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Adoring December
Writer Emoddess
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Adoring December
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Chapter 6
Dec 8, 2016
31 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cpSLYrS9KiOUH45apU2xposted on PENANA

"You're Scottish."copyright protection78PENANAGvkmPleIVg

Pierre was just putting the last of his books in the locker when he heard that. Surprised and baffled, he closed his locker and turned around.copyright protection78PENANAv8FnUEPMOA

He raised his left eyebrow ever so slightly, wondering what possessed her to even come and talk to him. He thought that they were still on bad terms because of what happened last time, but here she was, looking at him with that startling bright eyes of hers.copyright protection78PENANA5CvMGAX6v0

December wanted to curse herself for it. Sure, she had figured out his accent, but was it really necessary for her to come up to him, and blurt that out? To make it worse, the realization of that didn't make her feel better at all, because she should have been familiar with the accent, if having had a kind but dead Scottish grand uncle on her mum's side be the indication of that. 'He'd probably turn in his grave if he knew I couldn't tell the differences right away,' she thought with a bit of embarrassment before adding silently, 'May your soul rest in peace, Uncle Ainsley.'copyright protection78PENANADbwXyliN4e

If she could only take those words back and walk away, she most certainly would have done so with no hesitation. Her pride, however, was the only thing that stopped her from doing it.copyright protection78PENANA3AnJYhnO4c

December had just gotten out of Arts when she saw him by the lockers. Completely unaware of what she was doing, she realized a little too late until they were both facing each other that she had blurted those words out. December was still trying to avoid him but now that she had walked up to him first, it felt as though she had caved in and gave up the fact that she should be ignoring Pierre when she made the approach.copyright protection78PENANAo9OTWvuUBZ

She sighed internally. Since running away was not an option, she decided to just brave herself and deal with the problem at hand.copyright protection78PENANAUeaqcJMvwR

She opened, then closed her mouth before opening it again.copyright protection78PENANAKzr7jppHdt

"You're Scottish." She repeated lamely. 'Yeah, no shit, December!' she screamed internally into an abyss of humiliation.copyright protection78PENANATCDHvAdZuO

Now, both his eyebrows were quirked up.copyright protection78PENANAZp3aQfTDLp

"And you're English." He said dryly.copyright protection78PENANAuwZWDjl20z

Pierre didn't know what was going on or why she was even bringing the fact that he was Scottish, but seeing how red her face were starting to get made him feel less irritated with her. In fact, he was amused because how often did he get to see his nemesis' vulnerability? Not very much, he'd say.copyright protection78PENANAwUbaCHLPHg

"Well! I-I was just…" She stuttered and started to tap her fingers against her thigh. She forced herself to keep her expression neutral, however.copyright protection78PENANADGFGQvWJ9I

December could tell that he was enjoying her embarrassment too much, if the smirk and arrogant look on his face be the indicator to that. She wanted to get the damning smirk off his face but held herself back in fear of losing her composure.copyright protection78PENANA9De8zRsVUs

'Think something, think something,' was what she chanted frantically in her mind but try as she might, nothing came to aid her.copyright protection78PENANAvrmHCYonO6

"You were what?" He taunted with that infuriating self-satisfied smile. It was too much for her at that moment.copyright protection78PENANADrNj8DP5nY

'Screw pride!' she thought in frustration.copyright protection78PENANANxB1GbT86O

"Yeah, I was just making sure of something. Oh wow, would you look at the bloody time? I think I have Arts next, so bye!" December all but rushed those words out. Without even looking back, she walked away briskly from him and took the stairs to her right.copyright protection78PENANAACgXjSWIgK

If she had a penny for every embarrassing thing she had done or moment she had to go through, December thought she would have enough to pay her tuition fees. Forget the fact that she had just only came out of Arts a while ago, but she also didn't wear her watch that day. She only hoped he didn't notice her blunder about that last bit.copyright protection78PENANAPUcCdkf2pD

Pierre watched as December ran up the stairs and shook his head.copyright protection78PENANA0daBeRN8ZU

"What was that all about?" he muttered before making his way towards the library.copyright protection78PENANAXAwdxQ6uym

The school's library was grand, with its grand wooden doors leading to a vast and endless shelves of books on the first and second floor. There were always people around it, either walking or trying to reach for a book on the ladder against the shelves. When he first came upon it, Pierre admit that he was in awe with the interior and intricate design of the place, especially after discovering an alcove near a corner which led to a secluded area. It was where he had spent most of his time away – trying to avoid the female posse.copyright protection78PENANAeohr0uLfwb

Pierre had learned not to sit at a place where he was surrounded by girls in the library because by now he seemed to realize a pattern. They would either giggle, whisper, give furtive glances or talk not so discreetly about him. The first few times when he noticed these things, he tried to ignore it. There were even a time or two when he was flattered by their attention and compliments.copyright protection78PENANATwo48DVWMV

