out that they should be glad that the Rosanne was even capable of performing the voyage in the first place. Elsie was glad he was making a positive contribution for once. “I know time is short, but this is our plan, and the sooner we get under way, the sooner we can arrive at Edith Post.”copyright protection59PENANA075fZ7TFSC

Suddenly, tired and a little awkward, Oliver Tanner emerged from upstairs and entered the room rubbing the back of his neck. Professor Goodwin stood up. “Ah! Good morning, Mr. Tanner. I am delighted to hear from Jack and Elsie that your little heist went well. Now, I don’t intend to sound crude, but now that you have your prize, are we ready to depart?”copyright protection59PENANAZyLC2myesu

Elsie didn’t like the professor’s tone, but she understood that he was remarkably anxious, and Oliver Tanner didn’t even seem to notice. “Yes,” he replied. “I want to be gone from this city. Oh, that is probably for the best…” he zoned out for a moment, and then said, “So where are we going?”copyright protection59PENANAxnJySqUzxi

“Edith Post,” said Elsie. “You might as well get comfortable because it’ll be a long ride. As we said before, we need whatever it is that John Backhaus has locked away in his vault, and we need you to get it for us.”copyright protection59PENANAByqGNpOG5G

Tanner nodded. “Oh, should be easy enough.” He sat down and collected some food, and as he ate they further discussed the specifics of what they would do once they arrived in Edith Post. “I’ll need a description of the interior of Backhaus’ office. A blueprint would be ideal but I’ve worked with less before. I’ll also need all the information you have on that vault.” Even now, after seeing Tanner at work for herself, Elsie was quite amazed at just how professional he really was. Although, deep down, she expected no less, after all, he was a master thief.copyright protection59PENANAj5f4HhrgvT

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