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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Writer Nelso555
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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Chapter 31 - The Take
Dec 13, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!SSy3mQEB6U1qok8P5Atlposted on PENANA

As it turned out, Hazel wasn’t at all acquainted with the illustrious rhythm of the sea. With their first night on The Sovereign, that is, Christel’s personal steamboat, they treated themselves to a bottle of wine and a fine seafood meal. The wine was all right, and Devin had over-cooked the fish, but it was the atmosphere of the night that counted. Soon enough, as the sun took on the fresh colour of lemon-yellow bursting over the vast sea, Christel found Hazel leaning over the railing, returning her seafood to the ocean.copyright protection20PENANABa40Mji7N7

“You know, if you had told me that you got sea-sick so easily I would have arranged for a carriage.” His jests did not seem to amuse her. Christel saved her the embarrassment and left her alone. She’ll get used the sea sooner or later.copyright protection20PENANAeGZMJmDoYJ

Ever since they had departed on their journey back to Eden, his words to her had been coated with a sullen hint of doubt. That kiss had changed something – the way they looked at each other, and even the sound in their voices as they spoke. Christel was thinking about it more and more. It was a simple impulsive moment, no longer than five seconds, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He remembered how soft and sweet her lips were. He remembered the look of her face when they danced…copyright protection20PENANAiZaGkjwqTZ

With his mission completed, Carley had been avenged. He had to accept that he was thinking about her less and less as his world changed. She wouldn’t want me to dwell on the past, he told himself. Instead he wondered about the future. Hazel.copyright protection20PENANALvaPwX9O4W

Christel owned a house in Eden, to which he visited occasionally during his trips back and forth. It wasn’t really all that much to look at. The gardens had been un-kept, and dense green vines crawled up the walls, over the windows, and onto the balcony above.copyright protection20PENANAWjCW6miJLh

It was awfully dark inside, with most the windows covered by plants or other obstructions. The rooms were all poorly furnished – the one that served as his bedroom had only a mattress on the floor, a blanket, and some old forgotten papers belonging to a previous heist.copyright protection20PENANAt4gDKAWh0Q

Careful not to be seen, the group lugged each bag of gold from the carriage they had borrowed and into the dining room. From there, they would assort all the treasure into its respected categories – the coins into a pile, the diamonds into another, the amethysts, the jewellery, and so on. Then each individual pile would have to be divided up according to each persons agreed cut. Christel and Hazel would both receive thirty-five percent, an even split, as they had agreed on all those months ago. Devin was to receive twenty percent. Annabelle, the woman who had assisted with their escape, was promised four percent from Devin. Their getaway driver, whose name Christel wasn’t quite sure of, was promised three percent. The last three percent Christel had decided to give to Arlandra, if he ever saw him again.copyright protection20PENANAhLmrBSoKHt

Of course the action of sorting and dividing the treasure was likely to take an entire day, even with Annabelle and Devin’s little driver servant helping. In the meantime, he had plenty of errands to run in Eden before the day was done. He planned on spending no time sitting around with a pile of gold at his feet, and so he prepared his steamboat with fuel and supplies to make the trip to his secret island, just off the coast of Eden.copyright protection20PENANAHENkATHTDs

He wanted to be gone at first light on the morrow, sailing off to his real home, the natural hidden fortress where all of his gold was stashed. The notion of being gone became stuck in his head. Gone… without Hazel.copyright protection20PENANAa6wqKh1Gz1

He wanted her, he knew, more than any promise of diamonds and gold. But he simply couldn’t leave his wealth behind. And on his return to his uncared-for home in Eden, he thought about it. Devin’s words – it’s her, or the gold. You have to choose, lad.copyright protection20PENANAxQNUioMG9u

Christel had the night to make his decision.copyright protection20PENANAaQ8XbJRSCu

It was dark when Devin and the others had finished meddling with their mountains of riches, and at last each person was awarded with their own little pile of wealth. They celebrated once again for the sake of celebrating – sharing another bottle of wine and reminiscing the tale of the heist that would never be told again to a soul. Although with all his cheers and his pile of gold, Christel still felt empty handed.copyright protection20PENANAlMBSdlae2J

