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Adoring December
Writer Emoddess
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Adoring December
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Chapter 4
Aug 6, 2016
25 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KpyE4OoZKpsP23NgEdMaposted on PENANA

Pierre laid on his bed with both hands folded behind his head and looked at the ceiling…not that it was anything interesting to look at since there was nothing on it. No, he was remembering the things that happened earlier with the silver haired girl whom he learned her name was December.copyright protection134PENANA1jQEfsA4cu

'December,' he thought before mumbling to himself, "A peculiar name for a weird girl… Well, that's fitting."copyright protection134PENANA2WTBBYpZY9

Despite asking the girl to get him a new pair of glasses, he actually had brought a spare one with him in case things like this happened, and for a moment he felt guilty for doing that to her. Pierre really didn't know what made him blurt that out at the time but it was already done. He wondered if she was really going to get it fixed but then shrugged it off. 'So what if she did, anyway? I'll just count that one off as a price for the broken CDs,' Pierre thought.copyright protection134PENANAoqZrtNH80u

But the incident with his motorbike, however, was another thing – which brought a memory that began to irk him.copyright protection134PENANAi1N9G3Cg8O

He thought back to how the conversation between his father and him went the day before he had to leave for the academy.copyright protection134PENANALaLFLmDamB

"Pierre, come 'ere for a minute!" His father had called out to him from the living room that morning. Pierre yawned as he walked down the steps while rubbing his bleary eyes with one hand, carrying two duffel bags with the other. He hadn't intended on sleeping late last night – but a sudden phone call from his ex - girlfriend had kept him awake.copyright protection134PENANAkL2kcw7UE7

"You need me for something?" he asked nonchalantly.copyright protection134PENANAoX9b6QeJ6m

Jonathan Lachlan was a forty-five year old entrepreneur whose exterior seemed to be only of indifference and coldness to others, and while that doesn't really change much even to those closer to him, he did let loose a little bit of emotion only on some occasion. He watched as his son put down the bags on the couch and sat down across from him, looking expectant.copyright protection134PENANAxSxjxiGat2

Folding the newspaper neatly, he began. "There seemed to be a change of plans for today."copyright protection134PENANAMOOO80kgVZ

That got Pierre to raise an eyebrow as he warily asked, "About what?"copyright protection134PENANAnjWxv3nJMu

Rather than replying him, he just said, "I still have some business left unattended here and since it'd be easier for the both of us, I've had some arrangements done for you."copyright protection134PENANA6kmDETWk4q

Pierre leaned back and stared at his father, who returned it back without any caring emotion shown on his face. Pierre had to bite back a scowl and lash out at his father because of the words he had said. 'The only time he'd do something because it'd be "easier for the both of us" was only if it concerns himself more than anyone else,' he thought bitterly.copyright protection134PENANAnQebEncZD7

Seeing how his son hadn't spoken a word of protest – despite the expression of astonishment etched across his face which he ignored, Jonathan Lachlan proceeded to drop the bomb.copyright protection134PENANAZ1qVzWZWFM

"I've decided to put you in a boarding school here in San Francisco."copyright protection134PENANArM6OqKIn5M

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His father only said he had to spend three weeks here in San Francisco just to see and learn how things were done before he could take over the business someday, but to go so far as to change his schools and everything without consulting him? Pierre felt betrayed.copyright protection134PENANANsC2EhpQh3

"What do you mean by that? We had a deal! I was only supposed to-copyright protection134PENANAYg4pcDlbA1

"There was no deal. I only said I'd consider you going back there." Jonathan Lachlan then gave his son a somewhat reprimanding look and strictly said, "This is a good opportunity Pierre, and you'll take it."copyright protection134PENANAX2N4QePyBU

Pierre gave a harsh laugh.copyright protection134PENANAlpnXs1fRSw

"How is this a good opportunity? You're mad!" After a moment, he took a deep breath and composed himself as he sighed. "Doesn't matter. I'll just go back on my own-"copyright protection134PENANAVQNZfZDAad

"And how are you going to do that? I've had your passport and keys confiscated due to that stunt you pulled, remember?" Jonathan Lachlan gave his son a calculating look with a ghost of smirk. It only heightened Pierre's irritation towards his father.copyright protection134PENANAB8fpc6D1Ef