But by the end of the week, he got annoyed.copyright protection78PENANAQJvmW2d2xM

It wasn't so much of the compliments that bothered him, rather it was the constant pestering that irate him. Whether Pierre was in the library, the yard, cafeteria, or even on the way to the gents' washroom, he was either tailed or stopped by one of the girls. At first he just thought that they wanted to talk because he was still a fairly new student and he didn't mind that at all, although they almost always caught him at the most random of time. The first week of his enrollment, he had been asked on the basic things that a new student had to go through. Then, it moved to his hobbies and if he wanted to hang with them, before the questions got pretty personal, one which had included on what body soap Pierre used because he, according to a girl whose name he thought was Miranda, said he smelt 'pretty'.copyright protection78PENANApLaGdabZqH

Pierre didn't know what to make of that.copyright protection78PENANAajezondkjZ

After that creepy encounter, he tried to steer clear of any girls that come in cliques. He had even started to hang out with some of the guys from his classes whom he thought was decent, including his two roommates. At first, he didn't want to let himself be swept away by some of the good natured people there but after a month studying, even mingling with some of them, Pierre's resentment towards the place had faded a little bit and he tried to make an effort to at least acknowledge some of them.copyright protection78PENANAf9IKwFNJIk

Although he was starting to be warm towards them, he still had the scary, arrogant and unapproachable look about him which made half of the students wary and steered away from him.copyright protection78PENANAv76FOjP0if

Not that Pierre minded at all, since he wasn't much of a crowd person.copyright protection78PENANAItzW3YkgiD

He walked into an alcove which led into a more secluded room where book shelves surrounded the brick walls opposite him. A mahogany desk were situated on his right with two long burgundy couches in the middle of the room, and in the corner of a left, were two built in seat at the huge window. Since the room was part of the library, there weren't any loud speakers, television or any form of audio entertainment that would cause disturbances throughout the place.copyright protection78PENANAfxNYikD53l

Expecting to be alone in his own little space, he was caught by surprise when he met with his friends' gazes. Weston had just finished arranging books in the shelves while Jethro lounged on the couch. The other two guys lounging beside Jethro were Caleb and Sid, both of whom he met in class.copyright protection78PENANAqztweiQ4i9

"So this is your hideout, huh?" Jethro said, his tawny eyes sweeping a quick gaze about the room. "Pretty impressive."copyright protection78PENANAk1CTXFRiWa

"How'd you know I'd be here?" Pierre grinned as he took a seat by the window.copyright protection78PENANAWcHJaZ3O57

Sid, who sat down in between Jethro and Caleb crossed his ankles and set it on the coffee table. "Apparently, rumour has it that there's a guy that scowls a lot who was frequently seen around in the library, and us being genius, we knew it was you."copyright protection78PENANAavGD1VWSZf

Weston chuckled. "It was a librarian who told you that, Sid." He then added pointedly to the curly haired boy, "And I'd really appreciate it if you could remove your limbs from the table."copyright protection78PENANA1jgEdej5wg

Sid sighed but did as he was told as he muttered, "Right, librarians and their duties."copyright protection78PENANAfssXcDXgr2

"Anyways, what are you even doing here?" Caleb, a slightly buffed guy with white blond hair asked.copyright protection78PENANAnBx3fzZcsY

"Hiding." Pierre answered grimly.copyright protection78PENANArtiH7wVrBs

At that, their ears perked up as they waited for explanation. They all thought nothing but one thing: Pierre Lachlan, their stony faced, newly made friend who was perceived by their peers as an unapproachable person, because he scowled whenever he got the chance was hiding in a small alcove.copyright protection78PENANAHRUaP6NMmf

And they wanted to know why.copyright protection78PENANAPKRnO7WNjo

He knew what was coming based on their questioning gazes so with a sigh, he said, "Before you shoot me any questions, they're just these bunch of girls that wouldn't stop badgering me."copyright protection78PENANALKS4s0Anrc

At that moment, a curly blonde peeked around the corner of the entrance and their attention was momentarily focused on her. "Hope I'm not intruding too much but I really need some help in the department downstairs. Mind if I borrow Weston for a bit?"copyright protection78PENANAP94KjTR6Ge

They shook their heads and grinned at the two couple. Despite being librarians, they don't occupy each other's time twenty-four-seven like the others in their school did. In fact, sometimes they couldn't even tell if those two were even together or not based on the little public display of affection that most students feel important to grace their peers with. Still, they knew the brunet and the blonde were head over heels because of the little things they do for each other.copyright protection78PENANAmvYdSMkPzD

"Just be sure to return him back before our next class starts, Serena." Caleb grinned before adding shamelessly, "I need to borrow his Math book."copyright protection78PENANAekn6pQ6Zdy

Serena nodded as she laughed while Weston rolled his eyes at the broad shouldered jock, before following his girlfriend out.copyright protection78PENANAb3HfO09F7P

