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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Writer Nelso555
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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Chapter 33 - Choice
Dec 14, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gyHATSrQDJ1q12Iu2gQ8posted on PENANA

There was some kind of tension – an angry hand pulling at his emotions so that he felt like a puppet. Who was pulling the strings? Christel couldn’t say – he didn’t quite care. What was he feeling? Anger? No, it was more like defeat.copyright protection49PENANAI0hc50ftPH

As he stared over the iridescent blue horizon in the loneliness and silence of the ocean, he began to figure it out. She was my only chance, he realised. The one way for me to have a normal life – she was my freedom from despair. And now she’s gone. Too afraid to stand up and fight. And who can blame her?copyright protection49PENANAF5gnF9f70T

He was depressing himself. He felt like needed to get drunk but he had left all of the liquor with Devin when they parted. All he had was the ocean. The waves to rock him to sleep, the wind to cool him, the sound of water splashing against the hull to sing him a song, and the sky to paint him a picture.copyright protection49PENANAR1jS41n7id

He was alone, with nothing left to do but drown in his misery and lay in his immense pile of gold. It’s her, or the gold. You can’t have both. Damn you, Devin.copyright protection49PENANAf0exdjxtMn

And then he heard something. “My god you’re a pitiful sight,” said a voice from the nothingness. “And when I say my god, I’m referring to myself of course.”copyright protection49PENANAassrQ8B6gB

Christel spun around from the wheel of the boat. “Who’s there?” he said, frightened.copyright protection49PENANAZ7CiZHkmOD

She placed her hand on his shoulder from behind, slowly pacing around him until he saw her face. She donned a black robe and her skin was pale. Her dark hair and eyes were coated in a shadow. “Hello Christel,” she said softly.copyright protection49PENANAA4EOCR7akU

How did she get here? “Who are you?” he asked.copyright protection49PENANAxvnZWd7xjn

He felt like he knew the answer, and as the woman smiled at him he felt a jolt, and then he remembered. The girl from Taelliwey… she sold him a watch… “I can see why she chose you…” she had said. “Do you believe in fate, destiny...? She will call to you…”copyright protection49PENANA9jvMButWRi

Christel placed a hand in his pocket and drew out his watch. The sunlight glistened off the gold as he flicked it open. Ten forty-five. “You are now going to forget this until you are needed.”copyright protection49PENANAzrmegY5n8p

His head was spinning. He remembered. “You…?” The words were stuck in his throat.copyright protection49PENANAiFVFFSTNpd

“My name is Ariana,” said the woman, “goddess of fate. The young lady you spoke to in Taelliwey was Merida, goddess of time. I believe she gave you that watch. Keep it safe, you’ll need it later on.”copyright protection49PENANAazwGl8aO42

Christel was so confused. “Shut up!” he cried, and after a moment of silence he continued. “Okay, so you’re the goddess of fate. What do you want?”copyright protection49PENANA6DttRJsX7A

Ariana stepped closer to him. “As it happens I need your help, Christel, and so does Noveria.”copyright protection49PENANAnqgi6WaZJA

Christel hesitated. “Noveria? Why?”copyright protection49PENANAdU9JAvRKjV

“Garn Pallerii,” she watched Christel twitch at the sound of his name. “He is planning something, I don’t know what, but it’s big. He’ll destroy Taelliwey…”53Please respect copyright.PENANARaikmOtQBI
“Like I care about Taelliwey,” he spat.copyright protection49PENANANqzgUr0mo8

“The Surian’s will probably be next,” Ariana continued, “and then the Rhaetaii, your own people, and then the Djann.”copyright protection49PENANAXLyd4E9eET

Christel didn’t want to believe her. “And what would you have me do? In fact, why pick me in the first place?”copyright protection49PENANAPRNZBnus8O

“Call it destiny,” the goddess smiled, cold and yet beautiful. “You can unite the humans and the Djann, and the orcs from the Eldar Forest. If Garn is raising an army then you can get them to fight as one against him.”53Please respect copyright.PENANAw3X6UASLFK
Christel laughed at that. “I am no leader of men, nor am I a peace maker. I am a thief. Find someone else.”copyright protection49PENANAoVfXc9pcvN

Ariana was silent for a long time, and Christel thought she was going to leave – simply vanish and leave him alone again. But she didn’t.copyright protection49PENANAlszTGDyQSc

“I refuse to believe that all you truly care for in this world is money.” Her words were firm and harsh, and they cut through Christel like a dagger. “There is one way to truly decide where your heart lies. The choice will be up to you.”copyright protection49PENANAJI4wHFUc82

Christel did not like where this was going.copyright protection49PENANA0wYguapUnU

“You’re currently holding the biggest take of your life, enough gold to last you, well, forever. But, as we speak, Hazel Kisani is on her way to being ambushed by a group of bandits.”copyright protection49PENANAHInhC3VaUN

Christel jumped at the sound of her name. “What?” he was overcome by anger. “What have you done to Hazel!” He grabbed her by the collar.copyright protection49PENANAnDvsad75pg

Ariana raised her pale hands slightly. “Relax, I can see the future, remember? Well… to an extent. I have no way of knowing whether or not she lives or dies. That’s up to you.”copyright protection49PENANA8qN6Ghh5cF

Christel released her coat and returned to steering the boat. “We’re almost at the island. I can unload the gold and still make it back to save her.”copyright protection49PENANA0Uonb0r6bm

Ariana’s smile was then twisted, and it was as if she were playing a game. “You won’t make it in time unless you turn around right now.”53Please respect copyright.PENANAN6wpyI2bxN
“Fuck you,” Christel exclaimed. “If I leave the boat alone I’ll risk losing the treasure.”copyright protection49PENANAUz0p1bD8g2

“Well it’s a game of risk then. You can risk losing the treasure, or you can risk having Hazel die.”copyright protection49PENANAooscv9tNeG

Christel was stuck. He felt pale and heavy – like he was drowning. If I lose the gold then everything… my vengeance will all be for nothing. Nothing… Christel pondered the word. I think get it now – Hazel or the gold, but not both. Christel clenched his fist and punched the wheel so hard that his knuckled turned red. I’m so sorry Carley, but I’ve made my choice.copyright protection49PENANAsfAQDLQ5R2

With a tear in his eye he took his wealth and emptied the gold over the side of the boat. He watched as each coin, jewel and diamond plummeted into the abyss of the sea. Then he turned the boat around, and made his way back to Eden.copyright protection49PENANArLBrbCCPLT

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