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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Writer Nelso555
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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Chapter 22 - Council
May 31, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oFRUNbPW0zD6JHTQNDeUposted on PENANA

The Taellian council room was one of – if not the – largest room that Sam had ever been in. He felt like he was stuck in the middle of an arena, with the one-hundred and one councilmen watching dubiously as his audience. In front of Sam, where he stood at a small pedestal on the ground, was a dome shaped terrace where all the councilmen were seated.copyright protection46PENANA8gOqLQ0by8

All of them were old with neat greying hair and long white robes. Sam thought back to Torren, half expecting the likely retired commander James Regan among their ranks. He hoped he could trust him among all the others, because he knew that they’d be hard to convince, however James was nowhere to be seen.copyright protection46PENANAWXONRBZGyZ

Sam hadn’t slept since the first night after learning Garn’s new identity, and how could he. After arriving at the city gates, and leaving Ashley in the care of his officers, Sam rushed immediately to seek audience with the Council.copyright protection46PENANAgb6ZTZQHD5

The head councilman, an old man with thick curled moustache, and a right eye that had been forced shut by some grievous wound a long time ago, banged his gavel onto the table.copyright protection46PENANABLlqc7gdiO

“You, Twentieth Commander Samuel Ford of the Taellian Army, have sought an audience with the Taellian Council, concerning the actions of one Garn A. Pallerii, who happens to be a trusted patriot among our kin. What say you?”copyright protection46PENANAleM92DL1kj

Sam closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It wasn’t easy requesting anything from the council.copyright protection46PENANA1Av7Ap7r6K

“I request your assistance with the Garn Pallerii case. I fear it is much worse…”copyright protection46PENANAwIvS8H0pUj

“Assistance?” jested another one of the council members, a fat balding man who was missing one of his ears. “From what we were told, you had Mr Pallerii in you grasp, and after needlessly torturing him in that hellhole of a desert, he managed to escape because you let the djann get too close.”copyright protection46PENANAegy0pAEaCY

“With all due respect, sir, we were permitted to use force on Mr Pallerii if it came to that.”copyright protection46PENANAuDz0L9pSBw

“And did it?” another asked venomously.copyright protection46PENANAC8e80nQ1NL

“Please, you’re missing the point. Garn is dangerous. He’s not who he appears to be. I saw him…”copyright protection46PENANAk11S1rsGC5

“Were you aware that Mr Pallerii approached us, Commander Ford?”copyright protection46PENANAE6Je6uownZ

At that moment Sam felt the icy sting of shock flow through his veins.copyright protection46PENANA207h88FY9s

“He… approached you?”copyright protection46PENANAJuuLmwcPcP

How is this possible? I followed him all the way from Torren. There’s no way he could have made it to Taelliwey. Unless… that man, yes, the one in the dark cloak.copyright protection46PENANAURVD528tzv

“That’s right,” the councilman continued. “On the seventh of June Garn Pallerii spoke to us of matters concerning his capture and immediate torture.”copyright protection46PENANAtBvATEJzCS

“Please,” Sam tried, “you don’t understand.”copyright protection46PENANA1mmw8J2lye

“Understand what, Commander? That Mr Pallerii has agreed to forgive you for your heinous acts. You see, it was all merely a misunderstanding to do with the secrecy of Mr Pallerii’s…”copyright protection46PENANAas666b8eFI

Dammit, how could they be so blind! Are they all fools? What has Garn done to them? Is this his power?copyright protection46PENANAK8kfJdUsMw

“Garn possesses magic!” Sam shouted out – interrupting the speaking councilman.copyright protection46PENANAlOTIk1rnm0

“I beg your pardon,” another councilman said.copyright protection46PENANABwsIDzTMOz

“After Garn used the djann attack to escape the desert, I followed him all the way to the Northern Peaks where I witnessed him use dark powers to attack some of the local villagers.”copyright protection46PENANAuyIOOr1IUO

“Stop right there!” said the second speaking councilman, the one that was missing an ear. “First you accuse Mr Pallerii of illegally selling arms to criminal buyers, and now you are claiming that he is capable of controlling dark magic.”copyright protection46PENANAffC9XXapkx

Sam felt like a child being teased, however he refused to show any anger.copyright protection46PENANApW4SEHrytg

“Arms dealing is certainly an understandable accusation, but magic? You surely can’t be serious.”copyright protection46PENANA8XOQMDhOmc

Sam could feel the anger boiling up inside, but he composed himself as best he could.copyright protection46PENANACBrfKpcVOx

“What I tell you is the truth!” he argued against them.copyright protection46PENANAteux68fyHJ

Another councilman, this one with a monocle, spoke out. “If what you say is true then prove it. Make us believe your bewildering accusations.”copyright protection46PENANAOPHDFthXhD

I can’t, Sam realised, only the weapons that were sold to the djann could be used, and there’s no way of showing that they came from Garn.copyright protection46PENANA9UfB900mWP

“Give me time,” he demanded. “Give me time and I will show the truth about that man.”copyright protection46PENANATp4nXawdJe

“We handed you the time and resources to make a case against Mr Pallerii and you came up empty handed. Quite frankly we are tired of this little game. Garn Pallerii is a patriot of our city and you have bothered him quite enough. I hereby forbid you of investigating any further. Should you attempt to do so any further and you will be stripped of your rank as the twentieth commander of the Taellian army. Do I make myself clear?”copyright protection46PENANAWy3EcJ7uHp

Sam’s hands curled into tight fists and he remained quiet, frozen.copyright protection46PENANA8QjnstotPk

“He asked you a question, Commander Ford.”copyright protection46PENANAjIKn6HyDUh

Sam recognised that voice – that sturdy, commanding voice. Sam turned around to where he heard the words fly, and sitting among the dry old men was Commander Regan. Sam was then filled with a feint shimmer of hope.copyright protection46PENANARRQUv3EDxl

“James, you must agree with me! Tell them! Tell them about Garn!”copyright protection46PENANA2Fcm3EPr7E

“It is the will of the council that you forsake your investigation.” James Regan’s face was blank and emotionless, and then was moulded into a hard, assuring look. “As a member and as a friend, as well as a fellow commander, I bid that you comply.”copyright protection46PENANAMqnwNudl88

It was at that moment that the feint shimmer of hope inside Sam was set afire like a bale of hay, and was soon gone.copyright protection46PENANADZZuUvxy94

“Well?” the head councilman prompted.copyright protection46PENANATcK6yNKofR

Sam wasn’t quite sure what he was thinking of doing next, but he knew that it wasn’t anything good.copyright protection46PENANA31irx5VKr3

“Very well,” he said, “I will honour the will of the council. As of this moment I will no longer pursue Garn Pallerii as a suspect of my investigation.”copyright protection46PENANAT53TAXo7wx

Sam left the council building knowing that he was the only one out there who could stop Garn, and he would stop Garn. He swore a vow to himself as soon as he uttered the words ‘I will no longer pursue Garn.’copyright protection46PENANAcqJWwiKgGZ

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