The focus was immediately brought back to Pierre. "We're still not done with this?" He asked, eyes widening in disbelief.copyright protection78PENANATtkSGdE02d

"Damn right we're not. You're hiding from a bunch of girls?" Caleb asked, flabbergasted. "You, the big, bad Wolf?"copyright protection78PENANAEgy2nXSuX6

Pierre cast an irritated look at Caleb but the corner of his lips were almost twitching into a grin at the choice of his words. "They're exasperating."copyright protection78PENANA28aKoYKxER

Caleb still couldn't believe his ears as he muttered begrudgingly, "Only you would say that, Pierre. Only you."copyright protection78PENANAnykIq1V42Y

"Who are these girls, anyway?" Sid asked, amused at Caleb's reaction more than Pierre's uninterested reply.copyright protection78PENANAiGfRICPA7M

"I don't know, they're mostly blond and always in a group, I guess."copyright protection78PENANAHaVRUjPERt

Pierre was starting to get a little tired from his morning classes and he contemplated going back to the dorm or just nap elsewhere before the last class starts, which wouldn't be for another two more hours. Usually, he would have used the current room to do so but now that his friends' are here, and they were drilling him with questions as to why he was in a hideout, that's not likely to happen now…copyright protection78PENANAwf1QXsSTwU

The gears in Jethro's head were starting to turn before he said, "There are a lot of blondes in this academy but if you say they're in a group…" Seemingly set on his thought, he asked, "Are they all tall like supermodels and hot as hell?"copyright protection78PENANARPA6GjJvUR

Pierre raised an eyebrow at Jethro but tried recalling the description of the girls in his memory. He knew most of them were tall, because he had checked them out that time when he was out of their view. He was also not going to ignore the fact that they were stunning. Still, he just wasn't interested to fool around at the moment, and he conclude it was because he still wasn't over the breakup with his ex-girlfriend back in Scotland.copyright protection78PENANAhB1csVwizo

He thought back to what Jethro was saying and noted that as for both tall and having a supermodel figure, there was one that stood out in the group.copyright protection78PENANAM5DOWAgPuN

"Yeah, there is."copyright protection78PENANAJlCksjDcOx

Both Jethro and Caleb whooped in triumph as they high fived each other.copyright protection78PENANA3694jCZPUz

"Holy shit, you've gotten the attention of Karen Joyce. You lucky man." Jethro exclaimed as he shook his head in awe.copyright protection78PENANAdGFRvCsLrW

"She's the hottest of them all and you're hiding from her? Her, of all people?" Caleb asked, appalled at the fact that Pierre didn't acknowledge an attractive girl like Karen.copyright protection78PENANAybhbvKu8Wj

Pierre tried to think of some words to say to his stubborn friend but having found nothing, settled on a shrug.copyright protection78PENANAG0pQ5Is5ym

Caleb scoffed. "Hmph! That's not a good enough reason." He didn't understand why Pierre was acting the way he was, since most of the guys at their academy would kill to even have the goddess look their way.copyright protection78PENANAEM3kEyW6ko

Jethro decided to intervene because by the looks of it, Caleb wouldn't drop the subject unless he was satisfied with Pierre's answer, which seemed like a long way shot considering Pierre's reaction.copyright protection78PENANA2Tzj454ze1

He was about to say something to them when he felt his phone buzzed. Realizing it to be a text, he scanned over the words in the phone before proceeding to type a response back.copyright protection78PENANASV1iL70dcz

Jethro wondered about something and decided to ask, "Hey Pierre, have you made your mind about the clubs yet?"copyright protection78PENANAAQmDb0c86w

He got his answer when Pierre's eyes were wide with surprise as he cursed. "Fuck, I forgot about it."copyright protection78PENANAx8p7sucx3q

"Well good thing for you, I've just gotten news that apparently we have only two more clubs open for late recruitment. So you gotta make it quick." Jethro said, looking over his message again to make sure he didn't leave anything out.copyright protection78PENANAyVlAd7HekT

"Wait, what are the options?" Caleb asked, the previous argument forgotten.copyright protection78PENANAOVKazVbL3h

"Archery and fencing."copyright protection78PENANAiAqHIScUpf

"Archery and fencing, huh?" Sid said before nodding at Pierre with grin, "Interesting. I sure hope you'll make the right decision." copyright protection78PENANAlYbHypOfD9

They had gone over with him about the clubs and sports that seemed beneficial to participate in. So far, Pierre had enrolled into some of the clubs but the sports department. According to them, it was super essential to get involved into these things because it makes the process faster in securing into universities or colleges. Of course, grades were equally important in playing the part.copyright protection78PENANA9s4TDDPOoT

It wasn't that Pierre didn't know all of these because that seemed to be the usual main quota for every school, but he was surprised nonetheless to see them taking this seriously. Still, he went along with it.copyright protection78PENANA6HuwocpB6P