He knew what his father was referring to and he blamed it all on the incident when he went to the music store downtown two weeks ago. If he hadn't bumped into the annoying girl and those CDs weren't broken thus subjecting him to a bad mood, then he wouldn't have accidentally drove his motorbike straight into the side of his father's car – which he hadn't realize was parked there at all in the driveway.copyright protection134PENANAVZFjX7kdYd

He narrowed his eyes at his father. "I didn't do that on purpose." Then, curious as to why his old man were doing this, he asked, "Why are you so opposed to me going back there? That's your hometown! Besides, I'm already in my senior year-"copyright protection134PENANAKT3xTjwwTH

"Which is why I thought it'd be best if you finish your high school here, Pierre." His father said while he rubbed the bridge of his nose and gave him a small smile. Well, tried to. "After you graduate, it'd be much easier for you to get used to things around here while you learn about the business. Besides, it'll be a hassle for me to fly back and forth there due to my work so I figured you could just go to a school here and make some friends while you're at it."copyright protection134PENANAKvPZV15y3K

That irked him. "Tch. I already have friends. Back at home." Pierre scoffed before he got up from the couch and stormed out of the house.copyright protection134PENANAOYKthHACUz

Although he had been stubborn about not going anywhere, his father too had been adamant on him coming to this academy, so he had reluctantly caved in at the end, which was how he ended up in Black Bridge Academy.copyright protection134PENANAPEtTcncIT6

Being so wrapped up in his thoughts made him unaware of someone's presence in the room until they cleared their throat loudly. Pierre snapped out of his reverie and brought his attention to them.copyright protection134PENANAqDCgDxiJ6l

There were two guys in the room and Pierre slowly stood up to greet them. One of them was slightly taller than the other; a dark brunet being the taller guy and a slightly unruly haired sandy blond with a pair of brow line eyeglasses. He was smiling at Pierre.copyright protection134PENANAtUjdoBVZeP

"You must be our new roommate," said the sandy blond. "I'm Weston, and that one is Jethro."copyright protection134PENANAz4u2XGq9pj

"I can introduce myself, man." The brunet one said to Weston before holding out his hand to Pierre. "I'm Jethro."copyright protection134PENANAgQXS6Bqokw

He took it before sitting down. "Pierre."copyright protection134PENANAJOr31QFWPU

"Ah, so you're the guy that everyone's been talking about, huh," said Jethro before he flung his bag onto a bed that was situated at a corner across from them. "You practically made all the girls in this academy fawned all over you, dude." His tone wasn't unkind.copyright protection134PENANAMoYhrVYR5n

Pierre raised an eyebrow and shrugged. What was he supposed to say to that? It wasn't like he noticed any of them earlier, and he was not going to admit it to his roommates either so he just settled on a casual, "Cool."copyright protection134PENANAble9ekKEJ5

Jethro looked at him disbelievingly. "Cool? Dude, I would trade places with you to be the new guy just to have their attention on me."copyright protection134PENANAbtTDxVtdSj

Weston raised an eyebrow at his friend. "You already had that chance last year, Jet."copyright protection134PENANA7EI5Wa0U26

Jethro only grinned at them both. "And coming here was one of the best decisions I've ever made."copyright protection134PENANAidrwnGR8lB

Pierre didn't know what to make of his current situation. First of all, he didn't expect to share a room with a couple of guys, much less two friendly ones at that. Second, despite telling himself not to get too acquainted with anyone in this place, he found himself slowly easing into this whole thing and immediately felt his mood turned sour. He was supposed to hate coming here which he still felt so, and had planned on brooding for a little while, until his roommates showed up with their pleasantries. These things just proved that his coming to the academy was real, in a foreign land and far away from home. He needed to get out of the room.copyright protection134PENANAex47aC2DPU

Grabbing his hoodie, he got up and said, "I think I'm going to look around for a little bit."copyright protection134PENANAXWzF2vP3pR

"Oh, we could show you-" Weston started but was cut off by Pierre who couldn't seem to want to get out of there fast enough.copyright protection134PENANA9I5Beth6BD

"Thanks, but I think I'll manage," was his curt response before Pierre walked out of the room, leaving his two roommates looking dubious.copyright protection134PENANAHPaLXko0Yd

