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The Blind Lady
Writer Hellotinybeings
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The Blind Lady
The Blind Lady


Marra Maerkel, daughter of a prominent family in Villa Avenue, went missing only to be found dead and stuffed in a suitcase. Weird markings were carved on her body. She was severed multiple times and was missing a tongue. She was perceived by the public as a pious woman, well-mannered and gentle. But like everybody else she had a secret that she kept even in death.

Author's note:

The story is written in multiple characters' perspective. It goes without saying that their judgement and interpretation of events vary independently. One might see white another would see red or blue or purple and on it goes.

P.S. Somebody told me that the book contains serious issues that I seem to glorify. The thing is that, I am not one of the characters. I wrote them, yes, but I am not them. If somebody glorifies an issue in the book then that's the way the character thinks. The character is designed that way, not me. We only read the characters' thought and what they do or what they did. We do not read what "I" thought or what "I" do or what "I" did.

I do not glorify sensitive issues or anything of that sort written within the book. That's a character's perception of life, not my own.

Nonetheless I seek to forewarn the reader; the book contains issues like rape, religion, sexual desire, existence of life, homicide, betrayal, violence, organized crime, crooked politicians, cults and dark thoughts.

Total Reading Time: 42 minutes


Aquarius12 - Or does this story finish in 3 chapters?

4 weeks agoreply

Aquarius12 - Are you still updating?
sorry i dont know cause i am new
4 weeks agoreply

Hellotinybeings - I don't think anyone is reading this so I kinda forgot that I have this here. I have eight chapters in different platform though. I might update this if I feel like it.
2 weeks agoreply

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3 months agoreply