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Series: Before The Thunder
Challenger Kirishima Aoi*
Challenger DestroyerNinja
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Series: Before The Thunder
Series: Before The Thunder
Submission Closed

The sound of thunder ceased, and rain quickly poured soon after, soaking the streets, buildings, everything. Traffic started to worsen, and yelling started to fill the atmosphere.

However, that is a whole different story.

Although the rain was still pouring and the noises continued, he didn't move the slightest. Remained standing on the sidewalk, he soaked in rain while ignoring the gazes of some people who started to bore because of the traffic. It was as if he was a statue.

However, that silence didn't last long. As though something crossed his mind, he looked up to the sky and chuckled. Tears started to drop and lurk among the dropplets of rain, and his chuckle slowly stopped and turned into a slightly awkward laugh as he tried not to cry, but it was pointless. He realized that guilt had already blighted him. He didn't admit it, but he realizes this fact - that he wants a second chance.

Total Reading Time: 3 minutes


DestroyerNinja - When does this end?
1 month agoreply

Kirishima Aoi - Supposedly 5 October
1 month agoreply

DestroyerNinja - @Kirishima Aoi, can you elonginate the time limit? Cause i want to write a whole book about it.
1 month agoreply

Kirishima Aoi - @Hatchwho, sry I can't :/ the time limit is already set when the contest is made; it can't be changed unless I know how.
1 month agoreply

Anvic - What you could do @DestroyerNinja is to copy and paste the entries to a new document! I would recommend to you to keep it in word for back up. 
And then you just paste it into this site.

I wanted to write in this series too but I got seriously busy the past few months! 

Best of luck though, 

if you need any help, or anyone to read through contact me! 
3 weeks agoreply