Black Bridge Academy's yard was like a paradise on earth, at least it was to December. The lush green grass with some unusual, bell-shaped flowers planted around them, the little bumpy hill where a Katsura tree was located, along with a tiny pond across them were in total contrast with the school's dull yet historical red brick building. It was one of the things she loved about the place.copyright protection134PENANAUWauBdZrgp

December walked to the spot under the beautiful tree where her friends accompanied. All of them had similar subjects on Tuesday, and since it was the only day where they could all hang out together, December figured they would just eat outside instead of the crowded cafeteria. It was something that they had all agreed on for that particular day.copyright protection134PENANAjp7o0mSisu

She sat down between Brooke and Raven, and took a bite on her custard bun which she had bought. "I can never get tired of these." December moaned in bliss after she took a bite of her food.copyright protection134PENANAV9k6Vhqjhp

"I can never understand your obsession with that," said Raven as she looked at her friend quizzically. "I mean, that's literally all you ever ate at school when there's pudding, pizza and spaghetti-"copyright protection134PENANAxclHGXUFob

"And cinnamon rolls!" joined Brooke with a wide grin. "Let's not forget that delicious bun."copyright protection134PENANA5HAd6AAYT2

"That's what she said," coughed Jethro as he smirked at Brooke. She only gave him a dirty look and said, "Anyways," before she looked at December, "I think what Raven means is that there's a lot of choices to pick from, yet you chose that."copyright protection134PENANAsOcMV74lrl

December huffed at her friends. "Oh come on, it's not a big deal. And it's not even an obsession!"copyright protection134PENANALYy7Fe5AUu

"Yeah, that one is only for our captain of the archery club." Jethro cackled. December widened her eyes and threw her last packet of custard bun at him, which hit him in the eyes. "Ow!" he moaned in pain.copyright protection134PENANAL0bmdiXNhQ

"You know better than to say that out loud!" December hissed in panic as she glanced around, hoping no one heard that remark, especially her crush himself.copyright protection134PENANAQKF2xAaBWB

"Geez, relax D, I don't think anyone heard that." Weston said as he glanced around as well.copyright protection134PENANAXIzvPfJVQE

Still, her heart had yet to calm down. She took some deep breaths and when she felt at ease, December looked at a wounded looking Jethro and said quietly, "Sorry about that, Jet." Jethro rolled his eyes but ruffled her hair playfully in which she swatted her hands at him and shrieked, "Not the hair!"copyright protection134PENANApCEBYRTWFb

It was about ten minutes before the end of their lunch when Serena walked towards them, looking slightly out of breath. "Sorry, I'm late guys. Library's full of work and somebody," she cast an accusing look towards Weston's way, "went M.I.A on me."copyright protection134PENANAMwVsys2J4Z

"I thought you didn't need me there." Weston said to which Serena gave him a pointed look before looking at him with a soft expression. "I always need you."copyright protection134PENANAl1HUxxahs1

"Sorry, love." Weston grinned at that and gave her a peck on the lips. The rest of their friends mock-gagged at their display of affection.copyright protection134PENANAVREzsCrmy7

"Well, at least they weren't sucking their faces off." December muttered but shivered at the mental image of Weston and Serena doing that. The two of them had been going out since sophomore year, and while she was very happy for the both of them, she was also thankful that they weren't like those people in their school who weren't embarrassed to flaunt their PDA for the world to see.copyright protection134PENANAxlDtNcWQV0

Figuring that the next class were about to start, they started to get up from their spot to gather their things. December had stood up to dust her skirt off the grass blades when she spotted a nuisance in the form of a stony looking student walking in the hallways of the building. 'That reminds me of something,' she thought.copyright protection134PENANAQh1ycz5mQy

But it turned out that she wasn't the only one who had noticed him.copyright protection134PENANAoLq2lTFNfe

"Hey, isn't that Pierre?" Weston pointed out.copyright protection134PENANAUNzxgnKceG

"Yeah, think we should call him over? I mean, after last night..," Jethro had trailed off and left not only December but even Raven, Brooke and Serena curious.copyright protection134PENANAd4XfD9OIwE

