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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Truthseeker Epigraph
Mathew Babaoye
Jan 29, 2016
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!f9ezvbiKOMQIm4WXSj7Mposted on PENANA

Greetings lost One,copyright protection116PENANAfFKLyum3Do

This book is a simple collection of truth forgotten, remembered, or never known. It is here to help you return to Oneself in any way possible. It is of heaven, and Urth, and all that lies between them...copyright protection116PENANAISyWs37LOW

Urth is a place in the heavens, which is to say existence. The gods, goddesses, demons and devils all watch over us as we live our lives below them in a place of blood, sweat, and toil. The land itself is further divided into many places, but chiefly: the wider world and the Realms. The wider world is all that you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Plains, fields, forests, deserts, skies, mountains, caverns, rivers, lakes, oceans – everything. The Realms, however, are apart AND a part, each one a separate metaphysical land bordering our own and each of them with its own gates, and gatekeepers...copyright protection116PENANAxEFUICRBVY

Of the many creatures on Urth we must begin with humankind and otherken. Alike and different, they are the rulers of this world, although within each species is also great diversity...copyright protection116PENANAnbE8WdCjgf

Men are abundant, and good when they are not evil. Some plow the land, some build tools, homes and lives, but others travel the path of Power: magic, in other words. To walk it yourself you must have Will, Power and eventually Title; Will is the innate ability to bend circumstance, force, and life itself to your will; Power is the force behind the world, and can be expressed in many magical forms; Title is beyond them both, and you almost always need both of them to earn it – the crowning achievement for any magical practitioner, re-affirming and re-enforcing their own unique Power. Unless it be wrong...copyright protection116PENANAIZ8hVBk3m9

This simple forward is but a glimpse. Like everything else it is a beginning and an ending. A birth, and a death. Pray for Unity, and Acknowledge the Word: truth is the birth of understanding and the death of ignorance, but only through true understanding can one become One.copyright protection116PENANA0UNFOwhG7d

- unnamed Truthseeker, Third Order.copyright protection116PENANAFvpkDmxgFN

(pg. 1) Wayward Travelercopyright protection116PENANAwoNFFJg0MD

120Please respect copyright.PENANAYI7n2KJz1p
copyright protection116PENANAaNxXtmuK2B

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