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Writer Kenzie17
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After another unsuccessful relationship, Pandora finally surrenders on looking for love for the time being. She ventures off to a pier, where she dozes off. She wakes to the sight of a mythical creature within her grasp. Soon, Pandora is turned into the said creature, and forced to live as one of them for the rest of her life. 

Catching the prince's attention, Pandora's welcomed into the palace, finding an emotion she has long forgotten and put behind her. The young creature is given a chance at what every little girl dreams and then some, but her duty to the mers felt more important to her. 

She's given a choice to make, especially when Modesa's Security is breeched, forcing Pandora to leave her new life behind to be in search for a criminal. 

She finds clues, leading to the disappearances and murders of other creatures on territories. Pandora finds that she cannot search alone. Advised to talk with ancient royalty, Pandora travels to Europe, where she encounters many wolves and their prince. She's captured and locked away in the dungeons until she escapes with an unlikely ally.

With many searching for her head, Pandora is caught by the only man who can save her life; The King of Drakes. 

As Pandora is faced with many consequences that render her curious, she soon realizes the Drake King is not an ally, nor a foe. Her heart is put to the test with the tempting king, only to see the land she once left. Hurt and angry, she manages her final escape. 

Pandora encounters many obstacles standing in her way to reach her kingdom, conflicts arise in her romances that could potentially cause the love created to fall apart, and she soon realizes that love is not only a sham, but a cursed emotion. Her life and others rests in her hands, whether she likes it or not, and with the clock ticking, she's forced to pick a side.

Join Pandora on an adventure of how a woman can be turned into a siren.

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Total Reading Time: 20 minutes


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