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Writer CrymsonOnyx
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Dec 4, 2015
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!K2CWk9U0MLTT8HwX0f0vposted on PENANA

June 15th 2008copyright protection164PENANAdA13NhmLZG

My Diarycopyright protection164PENANAiJIVG25A3S

Okay. I don’t know where to start so… I guess I should just start from the beginning.copyright protection164PENANAlWLuEhrFxs

My name is Lacey Nelson, and I’m 13 years old. I was born 1995. I’m in 8th grade, at Johnson’s school for girls.copyright protection164PENANAaL3cORtaCt

It’s actually nicer than other schools I’ve been to. I have long brown hair, purple eyes that change to blue when I’m sad, green when I’m angry and yellow when I’m happy. Purple is a neutral color. But the whole reason I’m writing this is because I’ve been assigned to write down everything I do this summer by my teacher, Miss Wilson, on the last day of school yesterday. She said I have a gift for writing, and I love poems, but still. She gave no one else the assignment. Well, she did give everyone else reading to do. I guess this is better than that. The books she gives out are horrible.copyright protection164PENANARVdzQTCWtF

But anyway, the only thing that’s going to happen this week that I know of is that my Uncle is coming over for a week from Monday (That’s tomorrow.) My Uncle is like a brother to me. My dog Sandy loves him too. I guess that’s really nothing, because she loves most everyone. She’s a Mastiff, but she’s also really sweet for such a big dog. I love her more than anything.copyright protection164PENANAOPCzkhRMXo

But anyway, I’m also an only child, so seeing him is always lots of fun. He even teaches me hand-to-hand combat, and swords and knives (Or dagger’s as he calls them). He told me over the phone that he was bringing me a special present when comes tomorrow. I really have no idea what it could be, and I’m as curious as ever!copyright protection164PENANAe7aijY9N8L

He did say my training with hand-to-hand combat would be done in a year or two though, since I’ve been training for six years. But I’ve only been training with a sword for a year because of “safety issues” (Ok, Mom), so that will take a few more years. But he said soon I could learn on my own once I hit 17, but I feel like that’s a hundred years away!!copyright protection164PENANAhZHuzxoctS

-Endcopyright protection164PENANASiHuS1MJNJ

June 17th 2008copyright protection164PENANA82RikbhuYp

Diarycopyright protection164PENANAggpXLZv9bZ

My Uncle Nate came around noon. We went bike riding up the mountain, taking the long trail, to the top that overlooks my town in P.A. It’s called Silver Creek. It took maybe 45 minutes to get up to the top. I ride up a lot, and I’m in pretty good shape, but I still had to strain to catch up to him.copyright protection164PENANA13hJy9LlTz

I was so curious about the present that I almost asked him, but before I could catch my breath and do so, he said “I know what you’re thinking. But you are just going to have to wait until the end of the week to open it Lacey.” He said.copyright protection164PENANA41BWkW7Bq6

“Really?” I said, using my pouty face on him. It didn’t work.copyright protection164PENANA1GmrE7r9gC

He just winked at me and said, “See you at the bottom!” He flew down the path, shouting and whooping like a kid as he went. I laughed and sped after him. Even downhill he beat me easily. He didn’t even have that much of a head start!copyright protection164PENANA9iGq1fzNAt

When we got back, I saw my best friend, Gracie, heading towards the front door of our house. Unlike my long, crazy brown hair, she has short, beautiful wavy red hair. And green eyes, though they don’t change colors. We’re also built the same, medium. She knows me just about as well as my parents and Uncle, and I know that much about her. Anyway, when she came in, my Uncle showed her some combat techniques. When my Uncle went to spend time with my parents, Gracie and I went for a walk in the park to talk and climb trees.copyright protection164PENANAmFvYCPUJrl

“Wanna be really quiet when someone walks by and throw acorns down at them?” I asked.copyright protection164PENANAPt2bUGilQz

