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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Writer Nelso555
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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Chapter 27 - Power and Power
Dec 25, 2016
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NSfSl6sPYyBMI6Wdf1OJposted on PENANA

The air smelled of perfume and water music – neither of which could Sam stand for much longer. He had grown too accustomed to the harsh desert life of a warrior, and he had no mind for parties and pleasantries anymore. He barely even knew why he was here. What was he looking for? What did he hope to achieve?copyright protection122PENANAsKCpNlpCpT

He walked up the steps of the Piae Tovuus with a firm hand around Ashley’s waist, hoping that some miracle would occur and Garn would just give himself up.copyright protection122PENANASdM757eyWc

He was surprised by the immense number of people who had showed up. He knew that Garn’s parties were always big, but this surely must have been some spectacle to remember. Noveria's richest and most powerful all gathered under the same room, he was surprised the king wasn’t there. Ashley was more mesmerised than anything else at the spectacular golden image, and her face lit up like the dawn.copyright protection122PENANA6yZOFV2UXQ

Sam spotted Garn almost immediately speaking to the keeper of the treasury – dressed completely in dark red and black. Hmph, it seems Garn has taken up some new colours. I wonder who else knows. No doubt Garn will want to speak to me sooner or later – he did send me an invitation after all. What’s he planning?copyright protection122PENANADpBgPoCf01

Sam took a drink from a passing tray and took a mouthful, he didn’t know what it was but it tasted good, and then he sighted a familiar shadow. No way… it can’t be.copyright protection122PENANA8SfU0k2eSY

The man wore a full black suit, even a black shirt, and the woman by his side was dressed in a sparkly green dress. Sam took Ashley’s hand and led her over. “C’mon, let’s go visit a friend.”copyright protection122PENANAqZxpNclP7j

The assassin seemed to pretend that Sam wasn’t there as he gulped down another drink. “You here to arrest me?” he said suddenly, lifting his green eyes up through his mask.copyright protection122PENANAGLIh1yFENF

“Your time will come,” Sam uttered, “don’t you worry. As much as it pains me I believe we now have a common enemy.”copyright protection122PENANAGVxVQxfSM8

Arlandra looked curiously into Sam’s face, “you saw it, didn’t you? Garn’s powers.”copyright protection122PENANARd7oCVAYLH

Sam was surprised. “How did you know about that?”copyright protection122PENANAhrt0Iuyn8m

“I ran into the same dilemma out by the Elder Forest.” Arlandra’s tone shifted. “Whatever power he has, it’s nothing human, and certainly nothing we can deal with given the knowledge we currently have.”copyright protection122PENANA2OiAK88Z0U

Sam chuckled, “are you suggesting we team up? The assassin and the soldier,” he jested.copyright protection122PENANA7R7fgKaRIV

Arlandra held his serious expression, “something happened to you.” He started. “You’ve changed since we last met. You came alone. No escort, no team, no authorisation…”copyright protection122PENANAz0n215xztG

Sam sighed, “it seems Garn has the council on his side, until I can convince them otherwise that Garn is not who he says he is, well, I’m on my own.”copyright protection122PENANAWwve6fmeen

Arlandra nimbly picked a bit of food from a platter, carefully observed it, and then placed it in his mouth. “Did you know that Christel Saan is here as well?” he said casually as he chewed. “I heard that you two were close friends.”copyright protection122PENANA8mffCw0MnJ

Sam would have been more surprised, however he knew too well that the thief was utterly unpredictable. No doubt he’s back for more of Garn’s treasures, but why is the assassin telling me this? “The assassin and the thief,” Sam said, “now that sounds more appropriate.”copyright protection122PENANAIWJ5ZKbwkE

“We don’t need to fight on this,” Arlandra continued. “Christel knows more about Garn than either of us put together, and, he owes me a favour, so I say we get him to help us defeat Garn’s annoying little power, then I get the kill and you get to save Taelliwey.”copyright protection122PENANAchaHvgWSvb

Does he really expect me to believe him? The assassin of Taelliwey? “No, I’m not going to be part of your schemes. If we get Garn, we’re doing it the right way.”copyright protection122PENANAgEywTa2UWp

From within the clamour of the party came a deep and painfully familiar voice: “Mr Ford, I’m glad I finally found you, we have business to discuss.” Garn Pallerii’s welling red eyes flashed over to Arlandra. “And Mr Knight, why aren’t I surprised, I thought I told you not to follow me.”copyright protection122PENANADFmnKl7WRs

Garn’s voice was like the edge of a dagger being dragged across his skin. “It must be your astounding personality, I just can’t get enough.” Arlandra smiled like he had a plan, and Sam was sure that he did, but he still questioned whether or not it was a good one.copyright protection122PENANAA4JKLf1I8w

