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The Perfect Amount of Messed Up
Writer MichelleEveleen
  • G: General Audiences
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The Perfect Amount of Messed Up
The Perfect Amount of Messed Up

Tate hides his past behind a simple life. Tattoo shop, psychology classes and girls. Lots of girls. That is until he meets Charlotte. She is perfect. The good girl, the never step out of line girl, the girl with life figured out. The more Tate spends time with Charlotte the more he realises that none of it's true. That she has suffered, maybe even more than him. Will they defy their pasts or drown in them?

Total Reading Time: 3 hours 19 minutes


hanshy - I think ending the synopsis with a question is sort of cliche. Maybe add one more line of information or another sentence onto the end. Also the part, "The good girl, the never step out of the line girl, the girl with life figured out....." was sort of confusing to read and I had to re-read it. Maybe change it to, "The good girl. The never-step-out-of-the-line girl. The girl who has life figured out,"
That way the attributes/assumptions given by the narrator are separated and less confusing. Just some little things I noticed. I'm very picky and observant when it comes to stories but will only take time to point out these things if I think that the story has great potential. It sounds like it'll be a great story! I'll get to reading it as soon as I can! xoxoo
1 month agoreply

MichelleEveleen - Thank you for your advice! I hope you enjoy xox
1 month agoreply