About half an hour later he found Hazel up on the balcony with the sky above her, staring over the city under the crimson blue gleam of the moon and the stars. Christel loved the shape of her silhouette against the night. He took a slow deep breath, and walked casually up to the balustrade beside her. He didn’t look at her, but instead just followed her eyes over the city, watching as the little specks of light below flickered like fireflies. The moon was cool and bright, and he found it just so relaxing.copyright protection20PENANAfzA2tSrgzA

“It’s a nice night tonight,” he said calmly, lifting his gaze up and becoming lost in the vast ocean of stars. “Sometimes I feel like I could just float up there.”copyright protection20PENANALKrUHCDzvg

Hazel smiled weakly, without breaking her gaze, and Christel’s expression died. “Look, I’m sorry I kissed you,” he said at last. “It was the heat of the moment. I shouldn’t have done it.”copyright protection20PENANA4R2FKf0Ut2

Hazel turned her eyes to him. “It wasn’t the kiss that bothered me. It’s just… everything else.” There was a hidden tension in her voice. “You’re a thief, Christel!” she suddenly blurted out. “And so am I. How can I trust you?”copyright protection20PENANAEJCeM67dnG

Somehow, in all of his feelings of affection, there was anger hiding away. “You think I wanted this? You handcuffed me to a bed, remember?” his voice was louder than he wanted it to be.copyright protection20PENANAO8qg28SGIo

“And it’s over now! We’re done. So why do you insist on staying together? We’re thieves! We take things from very dangerous people! Don’t you see? Every attempt I’ve had at having a normal life has been carved up by my past! I can see it in you too, Christel, the look we both share, of a desperate life and a long history of things we can’t change. So why do you insist on staying together?”copyright protection20PENANAWMgZr0esVI

Christel could feel her tears and he was silent as he looked for the words. “You’re right,” he spoke softly, almost a whisper. “When we first met you reminded me so much of someone I loved… someone I lost. But then, day after day, I realised that it was okay to forget the pain of the one who was gone because it’s what she’d have wanted. And then I fell in love with you. I can’t change the past but I can damn well make my future. We can do it together, Hazel, you and I against the world. We can forget the past, break the cycle, and be happy for a change.” He thought about it for a while, how great it would be to show a real smile again, just like he did when Carley was still alive. “We can be happy, Hazel, but I can’t do it without you.”copyright protection20PENANAvzr7OddVrA

Her tears finally began to flow, streaming out from her shining hazel eyes. “I can’t do it again,” she cried, sobbing heavily between each breath, “and I won’t let you do it either.” And with that she stormed off, back towards the house.copyright protection20PENANACgJ3wMbpsU

Christel turned to her, wincing at the hole that had been torn through his chest. “Hazel!” he cried, desperately. “Hazel wait!” But she was already gone, and now Devin stood in the doorway, his narrow face darkened by the night.copyright protection20PENANANpG3o84DAZ

He had a familiar look in his eye, one that Christel remember from years past. “It’s for the best, lad.” He was trying to be comforting in his own way. “It was her or the gold, you made the right choice.”copyright protection20PENANAl5yNdn1rjs

Christel, suddenly tired, brushed passed his friend. “I didn’t choose anything.”copyright protection20PENANA2VILYeyaD1

“Where are you going?” Devin called after him as he went inside.copyright protection20PENANA4rqLvPTzst

“I’m going to bed,” he responded angrily. “I’ll need you first light tomorrow morning to help load my cut onto the steamer.”copyright protection20PENANAyOz7BMvCeO

Christel had awoken the next morning with no memory of whether or not had had dreamed of anything. He had felt empty and frustrated as he loaded his bags of gold and supplies onto the steamboat, and as the sun peaked red over the horizon, Christel said a decent farewell to Devin. “I’ll see you back in Taelliwey pretty soon.” And they ended by shaking hands.copyright protection20PENANA5gJN2I2ATG

To Hazel he could only manage an awkward goodbye before setting off into the distant ocean. Already the silence was maddening.copyright protection20PENANABX82IERCdk

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