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    Hello, I'm a fantasy writer who enjoys anime, music, reading & writing. I have a Deviantart & I take great pride in my skills. I'll be sharing what I've already done on DA. *I'm moving my items from DA to here due to DA pushing on with Eclipse that I cannot handle*
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RWBY Fixup
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Hello! I first learned about RWBY when a friend told me about and showed me the Red Trailer and it instantly hooked me. I thought it was a video game only to later after 3 more amazing trailers, it was an animated web series.

Volume 1 and 2 are my favorites.

When I heard about the loss of Monty I was saddened and hoped the team would take their time to properly mourn and work with others in the circle that knew where the story was roughly to progress towards in Volume 3 and onward. Now, my only knowledge to things is from a variety of YT creators that cover RWBY and my memory is crap so no idea how much is 100% accurate or how much was just rumored.

Volume 3 I've not been able to watch as a whole completely, just pieces here and there and I haven't been able to this day pin down why. in Episode 1 it was nice but something felt off. Maybe it was the knowledge that Monty had passed during it's development or something else, I'm unsure. But for some reason my writer brain was questioning things that didn't seem to feel right. After that I've seen clips here and there from throughout the volume. The fights left me with much to be desired and I winced at a lot of them due to what looked and felt like a quality/style drop. It wasn't nearly as fluid, especially during the main event fights.

Penny and Nekos were nice and felt natural enough with fluidity. Yang and Mercury felt identical to Volumes 1 and 2 fights. Ruby and Neo/Roman felt identical to Volumes 1 and 2. Qrow and Winter was flashy but didn't feel right and it annoys me because the music is fitting and nice with them keeping to the beat but it just, something's off despite it being fast and I'm not sure what it is exactly that doesn't quite feel or look right with it.

I did miss the subtlety that was Cinder's glowing eyes without the added flame in Volume 1 when we first saw her and again when she'd use her fire. I'm still not a fan of the added flame around the eyes, even in the later volumes, not a fan. Just doesn't look right and is too obvious of "this is not a semblance". 

Volume 4 is the same as Volume 3, I've not been able to get through it as a whole just pieces here and there and the fights felt off. Which says something because the fights in the shorts we got felt at least semi closer to Volumes 1 and 2.

Volume 5 I was able to get through a few episodes towards the end and just pieces here and there with the start and middle. Again though, the writer part of my brain was going off and I'm not sure still why Volume's 1 and 2 don't do this but Volume 3 and onward do. But the ending was alright but again, much like the main fights with the event of Volume 3, they should have avoided groups. I'll get into that later.

Volume 6 I was so hopeful and impressed with the 1st half. The train fight could have been fixed up some but it was so much better than the previous volumes since Monty's passing that I was willing to take what I could get. The writing was also closer to being consistent or semi consistent at least for once and I was so excited because it appeared they learned. Sadly my hope and expectations of better quality writing than after Monty's passing were dashed as the volume continued inside the city. I was sadly let down and felt disappointed by the end which I barely finished with the writer part of my brain going off once more in the later half of Volume 6.

Volume 7 and 8 I have not watched directly or clips directly either. I've watched maybe a fight or two from them but that's about it. I tried watching Episode 1 of Volume 7 and couldn't finish it. The writing hadn't gotten better and so watched live reactions to it and from what I heard of the audio, the writing got worse and 8 didn't get much better. There are glimmers though and sparks here and there of something good begging to get out but isn't allowed and it's so infuriating as a writer to see something with so much potential and hope being ruined with badly written characters and the plot bending around to fit the other bad writing.

So, for a year or two now I've been wanting and thinking over how to try and iron out what isn't adding up, also to try and satisfy my writer brain. This is what this will be. I will be sharing here pieces of ideas I've come up with to flesh things out more and smooth out things that either got retconned or don't make much sense or appeared to had come from nowhere. I will also, when the notion hits me as I have other things I do and this is just a side thing for when the energy flow is right, will try to, in order, write out in novel format the chapters of each Volume.

If you're wondering why novel and not script, it's because I'm horrible at the script format. It doesn't feel natural and causes much stress to flow through me. Novel doesn't as I'm more accustomed and familiar with its layout as compared to script. For the very Monty fights, I will do my best to write out their epic awesomeness but I can make no promises to how successful I'll be. So if I fail to match their glory, please forgive this written word format that cannot do the awesome visuals justice.

I will also list out any tweaks I'll be making/using to help things flow smoother. I'm aware team CWBY didn't have this option as hine sight 20/20 but proper planning could have helped them with keeping things consistent as well as having a document with all the things for how stuff works, instead of retconning for the sake of plot in the later volumes.

Thank you again for reading all that and I hope when I do share ideas and whenever I start touching up or trying to smooth out parts of the shows episodes that you'll give it a read and tell me your opinions. Now the ideas I share likely will fall under spoiler since they won't be given in order of the volumes releases. The ideas will be rough and are aimed to be smoothed out when/if executed with writing out the episodes in novel format.

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