“Yeah!” She said eagerly.copyright protection164PENANAYZSFpUVZHv

We did that for a while, until one guy threatened to smack us with his cane. We could barely stay in the tree until he went away, we were laughing so hard. When he left, we went back to my house to eat dinner. I guess I should mention by now that Gracie is my only friend. So of course we hang out a lot. Without Sandy, I’d be pretty lonely when Grace or Uncle Nate weren’t here…copyright protection164PENANAs3bX1ONWxf

-Endcopyright protection164PENANAhmIjyD0RZQ

June 18th 2008copyright protection164PENANAqXPjDfdyfU

Diarycopyright protection164PENANA4IYgGZ4tWB

Uncle Nate and I rode up the mountain again today after breakfast. He still wouldn’t give me a hint or a clue about my present. I can’t even look at the box until he gives it to me! Man, I really wanna know what’s in the box.copyright protection164PENANAIdYrxw4xo3

Eventually, we rode back down. He shouts like a madman every single time he rides down. By the time I got down there, he had already gone ahead, I couldn’t even see him.copyright protection164PENANAnO1d7EtlcI

I was just about to go back also, but I was suddenly surrounded by a group of girls, wielding their iPhones like weapons. Unfortunately, I knew these girls. They were the popular girls at my school, and they never let anyone forget it. The lead girl, Josie, who was 14, never went anywhere without her drones, Or in other words, the other girls in the clique.copyright protection164PENANAfhqdx6dBA9

She smiled at me, but it was cold and deadly, not at all pleasant. “Well, well, if it isn’t the little Nelson girl.” Josie sneered at me. “Awe, still riding that piece of trash you call a bike? You know, you could buy one at my Daddy’s bike store. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. You can’t afford it.” Josie gave me a fake sympathetic look. Her drones just laughed.copyright protection164PENANAdinbKUIOs6

I gritted my teeth and tried hard not to punch her perfect nose. Nobody but Gracie knows about my skills, and Uncle Nate told me never to boast about it, or use it unless in defense. But still, my parents could barely afford to send me to school in the first place, let alone buy me a new bike.copyright protection164PENANASPVT33ywoK

Josie’s iPhone beeped. She looked at it, and then started tapping the screen, her fingers flying. The beep was super annoying. Who needs an iPhone? And who needs a new bike, when my bike works just fine?copyright protection164PENANAeE2FRzL5bl

I was just about to tell her to move, and peddle towards my house, when my Uncle came up to us. Josie looked up, then instantly plastered a fake smile on her face. Her drones did the same. “Oh! You’re Lucy’s Uncle, right?” She asked. He might have not noticed the mask she put on, except she got my name wrong. She may hate me, but I never thought to tell him about her. She was just never important when he came.copyright protection164PENANAfoECApxjdZ

He frowned slightly. “Yes, I am. And who might you be?” He asked.copyright protection164PENANAq5PlZSpxpO

“This is Josie, Uncle.” I cut in. “And we were just leaving, weren’t we?” I had to leave, before I really did punch Josie in the face. I could feel my eyes changing green. I may deal with her at school, and the teachers may love her, but outside of school in summer, I don’t have to be nice. Thank goodness, Uncle understood the look I gave him.copyright protection164PENANAiEskjkT5p4

“Good day to you ladies.” He said. Josie gave me a look of pure hatred, and then walked off with her drones. When we were safely away, Uncle looked at me, “Friends of yours?” He asked.copyright protection164PENANArFt6h4vOnI

I didn’t say anything as we rode home.copyright protection164PENANAONOD9NwzkV

-Endcopyright protection164PENANAnCAPWTaQYz

Comments ( 2 )

Nelso555 - This was good! "Wielding their iPhones like weapons" was definitely my favourite line. Great use of language!
2 years agoreply

CrymsonOnyx - Thank you(: I was pretty proud of it haha
2 years agoreply