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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Dec 1, 2015
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HcJww8R9Y979L1rndNDNposted on PENANA

A faint glow was the first hint.copyright protection94PENANAav3N9iUnIu

Far below, from the ancient, moon-silvered forest of the vale, it slowly climbed the dark-shadowed trail against the dark-faced bluff. No brighter, but slowly visible, until it was a faintly glowing cage. With its interior luminescence impenetrable the cage passed, continuing that slow rise up along the dark trail high, and higher, eventually nearing the bordering silver glow of the bright-rimmed ridgetop...copyright protection94PENANAJpGsVcBNlz

... as subtly more was...copyright protection94PENANAXtJIua6HYK

The cage began silvering (wrapped by her slender arms fading into pale reality from the moonlight) while finally emerging onto the ridgetop, where a full moon was shining low in the starry sky above the vale's far distant encircling mountains...copyright protection94PENANAu8fyWoQQMy

And substantial, she became...copyright protection94PENANAkvY0XUcyHy

Goldenslaughter.copyright protection94PENANA8F1Rnv2ud0

The dark immortal one was archly beautiful at night: wearing a red-lipped smile upon her bonewhite face as her long blue-black hair and black gown streamed ethereally behind her. She seemed to glide across the moonlit ridgetop, approaching an arcing greystone bridge spanning an abyssal chasm. "Beautiful one," she crooned down, into the cage's interior luminescence...copyright protection94PENANAeH9tg5R6VD

... returned a soft chirrup...copyright protection94PENANAFf9Df6ysFf

Goldenslaughter crossed the arcing greystone bridge upwards, against the night sky, then back downwards, onto a silvered plain (which had once borne an honored name) and headed out upon it. Low hills rose far ahead of her, upon which crouched a distant castle contrasting like a low, black shadow against the dark vista of encircling mountains under the full moon shining...copyright protection94PENANA0OV1FixINK

... flowing silent through silence, moving smoothly through stillness, gently rising, the way...copyright protection94PENANAI1sSuIXmPS

And returning triumphantly this time! Finally! Happy again for the first time in long years, Goldenslaughter steadily wound up through the low hills. This rare trek outside of the castle had finally culminated in a success much anticipated, promising change, and...copyright protection94PENANA0u8a7ogFQW

Her eyes rose.copyright protection94PENANAVQKQSq9p8W

... and then thoughts of dark glory slowly filled her head again upon seeing the familiar dark towers, and dark keeps, slowly rising back into sight ahead of her above the dark, weathered walls of...copyright protection94PENANAaRYDJtmHQb

Caer Nocht.copyright protection94PENANAARFI1N6itX

The Dark Castle. Her old, mythic palatial residence remained stark, sinister, and sprawling. Hosting a pleasing plethora of courtyards, gardens, barracks, keeps, bedrooms, towers and secret warrens within its acreage, it was not just a site of abundant material wealth, but also a most satisfactory and impregnable dark bastion supporting her dark Rule. And furthermore, seeing it spread beautifully across the high, flat end of the bluff under the shining moonlight, but reflecting nothing back, also felt... HomeIt is my good home still. Goldenslaughter came the last distance, approaching the darkly gleaming moat while sending the barest brush of her monolithic Will against the ensorcelled shadows left within the dark gatehouse, to make them do her bidding...copyright protection94PENANAepNZgGpp6y

... metal slithered, wood groaned...copyright protection94PENANAmhplU9OgQE

The drawbridge slowly descended, eventually landing upon the ground before her with a soft *thump* as she continued across it. While entering the shadows of the gatehouse, she saw moonlight shining down ahead upon the nearest outer courtyard...copyright protection94PENANArrv79wUgOo

Her red lips curved up.copyright protection94PENANAd3N133HstO

And yet standing there alone at the exact center, still as death, remained a gleaming suit of empty black armor...copyright protection94PENANA1P5raZAZgr

Heart. "Faithful one," she called out.copyright protection94PENANADIS9P2FKiu

The Wraith Knight kneeled, its joints creaking.copyright protection94PENANA8wyWxBZf4s

