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In the dark


Dear society,

I fought my feelings
I pushed them aside, thinking maybe you'll be satisfied
do I love him? Do I need him? 
Either way he can be nothing more than a friend
Dear society
When will this end
I don't want to disappoint, but your really fucking missing the point
I'm suppose to be the tough guy 
who fucks the girls 
and drink some wine, watching the game with the guys
but he makes me soft, he makes me feel 
he makes me want to nuzzle my face by his neck
he makes my whole fucking body squeal
Dear society
why would it be so wrong for me to love a man
its not just about us putting our hands in each others pants
its about feeling safe in his embrace
having trust in and out of that sacred place
looking in his face and seeing that smile
knowing that the time you spent together was worth the while
Dear society
I'll try
try to follow the rule of this broken society
I swear this shit is giving me anxiety
worrying that if we stand to close the people will begin to glare
and stare
this just isn't fucking fair 
cause I'm suppose to be the tough guy
the straight guy
who has no feelings
the word girlfriend and boyfriend had no meaning
but ill try to be that guy 
all the time 
for my broken society.