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Adoring December
Writer Emoddess
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Adoring December
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Chapter 3
Comments ( 7 )

giccho - The scene with December banging her head is really funny, haha. This comedic scene is not going to be forgotten, at least for me.
1 year agoreply

Emoddess - Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who thought so xD
1 year agoreply

Flow - I think you did a great job on this. I'm interested to see how this tense relationship turns into a romantic one. 

As someone who read the first version I have to say that December is a more developed character and isn't overshadowed by Brooke. 

Not a big fan of Pierre's character, maybe because he has some tropes you see a bit often. But since it's only chapter 3 I'm sure you as the author will be able to evolve his character more. I have faith in you :D
2 years agoreply

Emoddess - Thank you so much, that means a lot to me :')
2 years agoreply

Flow - No problem, but can you review the prologue of Banded Mongoose too? I posted it not too long ago.
2 years agoreply

Emoddess - @JellyKat, Of course, I got sidetracked a bit with some stuff as I was about to check that out. Just gimme a moment :)
2 years agoreply

Flow - I totally understand what you mean. Happens all the time for me.
2 years agoreply