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Writer CrymsonOnyx
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Feb 1, 2016
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wh6BqtFDedMAhvhkqJn9posted on PENANA

February 3rd 2012copyright protection54PENANAMmzrDu58dm

My birthday was today.copyright protection54PENANAjJEqk4T0I8

I’m 17 now. It’s been little over three years since I’ve last written.  I forgot all about this diary. I wouldn’t have known the date, if Uncle hadn’t told me. How he remembered, I really don’t know. Maybe he has his own journal?copyright protection54PENANAeuIv0ZQqJe

But I’m going to continue. I have a lot more pages.copyright protection54PENANAAvA9XeE2mS

So, for my birthday, we stayed inside the drug store we were camped in, when normally we would be moving. And Uncle gave me what he called my final present: A compass.copyright protection54PENANApFB35W7ZXQ

“What do you mean my final present?” I asked him. I had a feeling I knew what he meant, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.copyright protection54PENANA7bkQHlPxMz

“Lacey,” Uncle said, dead serious. “I would never put you in a dangerous situation if I didn’t think you could handle it, and I wouldn’t want to if I had another option.”copyright protection54PENANALn4mw1Ab3W

“You’re going to leave me, aren’t you?” I said, my shoulders slumping.copyright protection54PENANA3sCFwHBEHy

My uncle sighed. “I have to take care of something. The doctor…”copyright protection54PENANAuOKPFravYX

My eyes filled with tears. “But Uncle, I need you! You’re the only family I have left! You can’t just leave!”copyright protection54PENANA4Kk86RaG3d

“I promise you’ll be fine. Sandy will be with you. She would follow you anywhere. She won’t let anything happen to you. I just can’t delay this any longer, no matter how much I want to stay with you.”copyright protection54PENANAC6GeMdWoRD

I felt so abandoned. The only family I had left was leaving me.copyright protection54PENANAXlsHa78lC7

His last words are still ringing in my ears. “I’m doing this because I love you.”copyright protection54PENANAiGRDPXuZDx

He hugged me one last time, scratched Sandy on the head, and then sprinted off through the door of our camp. I burst into tears as soon as I thought he was out of earshot. I know he’s right, but I just don’t know how I’m going to deal with it. I may not see another human being again for a long, long time. He left this morning, and I know I should have moved, but I couldn’t do anything except write today. It’s getting late now. I hope on hope I can make it on my own, with Sandy.copyright protection54PENANAdgEUvq7rOY

I can already hear them.copyright protection54PENANA5MjytuFCPi

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAJ8ZALPyfOb

February 17th 2012copyright protection54PENANAM2srWXR3pG

Diarycopyright protection54PENANA2vsl3WQJyF

Somehow I’m managing just fine, though sometimes I ask myself why I keep fighting. Why I don’t just give up. I’m completely miserable, and I don’t remember the last time I smiled. Not even Sandy can coax one out of me now, but I guess I still keep fighting for her.copyright protection54PENANA2iO1SzRrPG

My eyes are still gray, and I doubt they will ever be blue again. But at least I still have Sandy to talk to, and this diary.copyright protection54PENANACCI43F2VIr

I swear I’d probably forget how to talk and write if I didn’t. It’s just… Cathartic.copyright protection54PENANABLX4701XJA

-Endcopyright protection54PENANADMSrNL1FcQ

February 18th 2012copyright protection54PENANAlPs3UvIWrr

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAo2cl7km9h6

Stalkers go down with ease now, and I hardly notice them at night; they’re just one more sound to fall asleep to. But I can’t afford to get cocky. If not for Sandy or this diary, I would’ve gone crazy. I still haven’t seen another human being yet. But I can still hope on hope, if I have any left.copyright protection54PENANAJUSCmGnnlA

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAdGpGKkcthD

February 20th 2012copyright protection54PENANAVFG71OroXJ

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAuHEmj03Hop

There’s nothing interesting to write about today. Just Stalkers. I prefer trees for my campsite more than buildings. I can look up at the sky through the leaves, and sometimes believe that one day I can wake up from this nightmare.copyright protection54PENANAhC6HiQ2vkj

I even leave food behind just in case I come back, or anyone else comes by. That is, if there is anyone else still alive out there.copyright protection54PENANA8fYPm0DOoB

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAyTicgCdjjC

April 6th 2012copyright protection54PENANAIBeOjxFl2Z

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAEbeD1BDFq2

I just remembered it was my daddy’s birthday today, as well as Gracie’s. I know by now my father didn’t make it but… Maybe, just maybe… Could Gracie….Could she be alive?copyright protection54PENANAgYVzbbbouv

-Endcopyright protection54PENANA1d6f2pMHKP

April 7th 2012copyright protection54PENANAHp1V22wGHX

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAIXVEx7PIwk

Last night I actually had a dream without Stalkers in it.copyright protection54PENANAdxykMAJziu

I dreamed I was back home, laughing and talking with Gracie. And then I was playing checkers with Uncle and Monopoly with my parents. This time, they didn’t turn into Stalkers right before me and attack.copyright protection54PENANAoZTpUWrrC9

But sometimes I wonder why haven’t I changed yet? I don’t know if the toxins are visible, and I’ve been more than once been scratched on occasion. I know it takes more than a scratch, and I don’t think I’m immune but… I don’t know.copyright protection54PENANAol6kZDrOmX

If I ever find that doctor, I swear I’ll kill him where he stands. No mercy, no regret. If I find him I will make him suffer.copyright protection54PENANA9zuHThhDQz

