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    Hey, I'm K2018, real name is Sophie, age is 16, relationship status: Taken<3 DM's: OPEN. Add me on Wattpad @Queen_Insanity2021 <>Paranormal Investigator<> Pansexual & Polyamorous.
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Made For Domination.

Reign has always been a different girl. But to deal with the type of betrayal she felt by her father, it drove her to only one conclusion; Bloodlust.

All she had known since her father, scientist/biologist Isaac Sumdac had deemed her unstable and insane was anger and hate. She thought she'd never again find a reason to live. Especially when the city of Detroit Michigan made a deal with her. She would kill criminals that were deemed unfit for prison setting or were sentenced to death, in turn feeding her demonic side and keeping her alive. Just as long as they didn't put the chains back on they had a deal. Soon after she joined a cult during one of her leisure walks along the waste landic side of Detroit. Where she met Matryx and Stella.

Years later the autobots roam the planet freely while fighting the decepticons, a force scarily similar to the BloodCults. Once the cons are captured Matryx orders for Stella to take a stealth team and get Reign out of her prison and then to grab reinforcements and break the decepticons out of their restrictions in front of the Detroit City Hall.

What happens when Shockwave and Reign meet, revealing something that both scared and pleased Reign.