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Dec 8, 2015
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XP0cAfbN4ddWJrZ96gbsposted on PENANA

June 21st 2008copyright protection73PENANA6KkxOBb08m

Diarycopyright protection73PENANAo5cohMEtAJ

It’s been raining since Thursday now. My family and I have been inside playing board games most of the time, before and after my Daddy get’s home from his work at the bank. We tried doing a puzzle, but Sandy kept running off with the pieces. Man, for a seven year old dog, she’s pretty smart. We couldn’t find the pieces for a while. Not much else to say.copyright protection73PENANAGNFqfFzlVL

-Endcopyright protection73PENANAN2w8AkKLkS

June 23rd 2008copyright protection73PENANA7JYj7f6MIG

Diarycopyright protection73PENANAvpuaPJQp5L

Ok, so I have to be quick… Right now, it won’t matter if I continue this or not, but I feel I should.copyright protection73PENANAaTOG1o1M9m

Yesterday morning, Uncle Nate gave me my present: A sword! It’s a beautifully hand-crafted blade, as long as my elbow up to the tips of my long fingers. The handle fits perfectly in my hand like a glove, as they say.copyright protection73PENANAEh5CAdSGZA

And Uncle Nate told me that he would finish my hand-to-hand training ahead of time, about a week or two more, and his part would be over, because of how much progress I’ve made. But my sword training would still take a few more years.copyright protection73PENANAnv0SGQCwfH

Oh shoot, they’re trying to break in… I have to hurry.copyright protection73PENANAiqA67Cv9oE

This morning, Uncle and I rode up the mountain at 8:30 to train one more time before he left. Before we started, he also gave me a simple sword belt made of real silver, and strong leather. The sword sheath was made of the same material. The design on the sheath is the same as the one on the sword: A Wolf. He said I was as fierce as one.copyright protection73PENANAv2VBFwPxdO

But right before we left to go back down the mountain, we heard a groaning noise. It was about 10:25 by my wristwatch, and the sun was long up.copyright protection73PENANA8Bk8t0Y5xe

Uncle froze. He whispered “Lacey, stay behind me.” And then drew his sword. It was longer than mine, with a slight reddish tint to it.copyright protection73PENANAMPEnWMZrVo

“Why?” I asked. “It sounds like someone is hurt. Shouldn’t we help them?” I was confused. Why did he draw his sword?copyright protection73PENANA6qr216zRDM

My eyes were still purple. I don’t think I even have a color for confusion.copyright protection73PENANAFMn0VQ0TVy

Uncle gave me a sad look. “We can’t help them right now.” He said his voice soft. I was just about to ask him what he meant when all of a sudden, on the opposite side of the mountain cliff, someone… Or, something came into the clearing out of the trees. It was human, and yet it wasn’t. It looked like someone had taken his skin off, turned it inside out, and then put it back on him. Its clothes were covered in muck, like it had been underground, and it limped toward us. It was slow, but it had a strange look in its eyes.copyright protection73PENANA7InM5ky5Mt

I could do nothing but stare at the horrible thing that was coming toward us. I couldn’t even move. Uncle pushed me while backing up, never taking his eyes off the thing. I was so shocked he had to yell at me several times in order for me to snap out of it. “Lacey!! Back up, and stay behind me!” His voice was calm, but stern. I had never heard him use that tone of voice before, and it scared me. But I did as I was told… copyright protection73PENANAtTUUVW1uNF

Wait, they’re breaking in. I’ll write more once we’re safe.copyright protection73PENANAhtrEtmvugr

–Endcopyright protection73PENANA2o9qafKJlx

June 24th 2008copyright protection73PENANAdOq8Jm4KQS

Diarycopyright protection73PENANAp8lRMPdiku

We’re safe, for now anyway.copyright protection73PENANAJmSTN38yMt

So after I backed up, Uncle raised his sword and charged the monster. In two strikes it went down. One final stab and it moved no more.copyright protection73PENANA50iv81ScMI

For about half an hour Uncle explained everything to me. It took so long because I was still in shock. He told me that years ago, a doctor had tried to make super humans, skipping the rodents to directly test humans. The results were beasts that attack and devour every living thing in sight. He was arrested for illegal experimentation, and the monsters were put down. But he swore he would escape.copyright protection73PENANA5bRq3DggWA

“No one believed him except me. So the case was filed classified, and closed. But when you were born I wanted you to be prepared when he released his toxins and infected everyone. The military called them Stalkers. That’s why I trained.” He said.copyright protection73PENANALFXDyLGGjt

“But…But how did you know?” I managed to ask.copyright protection73PENANAaotsUCuNPg

Uncle looked down. “I was one of the people he tested…” He whispered.copyright protection73PENANAwUsnlv0CMX