Freak.copyright protection54PENANA8fy1FtY6UA

PS: I remember Uncle saying something about being scratched, but I can’t remember exactly what.copyright protection54PENANAfjVmDU05Jm

December 24th 2012copyright protection54PENANA2SWxzQPQuG

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAqCVYEAsCHm

Merry Christmas Eve… I’m sleeping in a building tonight. It’s too cold in a tree. And it’s too hard to lift Sandy when I’m on snow and ice. It takes some muscle to hoist her up using the rope.copyright protection54PENANAcXG8jj3jpM

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAGsFDZeuP5Y

December 25th 2012copyright protection54PENANAvvAque0WQI

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAj3F0bYjfiJ

Christmas Day. I gave Sandy a bone from a squirrel I caught with my bow. I’m getting a lot better with it.copyright protection54PENANA2ZbHCbW601

-Endcopyright protection54PENANA5vxFW2UXZK

December 28th 2012copyright protection54PENANAFjOkj0jDfC

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAmhBxZeIVlJ

I used a dagger I have to cut my hair a few inches below my chin. It was so long. It feels so light now, and it doesn’t get in my face as much. Boring, I know, but really that’s the only thing that happened that isn’t full of Stalkers or moving.copyright protection54PENANAWqfu6bw08v

-Endcopyright protection54PENANALOOz97AsLP

January 2nd 2013copyright protection54PENANA577GF6Vn1g

Diarycopyright protection54PENANA7YHmsNyZOG

It’s the New Year. There isn’t anyone else around to care, but I feel I need to keep tradition. And the routine of writing and remembering helps.copyright protection54PENANAuzvj9ErJ7c

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAzckGTZNOnP

January 5th 2013copyright protection54PENANA5uNNQgAofp

I almost died today. I almost ran right off a cliff; if Sandy hadn’t barked, who knows what would have happened. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to dying of something other than Stalkers. It was freaky. For a second I imagined Sandy having to survive without me… I can’t stand the thought.copyright protection54PENANA5KYB37fvRn

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAHqz16s0Uho

January 7th 2013copyright protection54PENANAJmSw9JNK82

 My eyes are still gray. No changing I guess.copyright protection54PENANA9eM8PQg5l7

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAs3x15Eu6yL

January 11th 2013copyright protection54PENANAuh7mOh5C1d

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAEbrrjhhzmC

Something’s wrong. Sandy isn’t eating all that much; She usually inhales her food. She didn’t even jump around like she usually does when I accidentally let a Stalker in before I could seal this gift shop we’re in. She just lay there, barking.copyright protection54PENANAHOGeQLSkRr

-Endcopyright protection54PENANA6lJdHxvN9w

January 25th 2013copyright protection54PENANA1OItf2KxC7

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAajVQxMBq7s

I think Sandy is dying. I’ve been holding her all night. She just keeps whining. She’s 12 years old now… I don’t know what to do.copyright protection54PENANARdNArv8Wji

I’m scared.copyright protection54PENANAtk7bNmdyTQ

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAF39BUHnv7u

January 27th 2013copyright protection54PENANAYZHMA8hI4A

Diarycopyright protection54PENANA1yV8JIvXhp

I’ve stayed with Sandy all day and night. I didn’t even care about the Stalkers. Her whines tore into me. My heart broke more and more as she got quieter and quieter.copyright protection54PENANANWsWxmDVSL

I buried her this morning. I used one of the dozens of pencils I carry (It was the only thing I had) to write this on a piece of paper that I tied to a stick marking her grave:copyright protection54PENANApQK7CkgU3l

Here lies Sandy, loyal Mastiffcopyright protection54PENANAv5TqdD9JAq

2001-2013copyright protection54PENANA8onAlUXZPQ

I, Lacey Nelson, buried her January 27th 2013 at 8:23 Am.copyright protection54PENANAKfGvnjQDdU

She will never be forgotten. I love her to the moon and back…copyright protection54PENANAYIZR8duiW5

We adopted her when I was six. She always sat with me when I was sad, during storms, and hundreds of other times.copyright protection54PENANAI5t5FP0DOQ

I hate this place… I hate the Stalkers. I hate everything. I can’t stop crying. Let the Stalkers come. If they come near me, I’ll kill every one of them. My life is horrible.copyright protection54PENANAtz6a5ttV6G

-Endcopyright protection54PENANAQ4pQWy4qQ0

February 3rd 2013copyright protection54PENANAwz50ELPFpE

Diarycopyright protection54PENANAwTdC4i5xeb

I’m 18 now, and my eyes are officially black. I can’t do this anymore.copyright protection54PENANAe4gEUccYD2

I’m sitting against a tree next to Sandy’s grave. It’s around noon. There’s an old house nearby to my right. I don’t care if it’s full of monsters or not.copyright protection54PENANAZaB5agRZVh

If anyone finds this diary, I put my pack in the tree with the big X carved into the center of it. It will be safe from Stalkers… I don’t wanna feel pain ever again. My dagger is perfect.copyright protection54PENANADrbR4f99Mo

I am as bright as the mooncopyright protection54PENANAl1sBFnORms

Yet dark as the nightcopyright protection54PENANAUmCvsMMkMI

Fading to my doomcopyright protection54PENANABqaMhe1rnO

Forever in Twilight…copyright protection54PENANAPIQikvG9n3

-Endcopyright protection54PENANABhqeNS0zcN

PS: I’m sorry Uncle. I wish I could see you again. But life is just cruel that way, I guess…copyright protection54PENANAhOdrBvFCW3

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