Pierre was left feeling pressured because he wasn't any good at those things at all. When they had told him the clubs that were still open for recruitment, he had been indecisive because they didn't seem engaging to him. He would have chosen football but Caleb had told him once that the club had already been full in the beginning of the year. Now that two options presented itself before him, he thought that while archery seemed interesting, so did fencing. He'd never considered about these remaining sports before, but now that he thought about it, the options presented didn't seem that unappealing.copyright protection78PENANAQrN28mrXC5

After accessing the pros and cons about the sports, he knew then which one he could at least try to muster some interest into. After all, if he were to take up one more sport, he figured this one would suit him better.copyright protection78PENANA6LxaFaNuZc

"Uh, I think I'm going to go with..." he paused for a bit before nodding to himself as he confirmed, "…archery."copyright protection78PENANAn5TRCi42Ta

'Bows and arrows seemed pretty harmless,' he thought to himself as he remembered a bad memory involving his cousins when he tried to fence with them once. 'I don't think I'd survive fencing.'copyright protection78PENANARKCFML2dIE

The guys cheered and patted him on the back and welcomed him to the club, even Caleb who was in the football team.copyright protection78PENANAjOqQY51MA1

"Not gonna lie, I was hoping you'd choose our team." Sid laughed.copyright protection78PENANAYY7SQJaUL4

"You made a wise choice, my friend. Now, let's go tell the president and get ready for a meeting 'cause we're gonna introduce you to the lot of them." Jethro said in satisfaction.copyright protection78PENANA5DOHjAslOb

Pierre was taken by surprise. "Already?"copyright protection78PENANA07ZrYYx0K7

Caleb snickered, swinging an arm each around both Jethro and Pierre's shoulder, "So dramatic."copyright protection78PENANA2J69BWTLRF

Pierre grinned at them. A month ago, he didn't think he would be here enjoying the company of the friends he'd made.copyright protection78PENANAPWiEECf7Y3

Then again, a month ago, he didn't expect to come to Black Bridge Academy at all.copyright protection78PENANAiYbiqagXa1

December couldn't believe how idiotic she had been to just walked up to him and say those ridiculous things. These days, she couldn't even comprehend her own actions anymore.copyright protection78PENANA5cKbmm8f8Z

After fleeing from the scene, she decided to spend the afternoon away by a lake behind the school. Although Black Bridge Academy seemed to appear with only a couple of buildings with a nice interior and exterior, December had been surprised to find that there was more than meets the eye.copyright protection78PENANAUYWdCAPRIN

So far, she had discovered a polished marbled fountain in front of a small pond with stones covering a waterfall rushing down to the tier, a white painted gazebo a little farther from the building, a wide beautiful garden archway that had intricate designs of a tree in gold paint and some cherry blossom flowers decorating the tree in silver. December had peeked through one day, and was delighted to see the garden was full of exotic and nonnative flowers. She always had an appreciation of such beauty.copyright protection78PENANAV0M6jchzar

Having stumbled upon the garden, when she first saw it, she felt like a trespasser then. The whole thing felt surreal to her, to unearth something as prepossessing as that. December was afraid if she had gone back again, that it would all be a dream.copyright protection78PENANAAfElq0HygP

Still, she was grateful to have found certain spots that she never knew were there since she came to the academy. Now, December was certain there was more to unveil and that thought both made her excited and curious at the same time.copyright protection78PENANAyaNvop6dhO

Sighing in bliss, she sat down on a bench and looked over to the lake. The stillness of the water and the tranquil surrounding did helped her ease her discomfort over her own actions, but it wasn't enough to block the images of her making a complete fool out of herself in front of him.copyright protection78PENANA1cPOj81AHb

'Breathe…you're better than this. You're not supposed to be bothered by things like this, remember? He's just a guy…and sure, you made a big mistake today but that doesn't mean you have to dwell on it.' December reasoned with herself silently before adding with vehemence, 'Just. Let. It. Goooooo...'copyright protection78PENANA2iqGDRHkqY

copyright protection78PENANA9Z8XuwmAKD

copyright protection78PENANAoMPdA9lCJ3

copyright protection78PENANAOLmesZ69kw

copyright protection78PENANA7uvgrZNOzy

"Ugh! I can't!" she groaned and covered her face with both hands.copyright protection78PENANArYkhcVqyya

"You can't what?" a soft masculine voice asked.copyright protection78PENANABmVXBnXHxh

December shrieked.copyright protection78PENANAeFMKVdJJ1j

Immediately, she turned around to the source but saw no one.copyright protection78PENANAhtiCLuxc25

'W-what? I thought I heard a voice…" she mumbled to herself, eyes wide as she was both terrified and puzzled.copyright protection78PENANAmErhC2FzKc

The place was a bit further from the school view and with no one else around her, realization began sinking in and she started to panic. 'Damn it! I shouldn't have wandered around. What if something happens? No one would know where to find me!'82Please respect copyright.PENANAO4oXupWWTg
82Please respect copyright.PENANA6uzziQAxGP
She was broken out of her frantic thoughts when a sudden figure landed in front of her from…the tree?copyright protection78PENANARYRDINRswT

