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Writer CrymsonOnyx
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Jan 4, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KcpJJPuae2b4BpyzDjdyposted on PENANA

July 4th 2008copyright protection44PENANAYUptJwCzjP

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAL31bNL0iWe

Happy Fourth of July… Not really though.copyright protection44PENANAl7jWwSwabJ

But I’m amazed I still know the date, although I have no idea whether it’s Monday or Saturday really. My eyes are blue a lot now. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about clothes; we find shops every now and then. Stalkers don’t care whether you’re wearing green or red.copyright protection44PENANAJaD8EnFgWY

-Endcopyright protection44PENANA5I27UPSU8O

July 21st 2008copyright protection44PENANA9tVtqsmWCy

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAFlJjunG9DD

I’m getting better at killing Stalkers. They go down with more ease and I’m getting stronger every day. That’s good, at least. My eyes never change from blue though.copyright protection44PENANA8JlaQf0Ja8

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAykBuO1WbYz

September 13th 2008copyright protection44PENANAJDVsWqQDAu

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAgIdBS4RSO1

I took down four Stalkers by myself today. Uncle was proud, for lack of a better word.  I actually smiled when I did it, which scared me.copyright protection44PENANA0mmCQaENmC

I even avoided getting buckets of blood on me. Also, it’s getting colder. As we’ve headed north we’ve had to salvage clothes from stores along the way. Like coats, scarves, and things like that. Because of the shorter nights, we’ve been camping early, so I’ve had a lot of time to write. I made up a fable about Stalkers. It goes like this:copyright protection44PENANAn5fjycJpPj

When the sun goes downcopyright protection44PENANAT517HUbyM0

In turn they wakecopyright protection44PENANAANmXqd851u

To roam the earthcopyright protection44PENANAHpzXI89sxZ

With sorrowful wailscopyright protection44PENANAMr4NyMIKku

Wherever they walkcopyright protection44PENANAKVi7SJk0Om

The ground’s quakecopyright protection44PENANAuvL4ttdDWK

They are horriblecopyright protection44PENANACIbHwKteuN

And their toxins never fail.copyright protection44PENANAJeJ1lBLGCz

So if you are out late at nightcopyright protection44PENANA265Obyiobe

You better make sure you listencopyright protection44PENANA9NWlvs5YGz

For their bones will crackcopyright protection44PENANAMqOvra7cQJ

And their flesh will glisten.copyright protection44PENANAMTPRH1p0pB

The worst Stalkers are the ones that runcopyright protection44PENANAeypbTUDZSk

They tear through flesh and they tear through bonecopyright protection44PENANAyFKnacxhpo

They flee at the first sign of the suncopyright protection44PENANA1biR30Ss0h

But they will not hesitate to guarantee the grave is where you will go…copyright protection44PENANA4eQtqKo4Jg

I named it: The Hunters of Night.copyright protection44PENANAphW9F6mdoM

Thankfully only some of them come out in daylight.copyright protection44PENANABpYUg1U9uU

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAqy9h2z1qEK

December 18th 2008copyright protection44PENANAH32DdHKzU9

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAmwzkqPllYQ

Uncle has been keeping something from me. He’s been working on something almost every night. But whenever I try to find out what it is, he tells me to shoo. I wonder what it is.copyright protection44PENANAgppqGr0HRE

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAszHudUbXt6

December 25th 2008copyright protection44PENANA6PDFa3vwpu

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAmFUL5Bc5j4

I finally figured out what the heck Uncle has been working on. He gave it to me this morning. A bow! I totally forgot today was Christmas, and so I felt bad I didn’t get him anything. He even showed me how to make arrows. But thankfully I found a canteen in a random mall, so I gave that to him. He could have gotten it himself, but his eyes lit up when he saw it. I guess it’s the thought that counts? We tried to make it a happy Christmas, even ate some deer meat we’ve been saving. I felt a happiness I haven’t felt in months. And I think, all today, my eyes were just purple.copyright protection44PENANAJLEqfRlrOP

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAyVFbBPf7lE

PS: Even Sandy got a bone to chew (from an animal, by the way).copyright protection44PENANACHkwtp8Gvr

January 5th 2009copyright protection44PENANALecpFsg0U5

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAQs1vDCkSJG

It feels weird to write 2009… For so long it’s been 2008… Anyway, I was just thinking about Gracie today. I wonder if she made it. I want to hope on hope that she did. I miss her a lot.copyright protection44PENANAxmoRSRh0xM

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAsi1EIG7YH1

January 13th 2009copyright protection44PENANA4xt527Hn0r

Diarycopyright protection44PENANA3xNrpGiHHQ

Uncle seems agitated. We’ve started to camp in trees, and he showed me how to make sure Stalkers don’t know when we’re up one. He keeps saying to plan ahead; to always have a second exit just in case. I wonder what he’s up to. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing on Christmas, so I doubt I’ll figure it out.copyright protection44PENANAt99uORbWPS

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAXTqrYsyGQy

January 14th 2009copyright protection44PENANA8T6WlwCEdk

Diarycopyright protection44PENANAuGuDbiumek

I’ve been thinking.copyright protection44PENANAfceFDd8cUY

Uncle is the only other human I’ve seen since that day long ago, right before we rode up the mountain of Silver Creek. I kissed my Daddy goodbye, and I gave my Mother a hug. I feel so lonely without them. And I realize I’ve been trying to hide my feelings, trying to ignore them. But I know,  if I let myself feel them, I’m afraid I’ll go crazy.copyright protection44PENANAL2SSYeoBSB

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAVnip1uIvQX

Ps: I looked in a shard of mirror that I found in an abandoned house. My eyes have turned grey. They haven’t changed back at all. I put the mirror shard in my pack to bring along to check if they are grey all the time. I should ask Uncle about it. I’m sure he’s noticed, whenever he looks at my eyes, he gets a sad look on his face.copyright protection44PENANAQ695LNiU0c

January 21st 2009copyright protection44PENANATLfLDd01PS

Diarycopyright protection44PENANADKfWagrSMi

He said it will probably stay that color for a while. I cannot imagine my eyes ever returning to purple again, much less blue. At least I don’t hate grey.copyright protection44PENANAPDoZIaN14N

-Endcopyright protection44PENANAeXytJbHKdw

PS: I might not write again Diary for a long time. Just a heads up…copyright protection44PENANACRhSOr9fjW

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