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The Colossal
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Writer Nelso555
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The Colossal
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The Incident of the Missing Brother: Entry 6
Dec 3, 2015
5 Mins Read
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Elsie Heartwing lived alone in a rather spacious apartment two blocks away from the university. She spent a great deal of her leisure time couped up on the balcony writing. She lived a very quiet life at present; dividing her time between writing and study. She did, however, desire to once again visit the other cities – Edith Post, and Warren City across the water – and all she required was a decent excuse.copyright protection128PENANAJaxoAvaEOS

Elsie arrived home to her apartment a few hours after the dawn of the next day. By this stage, Floof was happily snoozing away inside her backpack. As Elsie came inside she received a letter from her mailbox, and setting her things down, she took a seat and inspected the envelope in her hands. It was a letter from Professor Goodwin:copyright protection128PENANAvL2qhDWo35

Dear Elsie Heartwing,132Please respect copyright.PENANAa4QOgka3fN
copyright protection128PENANAs2ypzCuNpY

How are you? It feels as though it has been ages since we last spoke, and yet your parents tell me you only live down the road from the university. I suppose you have been keeping yourself busy, as have I. I am writing this letter to you now because I have an urgent matter to discuss with you concerning your brother Jack. It is of a most delicate nature, which is why I would rather speak with you face to face. I wish I could say more. If you would be so kind as to come by my office at your earliest convenience, I would be most grateful.132Please respect copyright.PENANAV8kdBiymER
copyright protection128PENANA598DxI9HnX

Kind Regards,132Please respect copyright.PENANAOyuqu7hedZ
copyright protection128PENANAATJCj0gfoj

Professor Robert Goodwin.copyright protection128PENANAlQlUgVwKIV

Naturally a spark of worry lit up somewhere in the back of Elsie’s creative imagination, supposing Jack had gotten himself into some kind of trouble, but she would only know for certain once she had spoken to the professor. So she changed her clothes, packed her bag, fed Floof some lettuce, and then was promptly out the door again, heading for the university. She travelled through the main entrance, across a rather spacious courtyard, up a flight of stairs, until she was standing outside the door marked with Professor Robert Goodwin.copyright protection128PENANAJO5RsCABjX

Elsie had known the professor since she was a little girl, and she understood that he was nothing short of brilliant. He was a stout and vibrant man in his early sixties, and his mind, much like his suit, was as sharp as a pencil. He had a sturdy face for an old man, with milky-blue eyes that stood out through his round spectacles, and although his hair was now grey and receding, he still sported a twirly white moustache and a partially grey beard that covered the rest of his face.copyright protection128PENANAzUQixajNpI

The professor stood up as Elsie entered and quietly shut the door behind her. He gestured for her to take a seat beside his desk, and then offered her some tea. “Yes please,” she replied. As Goodwin poured the tea, Elsie spoke: “So in the letter you sent you mentioned Jack. May I ask what this is about?”copyright protection128PENANA6LysFPnbz6

The most interesting fact about Professor Goodwin was that he wasn’t entirely human, and it was something he didn’t like to talk about. All Elsie knew was that a long time ago he was in an accident of sorts that removed him of his entire right arm. At present the intricate brass metalwork of his replacement arm couldn’t be seen due to the sleeve of his suit, but Elsie took notice of the metal tendons in his wrist, and the way he flexed his brass fingers.copyright protection128PENANA7jVcboOL08

The professor acted as though he didn’t see her staring, and clasped his hands together on his desk. “Now, my dear Elsie, I wish to inform you that your brother is in no danger at all, but I’ve brought you here to ask if he might have contacted you within the past two months or so.”copyright protection128PENANAJz3ASAKbo9

Elsie seemed perplexed, but answered straightforwardly. “Well, we have kept in touch, he’s sent me post cards from all over Pearl Isle, one every few weeks.”copyright protection128PENANAUuVtXAilMS

She saw the professor’s eyes light up. “And when was the last post card sent? Where was it from?”copyright protection128PENANAsTbo6mMU8M

“Edith Post, maybe just over a week ago.” Elsie sensed there was something she didn’t know. “Listen, professor, I know that Jack has been working for you. In all of his post cards he’s failed to notify me as to what he’s actually been doing. Can I assume that whatever assignment you have him working on is classified?”copyright protection128PENANA3Rm6rfHbq5

The professor stood up and walked over to the window. Once again he flexed his brass fingers. “I’ve been a close friend to your parents since before you were born. We have been through an awful lot together and I bear great love for them. You remind me of your mother when she was your age.” He paused and looked at her. “Yes, it’s only fair that you know. You see, I am preparing to embark on what is perhaps the most important voyage of my career; the assignment is of utmost secrecy. I had your brother running some preliminary work for me but I haven’t heard from him in weeks. Elsie, I’m afraid Jack has gone missing.”copyright protection128PENANAllAgOxR6TD

That spark of worry suddenly returned and Elsie placed a nervous hand over her chest. “That’s horrible!” she said, stricken. “Is he in danger? We must go find him.”copyright protection128PENANAYlxaJDwwxE

“Now, Elsie, I can assure you that Jack is in no danger at all, he was simply investigating a few matters I had sent his way. Thanks to your information I now know that his last known location was Edith Post. Know that I have assembled a team of the most professional kind and we intend to set out on the VS Rosanne 7 within the fortnight to find your brother and continue our… well, our research.”copyright protection128PENANAiBwFHXUo9l

Elsie pushed her chair back and stood up. “I’m coming with you.”copyright protection128PENANAuuG4LuBCAu

Goodwin declined. “You most certainly are not!”copyright protection128PENANAgzQNJAqf6Y

“Why? I have as much a right as anyone to look for my brother.”copyright protection128PENANAUozq3hoYGx

“I understand your concern, Miss Elsie, but you’re hardly qualified for such a mission. Why, it could be dangerous. What would your parents say if they found out that I neglected their friendship and put their daughter in harm’s way?”copyright protection128PENANAja2ZfNtQq4

But Elsie only became defiant and determined. “You assured me there was no danger. Please, professor, I have no intention of being rude or putting you in any difficult situation, but he’s my brother, and you can either let me come with you otherwise I’ll go it alone.”copyright protection128PENANAlGDcumMUCS

“Now Elsie, you’re being irrational…” But he was stayed by her glare, and he sighed. “Just like your mother. So be it. The Rosanne departs within the fortnight from the docks in the warehouse district, 47 Persimmon Street. If you’re late we’ll leave without you. Oh, and you have until then to change your mind, as I have no intention of coming home until the assignment is complete.”copyright protection128PENANATxhtXlKmjr

The following two weeks passed swiftly, and Elsie Heartwing eagerly awaited her journey.copyright protection128PENANATCCVCRJ6I9

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