She watched as he brushed himself off from dry leaves and dusts before looking at her. His pale complexion and blue eyes stared at her with concern.copyright protection78PENANAMOm5q8zYkC

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." He said with a soft but accented voice.copyright protection78PENANA4HgvZSyEsj

December was rooted to her spot, her eyes silently appraising the male figure as she stood still like a statue.copyright protection78PENANARjhIX0wPt3

He looked like one of those high class models with his prominent facial features and cool bearing that she'd seen a lot in Brooke's fashion magazines.copyright protection78PENANAIfR4kidUgx

Her avocation in watching action movies with foreign people and languages, made her guessed that he had to be Russian. 'I've never seen him around campus before…a new student, maybe?' she thought before adding silently, 'Or a trespasser?' At that last thought, her guard went up.copyright protection78PENANAwkfNQeFpT8

"Who are you and what were you doing up there?" She questioned before glancing up at the tall oak tree. 'How did he get up there?' she thought, baffled as she assessed the tree growth to be at least 20 meters high.copyright protection78PENANAIKs0sq1Zfu

The pale boy looked at her with a gentle smile as he answered, "Oh, well–"copyright protection78PENANA2XKT15bfZs

A sudden tune rang out in the air, cutting him mid-sentence. She watched as he fished out the phone from his pocket and answered it with a single click.copyright protection78PENANANwN2jDhZ3a

The stranger waited before replying to the other receiver in a fluent but foreign language. "Da, I'm sorry. I'll be there in a bit, cousin."copyright protection78PENANA7MUAMn0Nmf

Although she didn't know what he was saying to the other person, December was certain now that her first guess was correct.copyright protection78PENANAioc2ie7tt7

With a perplexed look, she watched as he smiled and said, "Sorry, but I must go. Maybe I'll see you soon." With a smile, he gave a salute of two fingers up and walked away leaving her behind feeling dumbfounded.copyright protection78PENANAWgDJjXnAWq

December arched an eyebrow. She was caught off guard and wanted to halt him in his steps, asking him more questions in doing so. Where did he come from? What was he doing here, especially at her spot? What was his name?copyright protection78PENANAK4cFFZ2FNp

She stopped and refrained the urge to do so, lest she feels like a weird and crazy obsessed, stalker. December shuddered at that thought.copyright protection78PENANAV5N785mfzP

"I guess?" She mumbled to herself, watching as he disappeared into the small forest. She shrugged then and turned towards the view, sitting down on the bench. She wanted to at least enjoy the solitude.copyright protection78PENANAnv60fpYCZV

Today was boring and dull because her friends had different classes than hers, and all had their own unavoidable schedules. Raven had to tutor, Brooke had a drama club meeting and Weston as well as Serena, December thought undoubtedly, were dutifully attending to their librarian posts. She hadn't seen Jethro much today but figured he was doing something else. The only time where they could meet was during lunch and that had been a quick one, seeing how both Weston and Serena had to continue their tasks. It was times like these, with having nothing to do at all, that she felt completely alone and awkward. Evidently, the only eventful but unfortunate thing that happened today was when she'd made a fool out of herself in front of Pierre….which now reminded her about the scene earlier.copyright protection78PENANA3K0gpFfsl3

'Real smart there, December,' she thought sarcastically.copyright protection78PENANARg9EnhKJxk

She shook her head, determining to clear off her mind from such thoughts and scene. "This is not doing me any good." She muttered to herself before deciding to head back to school.copyright protection78PENANAzVQGW56UH6

As she was walking on the trail where pebbled stones became her guide to the campus, her phone buzzed. Fishing it out of her blazer pocket, she checked the caller and realized it was Raven. December answered it immediately.copyright protection78PENANAPLQP1gvhIQ

"Hey, Raven."copyright protection78PENANAkz6teuLYej

'Where are you? I've just been informed that we have an archery club meeting. Didn't you received a text?' December noted that there seemed to be a lot of noises and bustling behind in the background.copyright protection78PENANAiOe8uaeA5V

"Club meeting? I should have received it…" December checked her phone, in case there was a message symbol which she didn't notice earlier but saw none.copyright protection78PENANAHUGxKINgZw

"Nope." She responded to Raven before adding, "I guess it didn't get through."copyright protection78PENANA6j5cNjHziV

She heard Raven chuckled on the other line, "Well, good thing now that I'm telling you, right? Anyways, we'll be starting in ten minutes. I've saved you a seat, too."copyright protection78PENANASBJ7JdiXOn

She looked towards and spotted the building in view. Their clubroom meeting was in the left wing, which would only take a few minutes if she brisk walk to reach the building that was nearing. Grinning, she quickened her pace and said, "Thank you! I'll make it in four minutes. Why are we having a meeting? Didn't we just had one a week ago?"copyright protection78PENANATvhA32iRih

