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Short Story
Time to Relax
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Writer Melani Punjani
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Time to Relax
Time to Relax

I have to relax my own after all of the bad and heavy things accompany me. I need to refresh my mind, my mood, my thought, to continue my hard life. So I chose this place to be my destination in my free time, although the place is far from my house and the road to get there is like a race circuit. However, this place didn’t make me disappointed so when I arrived, I love this place immediately because it is a marvelous and unbelievable sight I have ever see. The skies were blue with the sunshine so bright, it supported for my short holiday.

I was walking in the road around the water when the birds were flying freely in the sky, nothing burden in their life I want to be like them who were flying with sturdy wings and without limits. The waves touched each other with the stones, they agreed with each other to make this beach became fabulous and they made sounds that made me feel at home, cool, peace, and comfortable. The wind touched my cheeks smoothly like giving the impression of affection. It was a wonderful day with my sweet family. My mom knew what happened with my day, so she invited me to spent my free time in this place.

When I put my legs in the water, I felt enjoy. I forgot about anything that made me stress. I just focused on my holiday and I didn’t want to think anything but the time passed very quickly and I must go back to my house. I was happy with that short holiday although I need more than it. When I arrived home, I went to the bathroom immediately to take a bath and I slept because I must go back to Bogor. I love this short holiday.

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