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Adoring December
Writer Emoddess
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Adoring December
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Chapter 3
Apr 1, 2016
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7X5mrWkF2dLAj928lwkjposted on PENANA

Pierre Lachlan was furious.copyright protection106PENANADhGCpUNLpc

No, he was livid.copyright protection106PENANAvw9ATBxdgz

He was supposed to be in San Francisco until his father finish his business and then go back to his hometown, so why, on the day when he was supposed to leave did he found himself enrolled into some remote but prestigious academy?copyright protection106PENANAr2aLbdTxJe

And if that wasn't bad enough, he just found out that he was going to be studying with the girl from the music store who was the cause for his bad mood that day, along with an accident that resulted in a horrible dent on his motorbike, thus making him lose his freedom for two whole weeks.copyright protection106PENANAQnvxZVrNGR

He didn't think he could hate this moment more.copyright protection106PENANA0co9NhKkv1

If it weren't for the prickly feeling of someone staring at him intensely somewhere in the classroom, he probably wouldn't have noticed her until later on. The girl looked as if a realization had dawned on her with her white complexion becoming paler than she already was. He noticed then that she took a deep breath before staring not at him, but straight ahead and he had to hide a smirk at that. 'So she recognizes me now, huh?' Pierre thought inwardly.copyright protection106PENANAUW35HfiBM2

The tension that was awkwardly intense between the new male student and the girl who normally wouldn't care about anything outside of her bubble didn't go unnoticed by their teacher and most of the students there. While they were curious about that slight change, their attention was diverted to Mr. Peters when he asked Pierre to introduce himself.copyright protection106PENANAPDqkapfCdW

Pierre, having found how troublesome this whole procedure was, along with being irritated with a certain silver-haired girl figured he would just get things over with. He spotted a marker pen that was on the teacher's desk, picked it up and without a word, wrote only his name, which was without a surname on the white board before putting the pen down. Unaware of the bewildered expressions on his peers, he walked arrogantly towards an empty seat at the back and sat in the same row as her, the only thing separating them were two tables in between.copyright protection106PENANAtd8RnW98hE

Mr. Peters, who didn't expected that at all from him had quickly composed himself and still offered a welcoming smile to Pierre.copyright protection106PENANA9bBchjrzUe

"Well, I see that you have chosen a seat…which is good because that seat had always been vacant." He then cleared his throat clearly. "Well, now that we have sorted that out, let's continue our lesson, shall we?"copyright protection106PENANACKR251slDF

While the lessons continued, Pierre Lachlan tried to appear as though he was paying attention when he really couldn't understand anything to what his new homeroom teacher was saying. Because he was bored, he leaned forward and propped an elbow on the table, letting his gaze wander off around the classroom before he met the girl's wary stare – and now that he saw her in a slightly close proximity, he noticed that her eyes was an intense colour of blue - and raised an eyebrow at her. Perplexed, she retaliated by challenging an eyebrow of her own to meet his before focusing on what's ahead of her.copyright protection106PENANAh7TqYgm7oD

As unnerving as it was, he had to admit that the whole thing was pretty amusing to him.copyright protection106PENANAMyPnK6HcGB

December thought that her getting puked on was the worst thing that could happen to her that day, but having met the disgruntled guy from the music store and knowing that he would be studying in the same school as her from here onwards, she had to rephrase that.copyright protection106PENANAqimhlrjNMX

"This is the worst thing ever!" She groaned while knocking her forehead multiple times lightly on the wall. December and her friends had been hanging out in a student lounge where she kept going on about how obnoxious the new guy was, even after a couple of classes had ended since Mr. Peters' class. It was one thing to be disrespectful towards the only cool teacher that she had ever had, but to act as if he was so high and mighty with that act he pulled earlier made her want to roll her eyes heavenward. If she thought she had disliked him at the music store before, this time she disliked him even more.copyright protection106PENANAt44mv2DRa2

"Really, you're going to have a dent on your forehead if you keep doing that." Raven chuckled as she watched her distressed friend repeating the ridiculous act on a wall. Figuring out that December wouldn't bother listening to her either way, she walked towards her friend and slapped a hand against the silver-haired girl's forehead lightly to prevent her from doing it again.copyright protection106PENANAvWBkklr1y8

"You guys, the world is such a small place, isn't it?" December's tone was flat as she continued doing so even with Raven's hand plastered against her forehead.copyright protection106PENANADZrZhMrAAe

"It is indeed. Now, would you care to enlighten us with whatever the matter is between you and that Pierre guy? Because honestly, I can't watch you do this for another ten minutes." Brooke said. "Also, you're hurting Raven's hand." She had listened to her friend's whining and groaning about the new guy and was curious about why December had reacted that way. She knew that her blue-eyed friend rarely showed any outward interest towards anyone other than the captain for their academy's archery club, not to mention the girl was not one to dwell on such matters for long, so this whole thing had really piqued her interest.copyright protection106PENANAy3iCqNF4FP