As busy and eventful their club was most of the times, they never had to call for a meeting twice, unless it was for a competition or any emergencies. The junior batch had just finished their mini competition against the seniors so that couldn't be it. And December didn't think there was any urgent matters that need to be attended, since she was one of the people who had to be informed, as was her post as one of the board committees. Puzzled, she decided to keep up her pace and discard the thought since she'll find out why in a bit anyway.copyright protection78PENANAnpBtBpMjY5

'I wasn't told and neither were the other committees. Brooke's here but I don't see Jethro…oh wait, she said he's on his way.'copyright protection78PENANAeRGXZpbhn0

Reaching the building, she took a quick turn to the stairs and stopped at the second floor.copyright protection78PENANAEhwWRAYarh

"Okay, I'm already in the left wing so I'll see you there," December heard Raven's reply before she hung up.copyright protection78PENANAsPG3iit5Br

The Archery Society's clubroom wasn't tremendous but spacious enough to place at least forty committee members in the room and fit in other commodities. Two long but packed shelves were occupied on one end of the walls, lined with a few tomes and publications of the club. They were filled with details from the history of the sport and those who played it to the past champions and guidelines of practicing it. On the cream coloured wall that wasn't embedded with books, were decorated with a couple of paintings of famous archers from the ancient times.copyright protection78PENANAaQjRNihZzE

December had thought then that the club definitely lived up and represented the essence of the sport.copyright protection78PENANA0dWxaO78Yy

As soon as she arrived, Raven had spotted and pulled her aside to a small podium where the board committees were sitting at, facing the other club members. She scanned over the room and saw Brooke talking to a couple of girls in the small crowd. Wondering if their club president were already there, she glanced around until her gaze landed onto Zach while he talked to their treasurer, Cory. Her cheeks flushed a little at the sight of him and December chastised herself for not having self-control. As she tore her gaze away from the object of her affection, she noticed Jethro and Sid making their way towards the podium, greeting and slapping some of their friends' backs.copyright protection78PENANAqro6vGoYM0

What she failed to notice, however, was a certain tall and bespectacled someone trailing behind the two of them.copyright protection78PENANAqXQJOE25DB

December sat in the front line of the seats, between Brooke and Raven. While everyone was taking their seats, some of those who are still filling into the room, she decided to turn her attention to her two close friends.copyright protection78PENANAKEPHbZvi8u

Remembering about the odd guy whom she encountered by the lake, she decided to impose her thoughts. "Do you guys know anything about a new transfer coming here?"copyright protection78PENANARyVfEqW3oJ

Brooke arched a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "Transfer? Not…that I know of." Then, her hazel eyes shone with excitement. "Why, did you see any? Where on earth did you go just now?" She added the last in a demanding but playful manner.copyright protection78PENANA3PGTyvxBAb

She laughed. "I was by the lake," before she added with an affirmative nod, "Only one, but he's definitely someone whom I haven't seen around."copyright protection78PENANAclP2212yja

"Maybe he's a regular here but from a different grade than us?" Raven asked before adding, "What were you doing there anyway?"copyright protection78PENANA2aJXqoomrM

December looked pensive. "Thinking."copyright protection78PENANA5vCMoahWMS

"That far?" Brooke teased before switching to her boy-crazed mode. "It's a he, you say? Now, this is interesting. Explain, sugar." She demanded.copyright protection78PENANA7YeX1hY3Ph

To Brooke, she sighed. "You and your infatuation with -"copyright protection78PENANAeRsYOTmcgO

"It's not my fault that the guys here are yummy looking. And besides, I'm appreciating the goods that they have," she quipped.copyright protection78PENANAZmjB8HMqDy

Raven shook her head. "You're like the guy version of Jethro sometimes."copyright protection78PENANAiLxwIzOGDD

December rubbed her chin before nodding thoughtfully, "More like Caleb."copyright protection78PENANAYSurQjldwB

Brooke pursed her lips at the two of them before scoffing, rolling her eyes as she did so, "Puh-lease! I'm not the least bit like them. Have you forgotten the fact that I hate them both?"copyright protection78PENANA1wXk862VwG

December answered without a beat. "You tolerate Jethro –"copyright protection78PENANAuPr2maBaRe

"- but hate Caleb." Raven finished.copyright protection78PENANANQ7ihXBCa8

Brooke raised an eyebrow at them. "That's creepy and irrelevant," before waving her hand offhandedly, "They're not important right now."copyright protection78PENANAebEbwNhyIO

Just then, Zach approached them with contrite.copyright protection78PENANAfcDGeZRP9I

"Sorry for springing this out right now. I didn't have time to properly announce this." He said sheepishly.copyright protection78PENANA4XybfQ9Qsk

They waved the matter off with an easy going smile as December, ignoring the erratic heart beating especially when he had that expression on, said, "Don't worry about it. What's going on, anyway?"copyright protection78PENANAZGwDS2qaB8