"Last night? What happened last night?" asked Brooke, whom by the glint in her eyes was hoping to find out some juicy stuff about the new guy.copyright protection134PENANAhUqHWLACzQ

"Isn't he that new guy from our class, yesterday?" asked both Raven and Serena simultaneously before they looked at each other in amazement.copyright protection134PENANAQtEq1VOL82

"Hold on. How do you know him?" December finally asked, her brows furrowed.copyright protection134PENANAsl7pAKyot4

Both Weston and Jethro exchanged glances before the former slowly said, "Well, he's our new roommate."copyright protection134PENANA3KZtsWf3yO

December was surprised but she kept her expression masked. 'It's probably a coincidence that they were all roommates, but still.' She then told herself that she didn't care if it was a coincidence or not.copyright protection134PENANAToiyOjtD5B

"And, well… he seemed pretty cool, but he's not exactly a talker." Jethro shrugged before he bit into Brooke's sandwich. That earned him a flick at the head.copyright protection134PENANAFyWNXxywV1

December scoffed at that. 'Doesn't seem like a talker? Could have fooled me,' she thought remembering to how he had yelled at her in the music store. She snapped out of that when Jethro mentioned something else. "He's definitely not from here though, judging from how he speaks."copyright protection134PENANAAYMAsewIi5

"He has an accent." December blurted out the statement, before she could even comprehend what or why she said that. Her cheeks coloured a little.copyright protection134PENANAwctPKi9dVf

Her friends looked at her. "You've spoken to him, then?" Weston asked first.copyright protection134PENANAPBNLpKiXge

She nodded. December had told Raven and Brooke about the incident involving Pierre, and even filled Serena in too as she wasn't there during the time at the lounge because of a librarian meeting. Feeling incline to recount the story to her male companions, she told them about it.copyright protection134PENANAYRdLrF0Yni

When she was done, Jethro whistled slowly. "Wow, D. Arguing with a random guy in a music store who then turned out to be your classmate? That says something, alright." Jethro grinned.copyright protection134PENANA3UuxJfQTsM

With an amused smile, she quirked up an eyebrow at him. "And what does it say?"copyright protection134PENANA8hnV3NFmKW

If possible, Jethro's grin grew wider. "That it is fate."copyright protection134PENANABJNOufuvdS

While Jethro's statement prompted a laugh from her friends, December didn't join in. Her smile fell and she now had a scowl on her face. "A hopeless romantic, Jet? Didn't know you had that in you."copyright protection134PENANANhNiPxxFq0

His grin now was smug. "What can I say? I'm full of mystery."copyright protection134PENANAryiPtlC9In

Brooke laughed harder as she slapped Jethro on the back. "Nice one, Jethro, but because December here is my buddy I'm going to have you to shut up now before she hurt you."copyright protection134PENANA5j6S8B8D7m

"That won't be necessary since you already did." Jethro winced as he tried to soothe the pain on his back.copyright protection134PENANAwUDjdsRL8h

December couldn't stay mad at her friends, even Jethro, despite that remark. She joined in the laughter as Jethro was scowling at Brooke while the latter gave a sheepish look as she apologized for hitting him hard on the back. Remembering about the guy who had demanded her to fix his eyeglasses, she looked up only to find that he was already gone.copyright protection134PENANALAQ3pjp2t8

'I'll give it to him when I see him then,' she told herself before she glanced around her.copyright protection134PENANAqysxrB8zef

Noticing that there were almost no one in the yard except them, she was too late in realizing that classes had already started several minutes ago. Feeling rather panicked, December and her friends quickly made their way to the school's building before any prefects patrolling around had the chance to spot them.copyright protection134PENANAVKaz4o1W9a

It wasn't until the second last period when she stopped at her locker that she saw Pierre again. December was heading towards the opposite direction he was going, so they were both facing one another from a slight distance. He was walking in the hallway when a couple of giggling girls with coy smiles walked past him as they tried to send coquettish glances, which he were oblivious about seeing as he had earphones plugged into his ears and was looking straight ahead. She wanted to roll her eyes at the girls' antics whenever they spot a male presence within their radius, but resist the urge to do so.copyright protection134PENANAdVK4YanodR

She thought that it would be hypocritical of her when she too, had done something quite similar like that, once upon a time when she was a foolish freshmanExcept hers might have been a step too far than that.copyright protection134PENANAwDpYaQzjpO

Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as her mind took her to that unfortunate memory.copyright protection134PENANAzlzKUE8WAi

A fifteen year old December with a bob haircut came into view. She had heard that a bunch of new students – especially male ones – had been transferred to the academy. Being a newly first year and a hormonal teenage girl, she wanted to check them out and hopefully catch one of their interest. copyright protection134PENANA6OdQSb1gAe

Hiding behind the bleachers in gym class were never really a good idea because one may never know what might hit them, but December didn't know that at the time. Trying to be discreet but also wanting to catch glimpses of the boys, she finally spotted one in a tall, shirtless brunet with lean body. Grinning and giggling foolishly to herself, as well as hoping to have gained a telepathic power, she "willed" the boy to look her way. 'Please look here, look here..,' was what she muttered before her eyes went wide with shock as she was frozen in her spot.copyright protection134PENANA76Rw52nFlM

The boy did looked her way, but it certainly wasn't because of the telepathic powers, nor did he notice her because he felt some sort of connection. No, he was focused on warning her about something as he yelled, "Watch out for the ball!"copyright protection134PENANAtU82F2GNZh

She finally understood then but it was too late as her eyes flew to a flying object before it hit her hard on the forehead. December immediately felt lightheaded and what happened in that moment were a case of blurry as she felt like a herd of elephants were running towards her, coupled with seeing doubles as faces of her peers appeared before her very eyes.copyright protection134PENANA555jWXuXd5

It was then that she went limp and her vision blacked out.copyright protection134PENANAbkb3Rh5eWr

From what she knew and remembered after that, courtesy from the peers that witnessed her demise, the coaches cleared the students that were crowding her and immediately brought December to the infirmary, in which she suffered a mild concussion and had to take a few days off from school.copyright protection134PENANA1ql9s0c9Ob

December was definitely the hot topic in the academy for a freshman, as news about her getting hit with a ball spread around, as well as her apparently not so discreet boy-watching activity. She discovered then that it wasn't a very pleasant situation to be in after all, being the center of attention for such a thing as she was teased mercilessly for both of it.copyright protection134PENANAqUgwddtIaH

She also found out that the boy whom she checked out earlier was a junior, who was nice enough to visit her even after he knew from rumours that she had checked him out at the time. He went to see her once just to see how she was doing before he moved on with his life – and gained himself a really gorgeous and kind girlfriend, that December didn't have the heart to hate.copyright protection134PENANANm1ZqTgv7c

Now, as she finished reliving the awful memory, December stood facing her locker as she shut her eyes tight while mumbling to herself, "Oh my god, that was so humiliating! Why did I have to do that back then? I can't believe that happened. You stupid, stupid girl." With her fifteen year old image still stuck in her mind, as well as the cringing scene that kept playing like a broken record, December groaned before she hit her head lightly on the locker with every mutter, "Go away, go away, go away…"copyright protection134PENANAW8Cih5juf7

"What is it that you want to go away?" a masculine voice with an unidentified accent asked.copyright protection134PENANAFG2Wcf9GYk

BANG!copyright protection134PENANAnLHpK7i1Dp

"Ow!" December moaned in pain.copyright protection134PENANAezyRSQWbkc

She was lost in her muttering when someone startled her by asking that, so naturally, that made her accidentally hit her head hard on the locker. She touched her forehead gingerly before turning around and narrowed her eyes at Pierre. "You."copyright protection134PENANAjZTmV5B5MA

Pierre was walking in the hallway, after spending some time in the library searching for some interesting books to read. He had found a couple but after halfway reading one of them, he was soon distracted by some giggling and not so quiet but hushed whispers by a group of girls from the opposite table. He figured then that he was not going to be able to focus on the book so he decided to just walk around aimlessly and try to explore his now new school.copyright protection134PENANAq9l7z6eR7S

So far, he had discovered that the academy was completely not what it seemed to be, in comparison on the appearance of both the front building of the academy, as well as the inside.copyright protection134PENANAhlrPckF9vZ

