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body positivity
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Writer ~Venus~
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body positivity
body positivity

Authors Note: Okay, this is a bit far off what I generally do, but I think my page is going to shift from fantasy to more social justice things. Not to say I wont write fantasy any more, it just won't be as frequent. But don't worry, demons fans! ill still update demons whenever I can.

Body positivity. This has been a issue for years. It's made people feel bad, made companies profits, and made countless celebrities entire reputation. Overall, the message is good, don't get me wrong! I think it's amazing that people are accepting and loving of their body shape. But there are still flaws. I'm sure you all have heard the comment "can we show some real body types?" on platforms; may it be Instagram, TikTok, or just a review on a shopping website. And you may agree with that statement, but heres the thing, and I'm going to say this as plainly as i can; PETITE👏 SIZES 👏 ARE👏 REAL👏 BODY👏 TYPES👏 TOO👏 . sure, you don't see them as often, but they still exist!! I'm just saying, if you want to show body positivity, and be inclusive of everyone, which is what i know is the intent behind the statement "can we show real body types", then shouldn't we be inclusive for girls and boys who are the smaller sizes? 

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