Zach continued with his usual grin, "Well, you know how we have been looking for another member since the last one had transferred?"copyright protection78PENANAYQlCxzBopL

They nodded.copyright protection78PENANA6uIEGXuQOX

It was true that their club have been spreading word about needing a new member but that was a few days ago. She knew most people wouldn't choose archery as their first choice since it seemed like a tough thing to do, and there was the possibility that they could get a serious injury as well.copyright protection78PENANAaNEGqxJRHk

Unless they liked the sport or was a new student in the middle of the year, then that would be the reason why they joined. At the thought of a new student, she quizzed the possibility mentally, 'Could it be the guy that I saw earlier?'copyright protection78PENANA0GbliIVU6l

Zach's voice pulled her out of her thought. "I've just been informed about our current status and wanted to introduce the member right away."copyright protection78PENANAFdQnRwkmm8

They nodded in unison. So now they knew the reason why and it made December curious as to who the person might be.copyright protection78PENANAkxVYdmvWed

"This is definitely different from all our meetings." December said.copyright protection78PENANAheTsAcbw6h

"Only because it's the first time we've had a new member joined in when it's almost towards the end of the year." Raven said.copyright protection78PENANASLuI8mftJB

Brooke sighed irritably, "For an awesome sport, we're not much popular among the people's choices, huh."copyright protection78PENANAC38y2mVyj9

Zach chuckled. "Maybe so, but I wouldn't dwell on that much. We've gained 40 members in a month and a half early this year, right? Now, that's popularity, if you ask me."copyright protection78PENANAMBoG3ZSevZ

She thought of that for a moment and nodded to herself as she laughed. "So it seems."copyright protection78PENANAwoK16Toln7

After chatting a little bit with them all, Zach excused himself from the trio and walked towards the others beside the podium.copyright protection78PENANAXZb6yestNM

Brooke laughed. "Good job in choosing our president as your crush, D. He's a great pick among the rest, alright."copyright protection78PENANADzn1gr18Fx

December's eyes widened as she swatted the giggling girl's arm. "Brooke!" she hissed, looking around wildly. She really didn't want anyone to know about her crush on Zach. Brooke and the others knew about it but sometimes they just loved to tease her mercilessly.copyright protection78PENANA7cVSd2MBn9

The hazel eyed girl sobered. "Relax! I wasn't loud."copyright protection78PENANAJl9VrH9UbX

"Yeah, but you almost gave me a damn start there." December muttered in displeasure.copyright protection78PENANAGOw3QNuSVa

Raven glanced at them and gave a short laugh before her eyes scanned over the already crowded room. "I'm wondering who the new addition for our club is…"copyright protection78PENANAp3nkWAnIcK

'I wonder that as well,' December thought, feeling partially thrilled and curious.copyright protection78PENANARW51RxI1rU

A few minutes later, they watched as Zach walked up to the small podium and tested the microphone lightly before saying, "Alright, may I have your attention, everyone? The meeting is about to start now."copyright protection78PENANAY7JvbziGre

Some people who were still filling in the spaces took their seats quickly and December noted then that everyone was present.copyright protection78PENANARRieceOzW1

With eight people sitting around the front podium and thirty-two familiar faces blinking at them, December thought that the fortieth member could be among the crowd. She started to scan over but found no unfamiliar face to be in it, or rather the one whom she met by the lake earlier. Hating how impatient and ridiculous she felt since she was about to find out about it, December waited and listened to Zach's speech.copyright protection78PENANAkOYpPPXyRo

Sitting in between Brooke and Raven along with several other people in the front lines, she was oblivious to the possibility of the new member sitting among her in the third line at the back.copyright protection78PENANAsQwclILEod

Pierre thought that the process of introducing people to new things or whatsoever was a bothersome. 'This reminds me back on my first day here,' he thought with an irritated sigh.copyright protection78PENANATf5buhqjQm

He remembered being angry at his father for sending him here and wanted to rebel against his old man by doing anything he want. Still, his resolve began to waver when he found out that things were not that bad here. And then, there was also the thought of a certain annoying, sky-blue eyed girl…copyright protection78PENANAkabiA18xz0

He had noticed that she was in the room, the moment he entered and trailed behind Sid and Jethro, watching as she laughed with her friends. He was surprised to see her in the same club because he imagined her to be in…well, in other clubs rather than this one. He had even contemplated backing out but knew that since he was already here, it was too late for that. Judging from their earlier episode, he didn't think she'd want to face him again after that.copyright protection78PENANAW2Qtecb0RA

Perhaps that was the reason why he opted to stay hidden from her view when his friends offered for him to sit at the front.copyright protection78PENANAeKQjVkAlDr

He didn't want to spoil the surprise yet, he thought with a wicked grin.copyright protection78PENANAIXCUgcVpKu

