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    Hi, everybody, I am beginning to write new stories. I will try to update frequently! Thank you for taking interest in my books! I'm glad you're here to read my books! But before you start off a reading journey, here are few basic facts about me and A. Basic facts about me: 1. My name is Hey11. Since this is a writing/reading website, I would like to inform you I have reading/comprehension issues. I will update myself frequently on my personal issues, the ones I'm willing to share with the public. B. WHAT THINGS YOU SHOULD DO AND SHOULD NOT DO: 1. Do NOT ask my real/first/last name, or age. That is my privacy. If you ask it, I won't block you, but I will not answer any of your messages, regarding that question, should you ask it again and again, as I see blocking as a threat to others. 2. Do NOT follow me if you're not reading or taking interest in one of my books, or have nothing to do with me. People who follow me should have something with me, like reading my books, sharing my interests. If you realize that I've only read your book once or twice, don't follow me because I might not like the book. 3. Always feel free to talk to me when you're lonely or down. 4. You MUST follow me if you plan on finishing my books and keeping updated. 5. As crazy as it sounds, I really encourage you guys to pressure me. To keep telling me to finish, finish up a book! Because it really helps out a lot. But when I say I really have other important things to do, I mean it. But keep bugging me, I love it. That's it. Thanks.
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Pieces of Puzzle(Maze Runner

Aris Jones has been sent up to the Maze...the only boy. When he wakes up, he only remembers snippets of his previous life. The girls don't trust him at all. He must convince them, that, once and for all, they can escape the Maze without giving away suspicion. It isn't until he's in there, he finally realizes, how, escaping the Maze isn't as easy as it seems. Can he piece everything together in his mind, escape the Maze....or die trying....?