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R for Revolution
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R for Revolution
R for Revolution

Many people think creative writing is not a serious activity. However, I would like to defy - The process of creating and writing is in fact a form of revolution itself. 

Characters make the Stories. No matter how intriguing the idea or exciting the plot, if there isn't a character that we care about, the rest of it falls flat.

In this story anthology, I hope to write about the characters that live in my mind. I will give each of them a code that starts with a "R" . And "R" represents "Revolution". 

I will open this to a collaboration piece later so that some people can also participate.

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Lata - I couldn't agree with you more! Please do write those characters. I would absolutely love to read this. 
3 years agoreply

UnseelieSidhe - Yes while having drinks and dim sum lol. Yes, I hope that you do. You are much too talented to not finish. I'm rooting for you. I know you can do anything at all that you set your mind to. I've read a little of your work and it is very good. So please know you have a fan. Happy writing.
3 years agoreply

UnseelieSidhe - Would love to see more of this.
3 years agoreply

Coen Wonder - Somehow I am in writer's block on this xD
3 years agoreply

UnseelieSidhe - @Coen Wonder, well may I suggest that you go and eat some good dim sum and have a good drink? :) Then start with a different letter instead of r just as an exercise. Not to publish, but just for fun. I believe we only get writer's block when we have allowed it to not be enjoyable any longer. It's best when that happens to do things that help you remember your joy. Just an idea.
3 years agoreply

Coen Wonder - @TigerLily, thanks. This book is a collection of characters. I actually have many in my head. I guess I need to write them out some time:)
3 years agoreply

- Update lol. Love the intro!
3 years agoreply

Moneymaker - Mind blowing intro.
5 years agoreply

Coen Wonder - Haha Thanks! I may open this to a collaboration story later....But I am still coming up with a good writing guide for my collaborators to make things consistent. I will definitely let you know if you are interest in creating one unique character for this story:)
5 years agoreply