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How well do you know your fairy tale?
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How well do you know your fairy tale?
How well do you know your fairy tale?
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Cinderella is a real bore. We all know that. But what if it wasn’t? That’s your task, fellas, write a story in which Cinderella is made into something you never expected (example as in Cinderella kills her stepmother)

So, let’s see who writes the best story, if you’re able to rewrite the most famous and the most heard story. Could you do it?

The highest rating you can give is PG-13.

Total Reading Time: 1 hour 8 minutes


Smoke & Fire - Sounds awesome but If I'm the winner, give any prize to the runner up. I need nothing, just a competition.
4 months agoreply

SnazzyRen - This contest sounds super fun, and I'm assuming it has to be Cinderella, not a different tale?
5 months agoreply

- Umm yes. To lessen the burden of those who can’t think about another tale 😂
I was planning on a different tale contest, only later though. 
5 months agoreply

TheGentleman - Am i suppose to write in English or what?
5 months agoreply

SparkleCadet - @Saanvi, he's from china give him a break
5 months agoreply

- @SparkleCadet, Oh ok sorry. Dinno.
5 months agoreply

TheGentleman - @SparkleCadet,Its Hong Kong, HK =/=China, thank you very much

5 months agoreply

- @TheGentleman, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to be racist or anything! 
5 months agoreply

SparkleCadet - @TheGentleman, Are you being sarcastic or since. I read your profile. And since i know that you could write in english i need to ask you something? 
5 months agoreply

TheGentleman - @Saanvi, easy, pal, no offense taken 
5 months agoreply

TheGentleman - @SparkleCadet, What do u want to ask? ?.?
5 months agoreply

SparkleCadet - @TheGentleman, i wanted to know if maybe you could transate some of your works. Like i said, i read your profile, your works look intersting and i want to read it but i cant understand it. And some of the other english or different language users might look at your profile and want to like you and decide to check you out but they cant becuase they understand what you write so you cant probably understand them. Thats what i though for awhiled.
5 months agoreply

TheGentleman - @SparkleCadet, well, actually i wrote some of the dialogues in English since i feel smoother that way...(probably because some characters are Americans LOL)

But write the whole story in English? That would be hell of a challenge for a non-English speaker such as myself, beside i dont read much English novels, dont know where to start really :P

Thx for ur kind words anyway :D
5 months agoreply