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    Hey hey! I'm EnnaStark, but you can call me Enna. It's not my real name, I'd rather go by my pseudonym or nom de plume (yes, I know a little French). I call my readers "lovelies."
    I'm always here to talk, and if you need any help with stories, I can always help my lovelies out!

    I am a giant fangirl, and my obsessions include every book I've ever read, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Welcome to Night Vale, lots of anime, and Supernatural. My favorite authors include Kady Cross, Marissa Meyer, Chelsea Cain, Stephen King, Derek Landy, Stephen King, and JK Rowling.

    My goal is to become a successful professional author after getting my degree in English, which I'm currently working towards (as well as a minor in Communication Studies, as I may want to pursue film criticism).

    I am so lucky to have gone on so many trips, from Ireland to China to the Bahamas to Mexico. I've also been to many US states.

    I enjoy listening to music while I write. I mostly listen to Phildel, Dessa, Ruelle, and Lindsey Sterling.

    I have a FictionPress account (EnnaStark0810). I usually write when I have free time. I welcome constructive criticism and comments.

    All of you people are fantabulous and I have received such a warm welcome, so thank you!

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Fall into Silence
PG-13 Completed

I love writing, but I'm not very good so constructive criticism is helpful! Hex was kidnapped when she was 7 and found four years later. When kidnappings begin to copy her kidnapper's, Hex, along with the help of her rescuer's son, her best friend, and her kidnapper himself, might be the only people that can prevent another kidnapping. (I really like the name Hex, this has nothing to do with Hex  in my other story, Clockwork Hearts).