When he first set foot before a very high iron wrought gate, with the name 'Black Bridge Academy' carved onto an arch above it, he didn't know what to expect really, but certainly not what he had found. The exterior of the school was all dull and dark, with the dead, wilting trees as well as dry branches and twigs scattered around it.copyright protection134PENANAmPZfbVlN07

The tall gate which reminded Pierre of an eerie, abandoned mansion in the movies, had two big gargoyles posted on each pillar, the only thing that separated it from the whole dark and dead look was the six-story red brick building, although the colour itself had begun to fade as well. As he wandered around, he saw more green in and around the building, more colours which really opened his eyes about how contrasting the whole building appeared to be, and the proverb 'don't judge a book by its cover' came to his mind.copyright protection134PENANAnqhJyQPNIX

He also knew that there were at least a built-in gym, an archery arena, swimming pools, as well as a music theatre hall and studio occupying the academy. It gave Pierre a bit of an idea on just how grand the academy was, and that was only half of what he had found about the prestigious academy.copyright protection134PENANAF0j6PwrvGW

He was immersed in listening to a newly found rock band, that when he bobbed his head to the beat, his eyes glanced around and landed on the girl whom he still couldn't believe went to the same school he was now enrolled into. She was also rather preoccupied with an activity that consisted of hitting her head against the lockers multiple times while muttering to herself. He had to smirk at that and thought that she really was odd.copyright protection134PENANAv2MvhXqDLr

Pierre could just walk away or ignored her even – which would be a very good idea seeing how he didn't want to associate with her in any way – but a nagging feeling urged him to discard that thought and approach her.copyright protection134PENANAK9S2SqTIdB

He answered sarcastically, "Yes, me," before raising an eyebrow and asked, "Do you always hit your head on the lockers?"copyright protection134PENANAGSBZZrvqXc

"Do you always surprise people like that?" December retorted with a roll of her eyes. She knew it was a somewhat weak comeback but it was the first thing she could think of.copyright protection134PENANAnteaYw8o9T

He answered smoothly which annoyed December further. "Only the ones that I don't like."copyright protection134PENANAQU2IWV9PDm

"Fantastic." was her sarcastic reply before she sobered and looked up at him with a wide-eyed expression. 'How could I not notice something unusual about this guy when he's practically right in front of my face?' she wanted to scream at herself.copyright protection134PENANArkf3jfvPGs

Pierre was bemused at the sudden change of her expression but it cleared up the moment she said, "So you already got yourself a new pair of glasses now, huh?" He didn't miss the biting tone of her voice.copyright protection134PENANA13WgdUNljX

He cleared his throat as he composed himself into one of indifference. "Ah, yes, I actually brought a spare one with me."copyright protection134PENANAf9SiSPd1ER

December went speechless. But, it was only for a quick moment before she regained her composure and gave him a heated glare. "First, you asked, no, commanded me to go get you a new one and now you're saying you actually had a spare with you all along?" She couldn't believe he had the audacity to do that.copyright protection134PENANAo6bDavTFkz

Pierre sighed inwardly. He didn't think that would be such a big deal to fuss about, but as he thought about it further, he realized that it was definitely a dick move. He was also not going to admit that simply because his pride wouldn't let him, so he scoffed, "Why does it matter? What, did you get it fixed or something?" He taunted, hoping she didn't. 'She wouldn't have gotten it fixed. Not everyone is that nice – no, she just wouldn't,' Pierre assured himself despite the nagging feeling in his mind that told him otherwise.copyright protection134PENANA8mD4DQYqci

December was already at the brink of losing her temper but reined it in as she inhaled and let out a deep, exhaled breath. She looked up at him and said with a much controlled voice, "It matters because when I said I'll fix it, then I really would try my best to do so."copyright protection134PENANAorsgKk5XlK

'Damn it all,' Pierre thought. He scowled at her, knowing that she had succeeded in making him ten times guiltier than he had been last night, when he had realized it. He really ought to apologize to her because it's the right thing to do, and he wasn't a complete jerk, but again, the damned pride of his refused to let him do so. "So… you actually did fixed it?" He asked stupidly.copyright protection134PENANAPKR0o1whGQ

December threw her hands up in exasperation before she opened her locker, "You know what, Pierre," his name rolled off her tongue in an attempted French pronunciation because it sounded French to her although she didn't think he sounded like one.copyright protection134PENANAQPdtTRkSix

