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Quiet in the Star of the Spice King
Co-Writer Blondemaverick*
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Quiet in the Star of the Spice King
Quiet in the Star of the Spice King

... She slowly pulled the curtain back and he heard a sharp intake of breath from her as the eternal night greeted her with its multitudes of stars. The streaks of colorful Ancestor Light revolving around his palace like so many halos of translucent taffeta coiled passed the window like aquarian colored waves on the darkest of oceans.

She put her hands to her face. Then she draped herself over the windowsill to watch the passing lights. He wondered what she thought of it all. Did she marvel at the Ether like he had long ago? Was she in awe of it? Did she understand what she was seeing at all? Did she wonder about the places or the stars beyond the one she resided in?

But he didn’t air any of these queries. For once, looking at her didn’t make him feel like he didn’t understand her. For once, he had a feeling he knew exactly how she felt... 

Rowena, proud to die, is offered to her village's resident seasonal deity, The Spice King, so that the god can be reborn and herald in the Spring... only to discover that her sacrifice is completely unnecessary, machined into import through the schemes of the power-hungry shaman, Wolf.

But her Lucky Star convinces the King Himself to bring her back to life to aid Him (and his poorly equipped pantheon) in The Great Game of cosmic politics unseen and untenable to the rest of Mankind.

Prepare yourself for a far-flung tale of theology, romance, and interstellar drama!

NEXT UPDATE: 8 April 2020

Total Reading Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

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