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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Writer Nelso555
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The Assassin The Soldier And The Thief
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Chapter 38 - Despair
Dec 15, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YQDGDXUQJF8ddy2goL7kposted on PENANA

Christel Saan had not slept much in the three weeks that followed his fateful encounter with Garn Pallerii. He’d lie awake in his tent, eyes open with his hands on his chest, thinking. His thoughts would shift from dread and despair to some plan he could use against the shemn, or sometimes towards Hazel and his hope for a better future. It had all happened so fast. All of Noveria had become a warzone, and it was a war that they were losing.copyright protection7PENANAHI80I9QEpr

Every man fought for himself. The Rhaetaii would not go beyond the Sandra, the Surians refused to travel west, and the Taellians remained on their own. Anyone – even the women and children, the elderly and the sick – who did not escape the wrath of the shemn were massacred, and no one dared to help.copyright protection7PENANAkniX4WVYNE

Their army came from the mountains, as Korasuun foretold, and their attack was ruthless and unforgiving. Every small village in the Taegan Valley was quickly obliterated, and that included Riftsire.copyright protection7PENANADVSRuU7SGf

Taelliwey had somehow managed to survive the first attack, however the city was quickly besieged. If anything, and despite Ashley’s warnings, the city expected an attack from the south, anticipating the newly acquired ferocity of the djann that had destroyed Torren.copyright protection7PENANAdoXmoFvfkV

Taelliwey was able to evacuate many of its citizens by sea, and they were sent to the safety of the islands off the coast. But Christel knew that it was only a matter of time before the walls would come toppling down.copyright protection7PENANAGEjZCoVxnI

Eran was the next city to fall. It held out long enough, however it stood no chance in defending against this unforseen enemy. The city tried to evacuate to Eden, however the shemn destroyed the tracks, and with it their hope of escape.copyright protection7PENANAc1D4S7ZZ0F

Okraan was able to evacuate most of its people to Eden, at least they had the good sense to retreat early. The city was the only place where people could still fight, and even though it had almost been completely destroyed, the resistance fighters used it to keep the shemn from crossing the Sandra.copyright protection7PENANAed3czsS5Hc

Despite the few pockets of resistance that had assembled, and the siege that took place over Taelliwey, everything north of the Sandra had been lost to the shemn. Surra and Eden were the only two relatively safe places left, and they were both filled to the brim with refugees.copyright protection7PENANA1oRknuJi16

From what Christel had last heard, Arlandra was still in Surra recovering from the wounds that Garn had dealt him. His body was recovering well enough, however Christel feared what might be happening in the assassin’s mind. He had suffered defeat more than once at the hands of Garn Pallerii, and the weight of this war was slowly crushing down on him, hell, it was crushing down on everyone.copyright protection7PENANA1e7Ei0Mh0M

He knew that he had to have faith in Arlandra, and in all of his plans and schemes at defeating the shemn one thing was certain – Garn Pallerii had to die. The fate of Noveria rested in the assassin’s hands, so Christel just had to keep everyone alive until it was done.copyright protection7PENANAXeZ1rzukEc

He had parted with Sam a week ago at the busy docks of Eden. The entire district had become filled with panicked refugees from Taelliwey and Okraan, and their cries gripped at his heart. I must find a way to help these people, he had thought.copyright protection7PENANAwFBo0YSJhU

The soldier had explained to Christel that, despite the siege over Taelliwey and Ashley’s hasty warnings to prepare, the council refused to make use of their military’s special division.copyright protection7PENANAQi8XXqXJIY

The Spartan forces, as people often called them, were the most elite members of the military, but weren’t used very often. They were capable to completing any task with complete perfection, and it was once the soldier’s dream to one-day rise to that astounding rank. For now, however, he needed their help, actually, he needed anyone’s help.copyright protection7PENANAwGdwHE5cYJ

Regardless, and despite Christel objections, Sam was determined to help Taelliwey in any way that he could, and so he left right away, sailing over the ocean against the bounding current of refugee boats. And now it was Christel’s turn to help.copyright protection7PENANApvp0UqZM9g

With the distant clamour of war thundering across the Sandra and into his tent, Christel opened his eyes. He crawled out into the gentle orange glow of the morning desert sun and welcomed its warmth.copyright protection7PENANAGZzOXxfVhY

He glanced over the still smouldering pile of rubble that he and a few other resistance fighters had created, forming artificial rapids as the water of the Sandra flooded out into the sea. He had destroyed the main bridge that connected Eran to Eden, rigging its supports with a few of Devin’s devices and watching as it plummeted into the blue depths of the river below. That ought to have brought them some time.copyright protection7PENANATNE6jmLpyK

He was so tired. How long would this last? Never before had he experienced so much pain and destruction. And yet, there was Hazel, standing so comfortably with the river behind her, cooking eggs over a fire.copyright protection7PENANA9YgyYaYXW8

“Good morning,” she said, glancing over the orange burst of sunrise before them.copyright protection7PENANAeD8Os6mI2D

Christel followed her gaze. “I guess it is,” he replied.copyright protection7PENANAGVqk2KHO9g

“I found us some breakfast,” she continued. “I probably shouldn’t have gone out on my own, but your were so tired and we can’t fight a war on empty stomachs.”copyright protection7PENANAyieORcYQaV

He smiled. Hazel poked at their breakfast with a spoon and Christel realised that she was remarkably happy, despite everything that had happened. It made him feel good. It made him feel hope.copyright protection7PENANAZpy7e1eAJg

“Why are you smiling?” he asked her, curiously.copyright protection7PENANAepcFKepr2z

She looked at him, her eyes shimmering with a sweet orange flame. “Well, unlike everyone else I’ve seen in the past few weeks, I refuse to let the world burn so easily. It helps to smile – makes everything easier.”copyright protection7PENANAHASVpK8oAj

The thought crossed his mind that Hazel understood that they could perish at any time, and she just didn’t want to go down unsmiling. It hurt for him to think about.copyright protection7PENANAjAJSIXTWyC

“And besides,” she continued, “it’s my birthday tomorrow.”copyright protection7PENANAcM2orMDReF

“Oh?” Christel laughed, “you’ll have to forgive me for not getting you anything.”copyright protection7PENANArVgjRG404F

“Well given the circumstances I think it’s okay.”copyright protection7PENANAjof3gX1aTz

They both watched as a group of resistance fighters marched by towards the broken bridge. They were heading there to take over for the group that stood watch during the night. How long would this last? He asked himself again. How can I help them? I am only a thief, but there must be something? If I can convince Eden to support the Djann, then we may have a force strong enough to fight back. But how to I get them to listen? And there’s no way of knowing if the djann will even want to fight alongside us.copyright protection7PENANAN6mQuNC8FR

Hazel was watching him as he delved deeper into his thoughts. He had to be strong, for her sake.copyright protection7PENANAO6M5pELtEQ

“Do you plan on re-joining the resistance in the fight?” she asked him.copyright protection7PENANA8Yeo1vl2Gf

“No, we’ve done our part here, we should go back to Eden. I have a mission to accomplish. Unite the humans with the djann, and with the orcs of the Eldar.” If I can get them to leave their forest, he thought grimly. But he wouldn’t think about that now. “That’s what Ariana asked of me.”copyright protection7PENANACtlYjQLWYq

He left with Hazel that morning, to the only city left that was free of war. But there was a constant cry over Eden and an atmosphere that almost said: ‘but not free of despair.’copyright protection7PENANANMwARWeDqT

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