He sat in the very back, aware of his somewhat nemesis sitting in the front, oblivious of his presence. Pierre didn't understand why he always seemed to enjoy making her frustrated and angry but he just did. It gave him a sense of enjoyment that she was affected by him which felt odd, but he didn't bother thinking anything of it.copyright protection78PENANApHxgaLslMj

Both of them snapped their attention to Zach as he said, "…so now, let's all welcome the new addition to our club, Pierre Lachlan!"copyright protection78PENANAV03LjZ6UlJ

December's eyes were wide as she processed that. 'Did…did he just said Pierre?'copyright protection78PENANAm4HYYXbTnV

The sound of people clapping around her were deafening as she followed the gaze of her peers' looking over her head. As everyone around her started to glance behind them, she followed suit and felt her face drained of colour.copyright protection78PENANAoNCV3NHw8t

Standing up as his normally stony faced breaking into a small grin, December watched as he stood from his position – he was in the third row, sitting at the end towards her left and she frowned at him. Pierre gave a small wave to everyone and almost immediately, most of the girls in there squealed in delight while some guys whooped in as well. As if there was a magnet pull, he glanced at her and his grin turned into an arrogant smirk. December rolled her eyes in irritation.copyright protection78PENANAP4uTQOTWIf

Beside her, Brooke, oblivious to her friend's predicament muttered amusedly, "I never thought he'd be our new addition."copyright protection78PENANAF5jm3hkebI

"Exactly my thoughts." She said bitterly. 'Why did he have to be in this club? As if it wasn't enough that I made a fool of myself in front of him, he just had to be in the archery club too?' she thought with disdain before adding in a dark mutter, "This has got to be a cruel trick from the universe."copyright protection78PENANAazvMuzzc5I

Raven and Brooke both noticed her change of demeanor and were puzzled by that. Ever since the guy came to the academy, they noticed somehow that their friend was either distant or frowning whenever there was a mention of him. It had been amusing at first, especially when December told them of her incident with Pierre a month ago, but now they were really curious about the two of them. After all, the girl rarely ever dwell on things too much, or so they thought.copyright protection78PENANAGVMaODYIzH

After a few speeches and introducing the crowd, including the board members, December was relieved that the ordeal had been over. She couldn't bear facing him after what happened and so, with determination in her mind to avoid any contact with him, she started for the exit.copyright protection78PENANAXeMhBQyW4K

She walked alongside Raven and Brooke, trying to keep her animosity at the thought of him at bay as they walked towards the right wing.copyright protection78PENANAEej91OIB0O

"You know, D…what is the issue with you and Pierre?" Brooke wondered. They came to a stop, a wide view of the school's garden compound spread before them.copyright protection78PENANAkGJ7QyKPgj

December's eyes widened as she didn't think she was a person whose expression was obvious. Apparently, she wore her heart on her sleeve.copyright protection78PENANAxeyjv9945e

She tried to be nonchalant but stuttered, "W-whatever do you mean?"copyright protection78PENANAOJs7TuVC6W

Both Raven and Brooke gave her a look which clearly said they didn't buy that façade.copyright protection78PENANAqqCaxtIhiZ

She looked at them for a little while before the intensity of her friends' stare broke her composure.copyright protection78PENANAAPd99JijNo

"Ugh, okay! I just…just… you know what? Didn't you have to meet some people for your event?" She laughed nervously and then addressed Raven, "And you have a tutoring session now, right? I guess I'll see you guys later!" Trying to make a dash for the exit, she was clearly outnumbered since both her friends anticipated her action and therefore had already blocked her way.copyright protection78PENANAxB80J2vFEB

Brooke said apathetically, "You know we both had that done and over with," before sharing a look of concern with Raven and sighed, "Honestly D, you do know that you can count on us, right?"copyright protection78PENANAB51dfzGXQZ

She bit her lip in tense.copyright protection78PENANAWrOaAYTThG

"Look," Raven started, "We were just worried that's all. I mean, you've been having this glaze and distracted look whenever he's mentioned. That, or you'd frowned and get angry."copyright protection78PENANAhPiqQ2slH7

"And as your friends, we care. So, either you spill or we're going to have an intervention." Brooke said smugly.copyright protection78PENANAXjcZxryepo

December stared at them.copyright protection78PENANAdmP2wq0pji

It was true that she considered them both some of her closest friends but does she want to confide in them about Pierre? Especially since she herself couldn't understand why she was so agitated with him, for even the slightest thing? Sure, he pissed her off immensely and she never knew she had a limit to her patience. Still, it didn't make sense to her why she was letting him have an effect on her.copyright protection78PENANA6B8p1Zstk9

It was ridiculous to think that of course, because her friends had always been there for her, even when she was bullied by Karen Joyce. Touched by their concern and feeling guilty for holding back, December laughed a little as she shook her head.copyright protection78PENANABitNh0fPeE

With a sheepish grin, she said, "Sorry for making you worry. And thanks guys."copyright protection78PENANAes13uxtvXN

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