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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The City of Thieves: Entry 21
Dec 12, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!g8RkriO8ehGJWn4qdLFwposted on PENANA

In light of recent events, Professor Goodwin summoned the crew to the map room for an emergency meeting. Absent from this was Doctor O’Donnell, who was currently treating Mr. Dunstan’s concussion in the sick bay. After Mr. Rex Bowler was tragically sucked into the ocean, Elsie was very surprised to realise that Oliver Tanner had dozed off for the entire scenario, and woken up later very confused to a frightened crew.copyright protection53PENANAxJg0LLsYxv

Professor Goodwin was very firm about his words now – almost angry – and he spent the better part of ten minutes interrogating Tilly on the damage that Rex had done to the engines. In that time, Tilly explained that while the primary engine was completely destroyed, the secondary ones were still operational, and the power generators only needed a little tweaking before they could again work at optimal functionality. “I’ll do what I can to repair the damage,” said Tilly. “However, I’m afraid we won’t be going very far without our primary engine.”copyright protection53PENANAwODo85GWeV

Then Jack – still in a small amount of pain after his skirmish with Rex – suggested their next most practical move. “We can dock at the Port of Kings Island and get the shipwrights to repair her. While we wait we can try and gather whatever we can on John Backhaus and the brass vault – maybe we can help Tanner solidify his plan for getting us in.”copyright protection53PENANAeUEaiIBvtg

“I can redirect power from the generators and put it into the secondary engines. It’s not ideal for the ship, however it should get us all the way to Kings Island. I’ll need help making the repairs, and if Riley is still good to pilot when he wakes up, we’ll have to get him to take it easy, otherwise the engines may blow out.”copyright protection53PENANA20Zi1L3tJB

Goodwin stood up and stroked at his beard. “Then it is settled. We need all hands on deck if we are to be successful. I want no further mishaps, is that understood?”copyright protection53PENANAZgpDEyIkvW

Henceforth, the VS Rosanne 7 was as busy as an ants’ nest as she struggled on through the depths of the sea, but in the end she proved herself to be most resilient of the terrible damage she had taken.copyright protection53PENANAfJQTU9CvE6

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