My eyes went wide. “But how did you survive? How did it not turn you into a monster?” I gaped.copyright protection73PENANAcxCaabVRSf

He looked at me, and his eyes went dark. “It was a different serum. It was the last he developed. I was young, and needed money…For your Mother and I.”copyright protection73PENANAl2EPvzrZmg

I remembered my dad telling me that my mom’s parents died when she was 12 and Uncle 15. He didn’t give me many more details.copyright protection73PENANAgSaIfweg80

“The doctor paid well.” Uncle continued. “The serum didn’t make me a monster, only made me a bit stronger. I only realized that after the doctor was jailed, so I didn’t tell anyone.” I let that sink in. Maybe that was why he was so fit, and in shape. And whenever I asked my Mom about her childhood, she always avoided the question.copyright protection73PENANAdlyPvJ0rAS

“I was going to tell you when you were sixteen.” He said. “But your parents said that…” His eyes widened. “Lacey, your parents!” He sheathed his sword, and together we flew down the mountain, as fast as we could go. For once, I didn’t envy him for being faster than I was…copyright protection73PENANAGWVlLqUcqg

We’re moving again, I have to stop writing for now.copyright protection73PENANAsG8DpoaDEi

-Endcopyright protection73PENANADRDbH9VIBv

June 27th 2008copyright protection73PENANABirwDcWxpn

Diarycopyright protection73PENANANS3WwskG5Z

So, when we got down the mountain, sure enough, three Stalkers were pounding on the door of our house. My Uncle took down the two, but I couldn’t take down the other one. It was just too much, so he did it.copyright protection73PENANAZJQCVyMQgo

My mother must have seen them coming, for every window every door was locked. Except the one on the second story that led to my bedroom. We climbed through it. Sandy barked from somewhere in the house. “That’s the kitchen!” I said as Uncle led the way down the stairs cautiously. Sandy came running from the kitchen, barked at me, then bolted back. She sounded urgent. I looked at my Uncle. He went in first. I took a deep breath and walked in, hoping on hope I wasn’t going to regret it.copyright protection73PENANAmRGOnj1kRq

Never, in my entire life, had I ever wanted to be wrong so badly. My mother… She was on the kitchen floor, a gun next to her. She didn’t move. Uncle kneeled by her. He looked up, tears in his eyes.copyright protection73PENANAIFjLBPeWvk

Dead.copyright protection73PENANAVu4M7ZkUQB

There was a note. It said:copyright protection73PENANAidsY1Qi3b9

I never thought this would happen. For years, my brother warned me. But I never listened. And now, I am paying the price. I sealed the house, but I think one got in… Nate, I am so sorry. I know by the time you get here, it will be too late. I can’t fight, I’m too weak.copyright protection73PENANAtTONFqCTn8

Now I know you were right to train Lacey, despite our protests that it was too dangerous and we wanted to stay innocent. I love you Nate. And Lacey, and Harold, I love you too. I know Nate will take care of you. Please… Be safe.copyright protection73PENANAeiDi5LiqF8

-Mothercopyright protection73PENANA1YmuXokfrw

I started sobbing, right then and there. Sandy nudged me with her nose, trying to comfort me. But I couldn’t stop. I cried for two hours.copyright protection73PENANApVpdI5EkZ1

I’m getting the pages wet. I need to stop writing.copyright protection73PENANAtdk6vpRNPx

-Endcopyright protection73PENANAWRwjltHFJ9

June 30th 2008copyright protection73PENANAb84BmNH08G

Diarycopyright protection73PENANA2BTmHpMzdC

So, after we found her, we buried her in the backyard. I could barely hold myself together.copyright protection73PENANA7atDtO6auP

Uncle told me only a few come out in the day, but since it was the first day the toxins were released, they would probably be out all day, and come back tomorrow night.copyright protection73PENANAjGYoikbZlj

It was dangerous to stay in town, but we checked Father’s bank… I saw a beast that had a similar tie to the one Father was wearing when he last went to work but… I did not want to think about it.copyright protection73PENANAFoUzKCYxcb

We couldn’t find Gracie either. And, shameful though it may be, I don’t care if Josie or her drones became Stalkers. She was already a monster anyway.copyright protection73PENANA9jlCWOr3ZV

We left then, and have been moving from place to place ever since. I think I’m just now getting over the shock of everything, because the tears are coming freely now. But I feel safe with Uncle. He’s going to teach me how to survive. He also said the Stalkers were great practice for sword skills…copyright protection73PENANASjBRITcTTy

-Endcopyright protection73PENANAdyW87HK6eX

PS: Apparently getting scratched by one didn’t affect me, but Uncle said getting bitten by one will? That part confused me…copyright protection73PENANAhogD0dssgs

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