Garn signalled two of his guards over. “You are to arrest this man and follow me.”copyright protection122PENANAToarU4BXYy

One of the guards slowly aimed a pistol at Arlandra’s chest while the other cuffed his hands together. Arlandra didn’t fight them at all. There were a few troubled looks from the people around them, but they eventually returned to their drinks and conversations about business. The assassin turned to the girl in the green dress. “This won’t take long. I’ll see you soon.” Sam had almost forgotten that she was there. The girl nodded her head softly.copyright protection122PENANAnCeJZZ57VX

With the assassin in chains Garn turned back to Sam. “Now, shall we have that discussion?”copyright protection122PENANAzv1jfNzhvH

Sam told Ash to wait for him there and then he accompanied Garn, Arlandra, and the two guards up stairs. Garn led them through the shining hallways until they arrived in a massive room on the very top floor of the building. The marble floor reflected the light of the full moon that hung so beautifully in the sky, in a way so that it felt like they were walking on polished glass. Garn continued forward until he faced out of the giant window. Taelliwey was below him. The great city stretched away like a forest of glowing lights, it massive towers joining the stars, and the white moon towering above it all.copyright protection122PENANANp5YQ03sX1

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Garn began, not turning away from the view. “From this window you can see all of Taelliwey, right up until it touches the sea. There are thousands and thousands of people down there and I am more powerful than all of them.”copyright protection122PENANA1lEf4DeaK9

Sam took a few cautious steps forward. “Garn, this power you have, what is it? Where did it come from?”copyright protection122PENANA7kE9EUXdcs

Garn turned his head to face Sam, his lips curled into a smile. “It was a gift, no, a blessing, from a friend of mine… Well, I say friend, but the truth is I’ve never seen his face… and we’re not exactly equals.”copyright protection122PENANAUZR0YI11bZ

Sam knew that he was talking about the cloaked man from the mountains. “What do you and your friend want?” Despite the hospitality Sam felt like a hostage, so why was he the one questioning Garn?copyright protection122PENANA3ckHrpkGz5

Garn moved slowly away from the window and Sam felt the urge to take a step back. “Why isn’t it obvious?” Garn chuckled. “What we want is power… to have power in a world controlled by the powerful.”copyright protection122PENANAPHpuR3pOgB

Sam didn’t like the sound of that. “And how far are you willing to go?”copyright protection122PENANAgbA8czRdA2

Garn’s smile grew larger. “Oh my, so cautious. You have nothing to worry about, besides, I invited you here to talk about you, not me, but seeing as he’s here, let’s talk about our assassin.” Garn leaned towards Arlandra, and with the black and red light protruding again from his hand, he used his power to lift the assassin’s chin up.copyright protection122PENANAdEfxlHWGnw

The guards had bound his hands and gagged him so he wouldn’t speak. He seemed so helpless.copyright protection122PENANALcdbH4e6Sv

“I propose a deal,” Garn continued. “I give you the assassin of Taelliwey to present to the Taellian council, you get back your precious pride, and in return…”copyright protection122PENANAH9HiiTRa7s

“I leave you alone,” Sam finished. “An enticing offer I’ll admit.”copyright protection122PENANAck6sRs9O8w

Arlandra managed to spit out his gag. “Sam, don’t do this!” There was green desperation in his eyes.copyright protection122PENANAkUJy5qCjwv

Sam drew his revolver from the inside of his coat –the purple metal mixed with the pale blue twilight. Garn was staring at him, more curiously than anything else. And then suddenly the lights went out in a flash.copyright protection122PENANAPdFwvXqn7x

Sam couldn’t see a thing but he knew what he had to do. He could hear shuffling, a struggle, a thump, a soft choking sound, and then the struggle began to lessen. Some kind of emergency light system activated after that and the entire room was illuminated in a dim orange glow. Sam found himself aiming his revolver at Garn. One of the two guards was on the floor, either dead or unconscious, and Arlandra had his arm wrapped around the others neck, but it looked like he was unconscious now as well, and then the assassin released.copyright protection122PENANAPkSWMKoWyx

An angry line appeared on Garn’s forehead, he did not look pleased. “Sam,” he said bitterly. “I’m disappointed.”copyright protection122PENANAsTrbrwB4Q7

“In the name of king Alexander of Taelliwey I place you under arrest, Garn Pallerii.”copyright protection122PENANAAGlfcRdCek

Arlandra didn’t seem too pleased by that either. “No, Sam, shoot him! He’s too dangerous to be left alive!”copyright protection122PENANAa4F30sNpom

“If I deliver this man to the council as the criminal he is I can get back my rank and my honour.”copyright protection122PENANAWRfo3HVELM