December sighed as she walked towards and plopped down on a couch nearby. She wasn't one to let herself be affected with trivial things like this usually but it was just awkward to find out that a stranger who had yelled at her – thus embarrassed her at the store - was now going to be her schoolmate, who seemed like the very least person she would ever want to associate herself with. She just couldn't get past that.copyright protection106PENANA7aLIv64X7C

Remembering that her friends were all looking at her expectantly, she recounted what happened that very day and when she was done, she looked at them helplessly.copyright protection106PENANA5KBxKSkbtU

"Do you see now why this is awkward?"copyright protection106PENANAp1YIEovjtb

Raven, who was much more sensitive and emphatic than her other friend, patted December's shoulder sympathetically. "Yeah, I couldn't imagine what I'd do if I were in your situation."copyright protection106PENANA9AlViQ1nO8

Brooke looked rather amused as she pondered on the matter. Smiling mischievously at December, she said, "Hey, at least he's cute, though."copyright protection106PENANAZTTBrDuLPY

The girl only rolled her eyes hopelessly as Brooke laughed.copyright protection106PENANAFf0EXE3tYw

By noon, news had spread around the academy about the new guy with some mentioning about December. It was mostly the usual gossip about how the girls in her academy had gushed about any new male students, and despite his terrible personality which she personally had to witness on that day, she didn't mind it all, that was, until they swarmed her with questions if she knew him and such because of the slight incident in class earlier. That pissed her off immensely. 'I don't have anything to do with that guy so leave me alone!' was what she wanted to shout at them but she just wasn't sure if she could handle the trouble that would surely come should that happen.copyright protection106PENANAE7702pR3MF

Regardless of all that, the day went by smoothly even though she had some classes with him. December thought it was best that they continued to ignore each other so none could be a bother but the universe, however, had other plans for her.copyright protection106PENANAcMz5o0JTMz

She had just finished her extra class and was about to exit the school's building, but a sudden urge to use the restroom suddenly washed over her and since the hallway was already empty, she figured she would just dash like mad towards the nearest girls' toilet. All thoughts had escaped as she only thought of reaching her destination when, just as she was about to turn around the corner, she collided with something hard.copyright protection106PENANARsOS6Mw9gv

The sound of a heavy thud was heard as she hit and brought the other party down with her onto the cold, newly polished concrete floor.copyright protection106PENANAGVCNVEdNI0

On instinct, she went into a profuse rambling mode of apologies all the while gathering her scattered things as she tried to both regain her balance and help the other party up. Then, she heard it.copyright protection106PENANAtVM21b3K5P

Crack.copyright protection106PENANAkXh9PoWmxc

December didn't know what happened but she felt as though she might have stepped onto something. There was no sound that could be heard except for her own breathing and the sound of – a slight intake of gasp? Suddenly, she felt uneasy.copyright protection106PENANARe8t148eRR

"Fucking hell."copyright protection106PENANAekM1nNdqyi

Startled, she immediately looked up and felt the colours drained from her face.copyright protection106PENANAgSfx24WYru

Out of everyone on that day, it just had to be the new guy, Pierre that she had not bumped, but collided into and she felt like the universe were playing some tricks on her. Instead of coming up with something, she was tongue-tied as her mind went into a frenzy of thoughts.copyright protection106PENANAaiIjMJnVYe

'Oh my God, I've really done it now. Before, it was just an accusation but now I've really broke something! I can't believe I stepped on his freaking glasses! And he looked so-'copyright protection106PENANAMczyeWmrmU

December was brought out of her reverie when he held up a pair of dark rimmed glasses that was snapped into half as he narrowed his gaze and angrily said, "You broke my glasses."copyright protection106PENANAKCN0aP56Nw

"Well, it was an accident but no shit, haha." She chuckled nervously. She thought she could try to enlighten the situation but clearly that wouldn't work since she was dealing with a hot-headed guy from the music store. Also, because she knew that wouldn't work with her either if one of her things were ruined or broken. Feeling responsible for the broken item, December decided to act upon it, so in a serious but apologetic tone she said, "Okay, I'm terribly sorry for ruining your glasses and because of that, I'll get it fixed-"copyright protection106PENANAAYOjhB3Ew1

He let out a mocking chuckle. "Fix it? Look at it, it's already broken!" Then, in an arrogant tone, he said, "I want you to get me a new one."copyright protection106PENANATiesRspdUL

'You've got to be kidding me!' she wanted to shout. December stared at Pierre incredulously and gestured him to hand her the dark rimmed glasses. He complied and she inspected it, noticing only the bridge of it was broken and nothing else.copyright protection106PENANA8FoVFzKKGy

