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    Conflagration Blitz
    Conflagration Blitz
    [Formerly Jess Rufus!]

    If you listen to the void for long enough, you can sometimes hear me yeeting myself out of oblivion to write something substantial.

    The query "uploading schedule" returned an error 404, though.

    I have a plot sometimes. Mostly, I'm planning and designing characters for no apparent reason other than "ooo look at these cool personality traiiiiits".

    I'm a hobbyist writer and (digital) artist! I've also coded three short games, somehow. I like to consider myself a jack of as many trades as possible, but I'll master something eventually. Other pasttimes include trying to become fluent in another three languages (Thai, Japanese, Latin) whilst also trying to remember my mother tongue, UK-English.

    A note for those looking through my portfolio: I've been on Penana for a long time, so please check the date of publication! Don't fall into the illusion that something from three years ago still accurately represents my writing skills nowadays. I like to think I've improved a little.
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Agent Phoenix: Reborn
PG-13 Completed

Clara is an ordinary girl - or, at least, she thought so.

Until she found out the truth about her past; the truth that was hidden from her for her entire life.

Now she is tasked to save the world - from her best friend.

She must follow in the footsteps of her father and fulfill her destiny to save the world again.

She is the girl who has enough power to either save the world - or destroy it...

Includes the song 'Only My Railgun', which belongs to the owners of FripSide.

Update from 2020: the me from four years ago really had a compelling intro down, I see.
The song was inspiration for the main character. I also don't own the cover photo.