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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Writer Nelso555
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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Chapter 23 - An Invitation
Jun 22, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5a3C85Kl1tQ7q678psuuposted on PENANA

As the sun fell under the royal palace and radiated its last reaching streaks of light over the city, Samuel Ford walked alone, half angered and half ashamed, through the grasping alleys of Taelliwey. Under normal circumstances, he would have returned to his barracks during his time in Taelliwey, and embraced the serene comfort that was his home. However, tonight he did not have that luxury. Instead he opened the door to a place that Ashley had found for them.copyright protection96PENANA0Ft2Wmv2Fz

It was a quiet, secluded little building that was being rented out by a kind old lady who owned a jewellery store. It was all Sam needed to achieve what he planned to achieve. Seeing as Ashley knew all about this sort of thing, Sam had asked her – while he was with the Taellian Council – to collect every scrap of information that she could about old magic, red energy, and more specifically, Garn. Sam wanted to know everything in order to stand a chance against this new unthinkable enemy.copyright protection96PENANAWKK0mT57e6

The next few hours crept drearily up on he and Ash as they sat together in the light of a lantern to read. Ashley was fine as far as blue energy was concerned, but in all of her experience she had never heard of red energy ever being used… well, not from a scientific perspective, at least.copyright protection96PENANAA5e0cl9BND

Sam looked at an aged tome filled with information of spells and sorcerers and possessions, and a great number of other dreadful things that were too ghastly to think about. As for Garn, they found very little luck. It appeared that, for someone who was so well known, there was very little that anyone actually knew about him…copyright protection96PENANA6OjARgWmiC

There was a knock on the door. It was surprisingly loud and slow at such a quiet time. Ashley, whose eyes had fallen heavy, suddenly sat up and her eyes snapped to the door. Sam cautiously collected his revolver from the nightstand and edged slowly towards the door. He opened it, just an inch, only enough to see who it was that waited on the other side.copyright protection96PENANAWfmGfJAlQO

Commander James Regan stood in the night air outside the room. He wore a heavy coat and a bowler hat in order to hide himself from the cold and the onlookers in the shadows. Sam opened the door fully but blocked the way in. He held a cold look in his eye. “What do you want?” he said.copyright protection96PENANArqUGr61AHP

“There are things that need to be discussed. May I come in?”copyright protection96PENANAeOEyovOkS7

Sam remained where he was. “You made your decision,” his voice was low and sturdy. “Abide by the council.”copyright protection96PENANAWOmjvC35XT

“You were many things, Sam, but never a fool.”copyright protection96PENANAUpkP5MV7nD

Sam hesitated, and then stood aside, allowing James to enter. The commander removed his coat and hat, before sitting serenely at the table and observing Sam’s work.copyright protection96PENANAXBrBaQ7YbZ

“I see you’ve followed your orders well,” he said with a laughable tone.copyright protection96PENANA57Nsrj4uo2

“Did you expect any different.”copyright protection96PENANAojrJ8xw4FT

“I suspected what I see here.” James looked at Ash, who held a rather confused guise as James set down a picture of Garn. “And who might you be?”copyright protection96PENANAICvaeF0lEb

“I’m…”copyright protection96PENANAkKj8cKrhfQ

“Why are you here, James?”copyright protection96PENANAkE9MoijVnZ

The commander was silent for a moment. He stroked his beard as he thought, as if he were arranging his words. “I am here to help you stop Garn,” he said finally. “I don’t know if what you say is true, however I trust your judgement.”copyright protection96PENANAO5BkfQ0fbE

“Why come to me now?” Sam asked. “Why not during the council meeting? They could have helped us.”copyright protection96PENANAqvoKEBu5TK

“The voice of a single man does not speak loud enough to change the minds of hundreds. No matter what I said the outcome would have been the same. I was merely trying to save you your honour.”copyright protection96PENANAWdp6ZOojJM

Ashley stood up and turned to James. “Thank you,” she said, her voice glowing.copyright protection96PENANAixRUS7KSmW

“Okay, so what now?” Sam insisted.copyright protection96PENANAwNrVx6w2cp

“It’s your case,” the commander said bluntly. “However I suggest patience.”copyright protection96PENANAN8DceD1DWK

“Patience.” Sam repeated, almost like a question.copyright protection96PENANApfigaaoU2K

“Yes, patience. We know very little of this man’s capabilities, let alone his location. Indeed I suggest we sit in this room and read every book we can find, soon enough Garn will pop up and then, well, then we’ll go from there.”copyright protection96PENANAQzyiu6p09B

There was an instant knock at the door – slow and subtle. Sam reached for his pistol again and James sat up straight like a meerkat. “Does anyone else know that you’re here right now?” James said promptly.copyright protection96PENANAqWJ39XHaAD

“I’m surprised you did,” Sam responded.copyright protection96PENANAU0Tch3nFYp

He stood up and moved slowly to the door, much in the same manner as when James had knocked. He turned the handle and peaked through the opening. To his surprise, he found that, standing in the cold dark was the figure of an old man. The man stood as straight as a flagpole. His milky white hair was combed to perfection, as was his pointy moustache. He wore a silky red vest and black trousers and in his hands he held a large white envelope.copyright protection96PENANAqPYY8t5xte

“Commander Samuel Ford, I presume?” The old man’s voice was eerily slow and yet punctual.copyright protection96PENANA8UaRXkPEuq

Sam inclined his head. He was suspicious, however ultimately puzzled. “Who are you, old man?”copyright protection96PENANAipqcCHfZme

“I serve lord Pallerii at the Royal Taellian Treasury. Yes, he sends his regards.”copyright protection96PENANApM3oLbRQIk

“Regards?” Sam felt a deathly chill crawl down his spine.copyright protection96PENANA5RegJcAyR5

“Yes,” agreed the old man, “regards, and this:”copyright protection96PENANAYaupm76C6t

The man placed the envelope in Sam’s hands before taking a single punctual step backwards. “Good evening.” The man offered a short bow and then headed off back into the night.copyright protection96PENANAQvgUU25LTO

When Sam returned inside, James was still at the table and Ashley was waiting with wide eyes, as if she was wanting for an unspoken answer.copyright protection96PENANA5YFkeoxPXo

“Garn sends his regards,” Sam repeated the message.copyright protection96PENANAUWzplVwsyC

“Garn?” Ash seemed just as confused.copyright protection96PENANAVo8ci2eoN7

“Yes,” Sam confirmed, “and this:” He opened the envelope, still curious as to what was inside. When the slip of decorated paper fell into his hands, he began to laugh. “Well would you look at that,” he chuckled. “He’s invited us to a party.”copyright protection96PENANAcT6SelhMae

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