... metal slithered, wood groaned...copyright protection94PENANA45i9wt97sp

"I finally caught it!" she crowed, twirling around her kneeling undead Champion with a laugh (and her long blue-black hair and black gown flying after her) before heading off again towards the other end of the courtyard, striding purposefully...copyright protection94PENANAz68sfXuVIN

The Wraith Knight rose, its joints creaking, and dutifully strode after her, clanking...copyright protection94PENANAqRjYNRAM7E

Passing through the shadowed inner gate, Goldenslaughter crossed a moonlit inner ward, leaving the Wraith Knight steadily farther behind her until she entered back into the shadows cast by the looming Great Keep, high upon which fluttered the pure black banner of her Rule. "Open!" she called.copyright protection94PENANAfbKxkh1upu

The double-doors swung wide, to darker shadows...copyright protection94PENANATYA1qQZVMI

Goldenslaughter glided inside of the Great Keep, whereupon a line of witchfyre torches burst into burning life up along its dark, faintly crystalline walls to begin casting eerie green illumination across her richly appointed but cavernously empty Feasting Hall...copyright protection94PENANAIcz2bmTL90

Clanking outside, crossing the inner ward...copyright protection94PENANAqpcbXxsY1R

My Champion is often loyal to a fault. Goldenslaughter was flowing down the old, hard-bitten gold carpet covering the central aisle. While steadily passing by rows of ancient, scarred wooden tables: her admiring eye examined the rich heavy drapes covering tall windows spaced evenly along the Hall's outward facing wall. Yes, in design and cut they are still pleasing. Then she considered whether the gilt–copyright protection94PENANAsVQ3XgUWcG

"Goldenslaughter, Queen of Night."copyright protection94PENANAFUTeW4BQQL

Hmph. She paused.copyright protection94PENANARha3s7AV6C

An old gnome in black and purple livery now stepped out from the empty table before her, kneeling to present up to her a covered silver tray; this ancient subdenizen was her loyal, brilliant, and stubborn head servant, Feasal. "Refreshments?"copyright protection94PENANAMyxDCuUxr6

"I have work yet to do, Feasal!" she abruptly sang out, her wrapped arms hugging the faintly glowing cage tighter against her chest as she skipped (her black gown flouncing from the motion) around his kneeling form...copyright protection94PENANAd617lYbWO2

Feasal turned to watch her go, muttering–copyright protection94PENANAIGjSJM0kH6

Clanking: the Wraith Knight entered the Feasting Hall.copyright protection94PENANAXuEu7hZ1Oq

Feasal glanced back at her utterly relentless undead Champion's approach... then he leapt back up (to avoid being trampled in the near future) and scurried out of sight, among the shadows...copyright protection94PENANA82x99S7lPW

The Wraith Knight continued striding steadily down the old, hard-bitten gold carpet, clanking...copyright protection94PENANAoxCIpmupHc

... while Goldenslaughter now disappeared into a dark passage behind the Dais–copyright protection94PENANAwEGb8Os7Qh

Every witchfyre torch suddenly snuffed out.copyright protection94PENANAyYk57tYfPN

The Wraith Knight's steady outline of motion, sight of which was now leavened only by dull, faint moonlight edging the heavy window curtains, eventually finished crossing the dark Feasting Hall, its clanks receding away afterwards, from...copyright protection94PENANAbdkNVK9paQ

Stillness.copyright protection94PENANACGviRE6kMX

In the corners of the dark Feasting Hall, the shadows darkened further. And: fading to echoes, the receding clanks of the Knight also eventually softened away entirely, to...copyright protection94PENANABkVVq3poie

Silence.copyright protection94PENANAbtswhngqNr

In the corners of the dark Feasting Hall, the darker, and still ensorcelled shadows came alive again, beginning to stir...98Please respect copyright.PENANAMVyIRYLhm3
copyright protection94PENANAhp7NIZrPjd

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