She took a paper bag out, closed it and shoved the item to his chest. "There's your stupid glasses. Oh, and by the way, there's this thing called common courtesy, something which I'm sure you aren't familiar with considering how you lack some." With a blank but annoyed look, she said, "I don't think I owe you anything now so let's just pretend we don't know each other, okay?"copyright protection134PENANAaGZCXJX3Gj

Without waiting for his response, she turned from him and walked away briskly, hoping for the umpteenth time that she would never cross paths with him again.copyright protection134PENANAOw3FxrG3Jn

December walked through the hallways with a frown on her face, her mind still mulling over what Pierre did. "Sure, it's just an information that he didn't mention, but it was still a jerk thing to do," she muttered to herself.copyright protection134PENANAUzd736ZoZh

To the public's view, what he did might not seemed like a big deal to fuss about, and both of them weren't even on the best of terms, but she thought that he could have at least had the decency to tell her. 'And he didn't even try to apologize or give a reason for that!' December rolled her eyes to no one in particular. "Oh whatever. I'm just glad I don't owe him anything-"copyright protection134PENANAVaXUNVDKYk

"Talking to yourself, again, December?" a feminine voice giggled.copyright protection134PENANA3MQ6rny8qh

December stopped in her tracks and paled slightly. She knew the voice, heck, she could even tell what kind of expression the person was wearing at the moment, and that showed just how familiar she was with the person who said those sentences in ridicule. Calming herself, she turned around with a look of indifference on her face.copyright protection134PENANAwlRJtVQsjQ

"Karen." December said coolly.copyright protection134PENANAJe0H8NCLxA

Karen Joyce smirked at the silver-haired girl in front of her. She really couldn't stand the presence of her ever since the English girl came to the academy during their freshman year, and had made it her mission to tyrannize December. She was walking towards the girl's lavatory when she saw her foe arguing with a tall, military haircut guy. At first, Karen was surprised because she hadn't known that there was a new male student, not to mention that he does looked prepossessing to her, but then her expression darkened because December was the one who were in close proximity to him, instead of her. She felt her blood boiling already.copyright protection134PENANA6BnWIOkgXL

"I saw you talking to this cute guy earlier. Do you know him?" Karen's threatening voice did not went unnoticed to her.copyright protection134PENANAyu6qezl41F

December only shrugged as she plastered a blank expression on her face. She wasn't lying because she and Pierre were practically strangers. 'What does it matter to her anyway?'copyright protection134PENANAVLTVs2J4Oh

Karen continued, oblivious to December's own musings. "You know, I can't believe I didn't hear any news about a hot transfer student coming here, considering how fast the rumours spread here." Fixing a look at December, she asked, "It's odd, isn't it? I mean," Karen flipped her hair in a I'm-better-than-any-of-you-losers way and chuckled, "I was in Capri having the time of my life so I completely missed the first day-"copyright protection134PENANAFUS2QARbRO

'She sure laughs a lot at something that isn't even funny…and what's the point of me standing here again?' December mused silently before she decided to interfere in Karen's long-winded talk.copyright protection134PENANAWqj2RxCcCD

"Yeah...odd. I'm gonna go now." December made a gesture of pointing to her left before proceeding to walk away. She thought that it was best to just steer clear of Karen Joyce's way before the girl had any ideas to make her life hell. 'It's pretty shocking to find her in quite a pleasant demeanor considering how evil she could be. Huh, maybe the vacation to Capri did something good to her,' she thought before adding silently, 'Still, I need to always be on my guard.'copyright protection134PENANARxpLtRNcWB

"I'm calling him mine so just stay away from him, you hear me? You don't want to piss me off." Karen's menacing voice bounced off through the hallway as December was about to turn around a corner.copyright protection134PENANAtBwmDnWuyO

December had to resist the urge to stop in her tracks, turn around with a hand cocked at the hips as she send the girl a haughty look with a 'you and what army' remark. However, she knew in a way that Karen Amelia Joyce had an army along with the power to destroy her should the girl want to and she hated how weak and vulnerable it made her feel. Despite putting on a composed exterior, she walked faster, in hopes of getting away from the girl who made it her mission to taunt her for the past three years.copyright protection134PENANAjufCw698jL

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