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After I Fall
Writer Courtney Peterman
  • G: General Audiences
  • PG: Parental Guidance Suggested
  • PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned
  • R: Restricted
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After I Fall
After I Fall

Cole Donner is a workaholic. Growing up in the foster care system taught him how to fend for himself, and he's been determined to climb to the top of his father's Manhattan finance firm since he was adopted at twelve years old. When two children are tossed into his mix, it's all he can do to keep his sanity and when the unexpected happens, Cole finds himself with no other choice than to hire a live in caretaker to help run the household. 

Life rarely turns out how you plan it. Abbey Feldman knows this all too well. She always envisioned marrying her high school sweetheart, Braeden, and raising a family. Seven years ago that dream was shattered when he disappeared, leaving her pregnant and alone. Since then her life has turned into a downward spiral that she can't overcome. When a promising job interview is arranged for her she jumps on the opportunity. The problem is, her boss isn't someone she thought she would ever cross paths with again. Cole is stubborn, angry at the world, and more scared about his situation than he wants to let on. It's all Abbey can do to keep her sanity and her job as she juggles Cole's moods and two needy kids, with the hope that she'll be able to fix her life in the end. 

 As Cole and Abbey get to know each other a strong friendship forms between them. The problem is, Cole has never believed in falling in love and Abbey has never accepted Braeden's fate. A force more powerful than the both of them pushes their friendship into something more, but something earth shattering looms in the background, threatening to drive them apart forever.

Total Reading Time: 2 hours 43 minutes


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