Garn’s lips twisted back into his hideous grin. “And if you shoot me you’ll become a cold blooded murderer. The council will brand you a criminal and you’ll be wanted for the rest of your days as the man who shot the generous Garn Pallerii.”copyright protection122PENANAMls8AEZOhd

“Shut up!” Sam cried. “Your words are like snakes!”copyright protection122PENANA9shOvihiHG

“Sam, listen to me,” Arlandra begged. “You know what Garn is capable of. Don’t do this!”copyright protection122PENANAEEyU3BBYgm

“Quiet! You’re no better than him!”copyright protection122PENANAK2IcbjRa79

Sam realised that what he had just said had affected the assassin deeply. It was like he had taken a blow to the chest.copyright protection122PENANAogBG56YmpG

“Very well,” Arlandra said coldly. “If you won’t take his life then I will!”copyright protection122PENANA34lBYocznt

Sam saw Arlandra’s hidden gun jump out from his suited sleeve. He might already be too late. An alarm sounded that was shockingly loud. Sam clenched his ears. Arlandra’s gun fired and somehow Garn managed to leap out of the way so that the bullet shattered the great window behind them. Sam managed another look at the moon. How could something so beautiful shine down on this chaos? Garn used his power to push Sam back – he flew and hit the ground, and his revolver fell from his hands.copyright protection122PENANAW7vFkHYbR6

The door to the room smashed down and a band of guards stormed in. “Arrest them!” Garn bellowed.copyright protection122PENANAkfmWVr2UOs

Arlandra was on his feet and racing for the gap in the window. He tossed a handful of little beads towards his pursuers and the beads exploded one at a time with blinding flashes of light. Sam met the assassin at the window, but as far as he could tell they were trapped.copyright protection122PENANAASwWuvlH4I

“We have to jump,” Arlandra said suddenly, looking down from the window.copyright protection122PENANAa1PGGanFle

“Are you kidding me! That’s like a ten meter drop!”copyright protection122PENANALGu7CpzFjo

The disorientated guards had almost regained their senses and were bounding after them again.copyright protection122PENANA7UgERL9cse

“You’ll just have to trust me!” Arlandra gripped Sam’s shirt and then leaped from the building, pulling Sam down with him.copyright protection122PENANAUCfKiWUFBg

Of all the people to die with, don’t let it be with him… What Sam thought would be a hard ground and a certain death turned out to be a soft bed of cushions and pillows. What? I’m alive?copyright protection122PENANATmXnuzN3f7

Sam looked up to see Ashley’s face in the front of the carriage. “Sam!” she cried.copyright protection122PENANAsn2J2Tub6W

The lady in the green dress was steering the carriage. “Arlandra!”copyright protection122PENANAq0yGLRCFwd

The assassin sat up suddenly. “Go!”copyright protection122PENANAWqATO4tB8J

Guards and party guests ran outside to see what all the commotion was about. Sam heard one of the guards call out: “Don’t let them escape! Use the scorpions!”copyright protection122PENANAJA6Lj8FOkL

The lady flicked the reins and the horses immediately bolted off, however it seemed that they were too slow, and after only traveling a few meters they were caught. A metal harpoon on a rope impaled the back of the carriage like a scorpions’ sting and the carriage juddered with a jolt. The horses stood on their back legs and whinnied loudly. A small army was now pursuing them.copyright protection122PENANAKKMjrxa3dG

“I hate scorpions!” the assassin yelled.copyright protection122PENANAh97R3VVxx4

“Arlandra do something!” cried the lady in the green dress.copyright protection122PENANAggEn2YvHMQ

There was no hesitation. It seemed like the assassin knew exactly what he needed to do without thinking. He drew his short blade and leaped over the back of the carriage, holding onto the wooden frame with his left hand, and using the metal harpoon to balance his feet. He leaned as far as he could and with one strike he cut the rope, smiling as if he had won. But the wood on the carriage creaked in pain and then snapped under his weight. The assassin fell and tumbled along the ground, and Sam could only look back.copyright protection122PENANAtxBfR2M15Z

He heard the lady in green cry out. “We have to go back!”copyright protection122PENANAIn9PecLaJi

Sam knew that wasn’t an option. “Keep going,” he said, as if it were an order. “If we go back now we’ll all be captured.”copyright protection122PENANAeZySmARSiE

At least two-dozen guards and several horsed officers surrounded the assassin, and he raised his hands in surrender. “Sam! Go to the village where the Sandra River meets the Eldar Forest! There’s someone there who can help you!” He was so far away now. “Oh, and Juliet! I’ll see around, alright!”copyright protection122PENANAJLck03nM4t

They passed the gates of the estate and were free for now. Who could this person be? Sam wondered. It wasn’t smart to trust the assassin but it was the only lead he had. He turned to the lady in green, the girl named Juliet. There were tears streaming down her face.copyright protection122PENANAMNQVD48oeR

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