"There isn't any damages other than the bridge of your glasses. I'll get it fixed by tomorrow." December was starting to get irritated by this person and she also thought he was an extremely obnoxious, ungrateful rich brat that she had ever met. 'Seriously', she thought, 'There isn't anyone in this school as annoying as him.'copyright protection106PENANAghw5AOHDtd

Aside from that, she also thought that there was something odd about him, like a missing piece which she had figured out earlier but had chosen to disappear when she tried to recall.copyright protection106PENANAEmwTPomfBh

Pierre just looked at her with an indifferent look. "All I wanted was a new pair of glasses. Don't tell me you couldn't afford to get one?" He then proceeded to scoff at her before sneering, "Or are you just stingy to spend some money on it?"copyright protection106PENANA0KWpFCZqmF

December felt her patience thinning and she imagined herself throttling his neck. 'Has it only been a day that I've had the unfortunate to meet him? I never thought this guy was such a brat.'copyright protection106PENANAYDWuJwiqaM

She was just so angry at him that she just couldn't help but to call out names to him. "Why you arrogant, ignorant, narrow-minded idiot!"copyright protection106PENANAEP9aIYz4db

Pierre was not normally a person who liked to aggravate people first, especially girls, but perhaps it was because he was still not over the incident of his broken CDs (which he had to pay for the damage) and the accident which caused his beloved motorbike to be horribly dented – and it was all because of this girl with the intense blue eyes. Call it petty or pesky, but he just couldn't get over it.copyright protection106PENANAleViEAUD0h

He also felt an odd sense of satisfaction seeing her aggravated like this, and it only fuelled his need to add more fire to it. Rather than feeling insulted, he said, "Well, how polite of you to say that." He then added as an afterthought, "Come to think of it, I want you to pay for both the CDs and the cost for my thrashed motorbike. It was your fault after all."copyright protection106PENANAiYUftDMM4W

She couldn't bother masking her surprise and anger. "You're still not over that CD stuff? And how is that so? I didn't cause you anything so that's not my concern." Figuring she'd had enough of his antics, not to mention she had forgotten about going to the toilet that the thought of it really made her want to go now, she said hastily, "You know what? You're obviously insane and I'm not going to stand here with you for much longer." December slung her bag against her shoulder and gathered some books that had fallen earlier into her arms. Throwing him a disdainful look before she walked away with his broken item in her hand, she said, "I'll fix your glasses, but that's about it."copyright protection106PENANAyILHTuGszU

Pierre only looked at her with a smirk before he glanced down at something and picked it up, smirking wider this time. "Aren't you forgetting something?" At that, she paused in her steps and turned around slightly, looking at him with a wary gaze.copyright protection106PENANADV9ydN98r9

He held her notebook in his hands and waved it at her in a mocking manner. At her widened eyes, he threw it at her and while he thought she might have missed it, she caught the book just in time before it could even touch the concrete floor.copyright protection106PENANApK8kZBXLo1

"By tomorrow." Pierre had already started walking towards the direction which she had come from when she heard him say as he walked passed her, "December."copyright protection106PENANAIXJuEDYl5y

Surprised as to how he knew her name, since she was sure they never introduced each other – well, except for him who wrote his name for the whole class to see – she then felt stupid because he must have seen her name on the notebook which he had picked up just now.110Please respect copyright.PENANAzSFjmkWlF1
110Please respect copyright.PENANATWJml04yqT
​Without looking back, she walked briskly to the nearest toilet and just when she was about to enter, her movements forced her to stop as her mind caught onto something. She thought about it, and the more she did, the more sense it made when she thought of that weird guy.copyright protection106PENANAgItpgHdpPE

'I can't believe I didn't notice it before, even in the music store. The guy has an accent.'copyright protection106PENANAzfpHzojxaI

Comments ( 7 )

giccho - The scene with December banging her head is really funny, haha. This comedic scene is not going to be forgotten, at least for me.
10 months agoreply

Emoddess - Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who thought so xD
10 months agoreply

Flow - I think you did a great job on this. I'm interested to see how this tense relationship turns into a romantic one. 

As someone who read the first version I have to say that December is a more developed character and isn't overshadowed by Brooke. 

Not a big fan of Pierre's character, maybe because he has some tropes you see a bit often. But since it's only chapter 3 I'm sure you as the author will be able to evolve his character more. I have faith in you :D
1 year agoreply

Emoddess - Thank you so much, that means a lot to me :')
1 year agoreply

Flow - No problem, but can you review the prologue of Banded Mongoose too? I posted it not too long ago.
1 year agoreply

Emoddess - @JellyKat, Of course, I got sidetracked a bit with some stuff as I was about to check that out. Just gimme a moment :)
1 year agoreply

Flow - I totally understand what you mean. Happens all the time for me.
1 year agoreply